Correspondence With a Friendly Rabbi


> Mr Birdman,
> I am a 73 year old Rabbi. Lets leave it at that.
> I feel your pain and I want to help you, so that you may help me.
> If you REALLY want to bring light into the issues that animate you,
> I suggest that no better way exists than publishing the document which
> all Jews stand by, like our ancestors before us.
> Post the Talmud on your site and allow people to download it for free.
> If you do that, the spell will be broken.
> You talk the talk, now walk the walk.
> I would gladly post it myself, but I am forbidden by my religious vows
> to do so.

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Rabbi:

Thank you for your note.

I would have no objection per se to posting the Talmud on my site. But it
is a bit unclear why you are urging me to do so, and also why the entire
HUGE collection of volumes should be posted as opposed to extracts which
demonstrate whatever point is trying to be made. And there are some good
extracts, eg, those by Elizabeth Dilling ('The Talmud Unmasked').

Jewish ethnocentrism and other matters are well illustrated by selected
quotes, at least as I understand it from my (admittedly spotty) knowledge.
If your concern is that these selected quotes, used by Jew-haters and other
interested parties, are taken out of context, then I hope you will
demonstrate to me that this is a problem. If you are merely concerned that
the 'whole ball of wax' be at the disposal of researchers, then I am all for
it, tho of course there is the problem of censorship of translations which
do not include the 'good stuff'.

And of course there is the tiny problem of getting this huge collection into
electronic format.

Perhaps you will be kind enuf to let me know what's what.

Thank your for writing. -j

[The Rabbi replies:]

> Let me explain my thoughts and actions.
> I think that the Talmud acts as a prison to Jews. I feel that it traps us
> in a time warp, where we repeat mistaken patterns of behaviour from our
> past. I think that it is imperative that the whole 63 books are posted.
> Otherwise any quotation can be denied, interpreted away or simply ignored
> for lack of original sources for personal research. I think that if you can
> do it, you will have done more for improving relations than any man in
> history. It will give me and other moderate rabbies the clout to demand the
> change of dogma, much as the Pope has changed Catholic dogma to improve
> relations with us. If a billion Catholics can do it, so can 25 million Jews.
> I approached you, because you are clear headed and even handed. I think
> you have real concern for solving the problem and are not out for revenge.
> As for the e-book format, I will send you info on how to get it.
> The price is only $219. A small price to pay.

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Rabbi:

Naturally it would inflate my ego to vast and quite unseemly proportions to
be someone who could significantly help to bring Jew and gentile together,
but I don't think this will happen, at least not as you propose. I think
rather that the mantle for this formidable event may rest upon the shoulders
of you and your fellow 'righteous Jews'.

To begin, my putting the Talmud on my website (which I couldn't do from an
e-book - that's part of the idea of e-books) would be just as much subject
to being ignored or denied as is most of the material suggesting that Jews
may be less than perfect. It would be the same kind of situation as the
issue of gun control -- statistics prove clearly that an armed citizenry is
much safer than an unarmed one, but the Gun Grabbers manage to ignore this,
and the fight continues unabated to trash the Second Amendment -- led, I
might add, by your Schumer and Feinstein.

But there is hope. We need 'righteous Jews' to come out of the closet - to
use their brilliant organizational abilities and moolah to take a stand
against the garbage that is being dumped on the folks in my corner. Stupid
goys the (heavily-Jewish) media can ignore, but much more difficult is
righteous Jews.

You are right to be concerned -- for JEWS' sake. If the sleeping goy giant
awakens, well, we have seen it before.

Shalom and all that.-j

PS: If you desire, I will add our correspondence to my website, but only
with your prior permission, and not with your email unless you so request.

[The Rabbi writes:]

> I hoped you might understand me. Perhaps you understand me more than I
> understand myself. I am in an impossible situation. I cannot initiate
> this myself. I am too old, too frail and I think that alone, I cannot
> initiate this.
> Also, please excuse my ignorance of web-design and posting. I only have
> an old computer 486. I thought that an e-book can be posted on a
> web-site. That is why I wrote you; in my ignorance I thought that this can
> be done and it could provide an inexpensive solution. My thoughts are
> crushed. If my assumptions were true, it would have been so easy.
> Finally, to your suggestion that we must initiate this from the inside, I
> think you are mistaken. It is much easier to open a prison from the outside
> than from the inside.
> Think of it, could an old man start a revolution? It has never happened
> before. Perhaps my words cannot express properly my pain and my despair.
> How can I, after a life of earning my bread by preaching
> the Talmud, turn around and denounce it? It is hard to understand my
> feelings, but if you REALLY understood me, you would post it. Then it would
> be so much easier for those inside the mental prison of the Talmud to make a
> choice. To walk out of it, or to remain in it.
> But unless someone from the outside opens the door, we cannot walk out of
> it. A drowning man cannot pull himself out of the water by pulling his own
> hair.
> I am sorry I could not make my message, my cry to you more convincing.
> I am not a good orator.
> You may post my conversations, but not with my name or my email address.
> I wish you good luck.
> May the Almighty look kindly upon you.

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Rabbi:

Please do not be discouraged. There are many roads to the same
house. -j

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