Correspondence With a Black Man


Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 12:09 AM

Subject: Please don't be offended

Mr. Birdman it is indeed a pleasure to read your articles. You are by my definition the most clearest, educated, man I have ever had the pleasure of reading. You're words heal years of mental slavery that have held my inner voice captive. You're intelligent, witty, concise, mordant, straight to the point talk is revolutionary to the Universal citizens of the world.

I am young and I am black. I am not offended by what others may call a racist agenda. You might as I am sure, have some preconceived beliefs on why I have decided to type to you. I merely wanted to pay my respects to you. I ofcourse don't agree with everything, for obvious reasons, I suppose. However, I believe everyman must know his limitations and exceed them whatever they may be. I belong to a race of people, that I believe, God created first. I do believe History to be tainted with racist idealogies so as to give hope, faith more importantly, direction to succeeding generations. I would like you however to go through some African American sites if possibe. Particularly, a site called Global African Presence if you can't get just so as to get a more balanced view of the world. I am afraid you look at the world through the isolated filtration of American eyes and lets face it we have all been affected by the media propaganda machine. I like you do believe that Europe has in a manner of speaking civilized the world. Futhermore, in order for the world to become increasingly more and more civilized European systems must embrace an idealogy of sharing, educating, building, creating. Not just here in America but abroad.

New World Order to some might mean racism, globalism etc. However, this means that many humans around the world will be able to eat. This will be the true testament of the white race, the bringer of Humanity to all of the world and not the destroyer of it. Tell me what you think. Your admiring friend. Trav


[Birdman responds]

Dear Trav:

Thanks so much for your interesting letter and kind words. I am delighted to have a black man 'on board'. As you may know if you read my Daily Reads page, I have great admiration for such black notables as Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, and that my real, underlying concern is -- and has always been -- quality, and not race. But of course race is often a marker for quality, as I am sure you realize, but certainly an inferior one when we have detailed information on individuals. Obviously you are a quality person (hey, you have to be -- you like my page!) A lot of my white friends are upset by liberal/Jewish PC and they lash out at blacks (and others), which is a perfectly understandable reaction from an emotional standpoint, but not necessarily one which bears scrutiny in dispassionate logic. Still, it has to be recognized that emotion, like intelligence, is something that Nature gave all of us to get thru this mortal coil, and thus we cannot disavow our emotional reactions without disavowing both evolution and our own inner selves. But for all that, I hope you will stick with us and sock it to us from your own perspective from time to time.

In conclusion, let me say that we have been having a big brouhaha among Weekly Letter readers about my posting a pic of a black girl as Girl of the Day. I am going to post that correspondence sometime today so that it will be up tomorrow [Oops! This is something I haven't done yet!]. I believe you will be interested in it, and I would welcome your comments.

May I have permission to post your letter on my site?

Thanks and best wishes. -j

[There was a further exchange of friendly correspondence, but I have not included it, having made my major point with this.]



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