Thoughtful Letter from a Jewish Reader


[This correspondence is in reference to the essay "A Perspective on Jews and 'Haters'"]

A Jewish reader writes:

The problem with the white racial movement is the assumption that all Jews are part of some big Conspiracy to destroy the white race and Western Civilization. As you correctly point out, not all Jews are part of this scheme. Also, the fact that I have blond hair and Nordic looks makes me (I think) as white as any non-jew. Jews-at least the ones I know-do not benefit from affirmative action. I can truly say that I have received no preferences-not even from other Jews-at work or in school; nor would I expect any. Jews who do succeed do so on their own merits, like the Chinese. I think that fact needs to be made very clear to the white racialialists. So, in terms of merit, we're as much victims of reverse discrimination as non-Jews. When I ask the blacks outside my apartment to turn down their hip hop (that's blasting from their car stereos at 2000 watts per channel) because I'm trying to read a book or watch TV, I might as well be in the KKK. After all, anybody who doesn't enjoy Snoop Doggy Dog must be racist. What bothers me is the mindless nursery rhymes that pass for talent. Any 3 year old can rhyme "fuck" > with "duck" or say "muthafukas" but that doesn't mean they have musical talent. What also bothers me is the arrogance of these blacks who think that everybody-even in their homes-should enjoy their mindless garbage. Under the circumstances, I don't see how we can merge our society with theirs. They would have to be willing to adopt our values and our culture; I'm certainly not adopting theirs. (As I mentioned previously, repatriation back to Africa might be a solution, for those who would go) I don't think that the Jews who marched in the civil rights movement-with DR King in the 1960s- anticipated the current state of affairs. I don't think they foresaw the destruction of our inner cities and our society at large. I don't think they were aiming for the demise of white civilization. But, even if they were, I don't think all Jews should be held collectively responsible for what some Jews do.

[Birdman responds:]

Yours is a story which I am sure is true of many. And it merely goes to show that Jews are going to have to be a significant portion of the leadership which leads the stupid goys out of the wilderness which (largely-Jewish) leftism has led them into. And part of this is because Jews, as Jews, can get the attention of the Jewish leftists in a way that the stupid goys can never do. Maybe you should think of founding an organization whose name might be something like Jews for the Preservation of Western Civilization. It would to some extent mirror the activities of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership and Jews for Morality. When enuf Jews start supporting such organizations and stop supporting the destructive leftist ones, we might start to see something happen. Right now we are just sitting on Square One. -j



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