Letter from a reader on Asian porn


Dear Mr. Bryant:

Please, no more Asiatics on your "Girl of the Day" link...esthetically unappealing! Besides, you're supposed to be pro-European, not pro-miscegenation.

[Birdman responds]

Dear Reader:

A couple of points:

1. I have nothing per se against miscegenation - I just want the white genome improved.

2. Asians have a higher average IQ than whites (106)

3. Fantasy is not reality

4. De gustibus non est disputandum ("There is no argument about taste")


Some additional points that should have been made:

5. How many days could you go without sex before Asian pussy took on a distinct attraction?

6. Prudes are always objecting to this or that - erect nipples, pubic hair, too much cleavage, etc. Isn't objecting to Oriental features another form of prudishness, but this one based on 'race' rather than 'morality'? Seems like we need to be very careful lest we see ourselves descend into some kind of ridiculous racial orthodoxy.



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