Soft on Jews?

Super objects to Birdman's differences with Dr Pierce


> In a message dated 11/4/01 10:15:12 AM, writes:
> << Granting Jewish intelligence, it has always seemed to me that Jews
> represent a fertile and powerful source of allies, but Pierce would have
> none of this. >>
> Yes, but "allies" how? In what sense?
> Even the "conservative" Jews lie about their history and their aims (we
> actually talked to several of them via e-mail; none have told the whole
> truth, only some of it).
> We agree with Pierce: Jews are Jews, by race, whether they are "left-wing"
> "right-wing." OK, maybe there are a few good ones, but how do you tell?
> until the shit hits the fan in 30 years, and then find out that they are
> with you, but with their own only?
> We find your cozy attitudes about Jews, when your writings reflect
> kind of disheartening. If anyone should know "the truth" about Jews as a
> group, and about their awful history, you should.
> We are relative "newcomers" to nationalism, but grasped almost right away
> what Pierce means when he says that Jews are Jews, whether leftist
> (Hollywood) or rightist (Wall Street). They have an inborn,
> mindset (dominate the host culture to make it safe for Jews, and silence
> those who mention that domination).
> JC

[Birdman responds:]

Surprisingly, I do know something about Jews, having virtually lived with
them a good deal of my life. All the ones I knew were GOOD PEOPLE. My best
friend from 6th grade onward; two Jewish roommates in college, and many
others of lesser intimacy. But on the other hand, I have seen a number of
gentiles who who were right ruddy SOBs, plus a lot of hard-on non-Jewish
liberals who were both stupid and dangerous. So if I were going on personal
experience, I would choose the Jews. But I can read. I can put two and two
together. So my position on Jews flows from these two sources. It would be
equally stupid to deny what I have learned from reading and to deny my own
personal experiences. Therefore I make the only accommodation possible
between them.

I do grant that others may have less experience than I with Jews, and for
them it is easily possible to slip into the fallacy of thinking all Jews are
'evil'. But it is a fallacy. And I might add that Jews ought to be
disturbed about what the Jewish establishment is doing, because in the long
run it is putting them at risk.

The Jewish question is not an easy one. It is an intellectual challenge as
well as a social and political one. There are things going on that we don't
understand. But the best policy is to go slow, feel our way, and above all
to act civilized. I am not saying that I am right, but I am saying that
such a policy is the only one I am comfortable with. Maybe the
gas-all-Jews-now crowd will prevail, but I don't think so -- they are more
likely to end up in prison. Such a policy is not now politically possible.
But beyond that, Jewish power has arisen in exactly the opposite way, and
that is the way it should be countered, in my opinion. Civilization is
delicate -- it is hard to build, but easy to vandalize. And the grandest
quality of civilization is that men fight with words rather than weapons.
The gas-all-Jews-now crowd is condemning not only Jews, but civilization
itself. And that is why I will have none of it.

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