Natural Racism: The Third-Camp Position

By John "Birdman" Bryant


To simpleminded folk, like George W Bush, liberal 'antiracists', pimply-faced hakenkreutzers, Bible-belting Christians, and indeed pretty much everyone else, there are only two alternatives in every choice: "Yer either fer us or again' us." To these folks, there is only black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, up or down -- there are no shades of gray. This kind of thinking is as old as the Bible itself: "Thou art neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm, and I shall spew thee out of my mouth!" I can't tell you what part of the Bible that is from, but I heard it quoted so often in morning chapel by the head of Columbia Military Academy, my high school alma mater, that it is burned into my memory like it was put there by a soldering iron.

Now there is a very good reason why people don't feel comfortable living with shades of gray, namely, that the presence of gray means that not everything is sorted out beforehand, which requires people to make some decisions on their own. I can appreciate this -- we all want everything settled, and when something doesn't fall into one of our comfortable categories, this -- how can I put it? -- UNSETTLES us. But that's just the problem with life -- it's unsettling. To this I can only say, Get used to it and stop whining about it, like the Uno Hooze.

And that brings me to the subject of natural racism -- hereinafter NR -- which stands in contrast to the 'antiracist' liberals who just loooove the Others; and the to nazis, kluxers, and similar types who hate them. And what do I mean by NR? Simply that, NR recognizes our natural instinct to live with and love our own kind, and our natural instinct to be wary of Others, while at the same time recognizing our natural instinct toward liking or even loving individual Others in the case that they prove to be likeable or lovable. In fact, NR does not exclude the possibility that we will love an entire group of Others, should our experiences with individuals of their kind lead us to that feeling. In short, NR is the willingness to follow our feelings, both for our own kind and for Others, without the imposition of catechisms or dogmas which tell us that we 'must' hate or 'must' love this or that individual or group, as we are told by the Christians or liberals, who tell us we must 'love everybody', or by the nazis or kluxers, who tell us the opposite, with Just One Exception. NR recognizes that like and dislike, love and hate, and every other form of embrace or repulsion, are not choices, but feelings, and that it is unnatural and cognitively dissonant to act in any way contrary to those feelings.

The reason I bring up this matter is because it comes up repeatedly in my correspondence. There is what might be described as a constant pressure -- sometimes subtle, and sometimes not so subtle -- directed toward forcing me to hate 'niggers and kikes', or if I don't, then suggesting that maybe I am a Race Traitor, or even worse, a JEW. Well, to hell with that shit. Just as I make no apologies for being a white racist and standing up for my race against negroidals, Foreskinners and the Rising Tide of Turd-World Color, I make no apologies for liking many individual Jews and even a few groids. Nor do I offer any apologies for welcoming anyone into the White Liberation Movement, of whatever hue and cry, providing only that he is a genuine supporter. I have of course made the point that this is a political necessity, and that the Movement is going to be in big trouble if it turns away supporters based on genetic purity. But my underlying motivation has always been that I simply do not FEEL any hatred for Others -- without denying, of course, the anger which I feel over the various antiwhite incidents of the racial warfare in which we are engaged. In fact, I think that this practice of turning away supporters because they do not meet certain genetic tests has been an important reason why the Movement has gotten pretty much nowhere, as it goes against the grain of good feeling which most whites have for Others, by insisting that whites 'hate' them.

But what about racial warfare? Isn't that a good enuf reason for hate, as some will undoubtedly ask? To that I would say that we are not concerned here with 'reasons' but rather with the need to allow people to act according to their feelings. To condemn people for acting this way is unnatural, and because of this, those organizations which cultivate this unnaturalness are just helping to ensure that the Movement will get nowhere. But even if the Movement succeeded in spite of condemning people for their positive feelings toward Others, this would ensure continuing racial and ethnic conflict. But more to the point, the racial warfare that we are engaged in is not the kind of warfare where each side is shooting at the another across a No Man's Land. Instead, the warfare is subtle, the 'bullets' are information which we are 'shooting' -- mostly at our own people -- and our enemies are not really those of other races, but rather the Jewish Establishment and the New World Orderlies who are largely responsible for bringing on the conflict. These folks WANT us to hate other races, because when we get frustrated and start shooting the mexcriment, the negroidals or the Jew in the Street, we will give our enemies an excuse to come at us with the organized forces of the State, and that will likely finish us off. We have to avoid a physical conflict that we can only lose, in favor of information warfare, which we have a good chance of winning, if only we do not blow it by stupid exhibitions of racial and ethnic hatred.

In the matter of racial warfare, an important point that needs to be made here is that there is a major problem in relying on the notion that 'your race is your uniform', because not only does this make it difficult or impossible to embrace genuine allies who do not meet the test of 'genetic purity', but that the real problem in the Movement is (gasp!) whites themselves, because they have been brainwashed by the liberal media, and are thus easy pickings for the enemy because they are easy to turn, or because they were race traitors right from the start. More particularly, the Movement will garner some of its most important strength from the fact that it is not just beneficial for whites, but for EVERYONE, because it is in the interest of everyone, from Turd Worlders on up, to preserve Western civilization. We are not in a shooting war, but in an information war and -- ultimately -- a political war, and we have much less chance of winning by waging war on other races when those races ought to be our allies. Political viability, and not 'sieg heil', has to be the Movement's watchword.

As I intimated earlier, one of the great failures of the White Liberation Movement is that the 'hard racism' of the nazis and kluxers is politically unsalable, and NR is the obvious solution to this problem. But there is another problem which is just as serious for the Movement as hard racism, which is the habit among whites of what might be called 'linear thinking' that leads to the failure to differentiate between individual and group properties. The nature of the problem may be explained as follows:

We noted earlier that, because most whites are acquainted with Others who are nice folks, this blocks them from thinking that there could be a racial war of Others against their own. That is, because most whites observe the behavior of a few individuals and deem them innocent of warfare, this causes whites to miss the larger picture, which is that of minorities impinging on and destroying the white race. The problem here is that whites are 'thinking linearly', and thereby failing to see that the properties of the whole are different from the properties of the parts. More specifically, the linear projection of individual niceness into group niceness misses the fact of what philosophers call 'emergent properties', ie, properties which may not manifest themselves in individuals, but appear when the group is considered as a whole. The emergent property with which we are concerned here, of course, is racial hostility, and the racial warfare that naturally arises from it.

The inability to differentiate between individual and group properties has led to another problem which is a conceptual stumbling block for whites, namely, the belief in 'prejudice'. To explain, suppose we are an employer who is considering hiring, say, a black. In the case that we know he has a clean record, a good education, is a nice guy, etc, etc, etc we would probably have no hesitation in hiring him; but in case we do not know all these things about him, then -- knowing that blacks commit crimes at 9 times the rate of whites -- we would probably be very reluctant to offer him employment. The difference in the two situations here is the amount of information we possess -- when we have good information on individuals, we do not have to rely on 'prejudice', ie, knowledge of group properties; but when we don't have such knowledge, reliance on 'prejudice' is the only viable alternative. Obviously, 'prejudice' has its uses, and those uses can be vital.

In closing I would like to emphasize that the linear thinking that has made it impossible for whites to differentiate individual and group properties, and has thereby kept them from perceiving the racial situation as a race war, is indirectly addressed by NR, which allows people to acknowledge the good individuals of other races without missing the fact of racial warfare. Beyond this I would like to re-emphasize the mistake of thinking of this racial warfare as conventional warfare, where Race A and Race B shoot at one another over a No Man's Land. To the extent that this race war is a 'shooting war' as opposed to an information war, it is a war of whites against the elites -- both Jewish and white, but mostly Jewish -- who are perpetrating it. But as I said before, it is the information war that we must prosecute, and we should not fall into the error of thinking of the people of other races as the enemy.



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