The Birdman's Differences with William Pierce

Correspondence with Jay



Dear John, I have recently discovered your website. I've been perusing it fairly thoroughly for a couple of days now. I love the site and I respect you for your courage and scholarship. I am an avid fan of Dr. William Pierce and have listened to all of his weekly broadcasts for nearly two years. I found a link at the National Alliance site to "VNN" and now I'm a fan of theirs. I found a link at VNN to Carol Ward and now I'm a fan of HERs. I found a link at Carol's site to YOU and it looks like I'm now a fan of yours! (I'll be ordering one ormore of your books in the near future.) As there are few if any critical thinkers in my circle of acquaintances, I turn to the Net for input and analysis. In any case, I have a question for you. On your links page - under National Alliance you state that you "differ with Pierce on a number of points". I would like very much to know what those points are as I believe I am pretty familiar with Dr. Pierce's views - and as my own views are always evolving, I think that a well reasoned counterpoint can only be helpful in my efforts to understand the world more clearly. Thank You! Sincerely, Jay


[Birdman responds:]

Dear Jay:

Basically, Pierce hates Jews and thinks they are the ultimate evil, while I happen to like Jews, at least on a personal level, and would hope that the evil of the liberal Jewish establishment would not be reflected in ordinary Jews. (On this I could be wrong, but it is my working hypothesis.) Also, Pierce is a National Socialist, while I am a libertarian.

Granting Jewish intelligence, it has always seemed to me that Jews represent a fertile and powerful source of allies, but Pierce would have none of this.

My hope is that Western civilization, and particularly its culture of freedom and rule by the consent of the governed may be saved. This is a unique product of the white race, which is why I am a white racist, tho only a 'soft core' one. Pierce is hard-core.

I hope that answers your question. -j



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