Birdman's Weekly Letter #148: Ambiguity, Sonic

By John "Birdman" Bryant


August 24, 2001


The other day I received a letter from someone who refers to himself as SONIC, and who has apparently been a reader of my Daily Reads page for some time. Given the identification with the cartoon character Sonic and the poor spelling and grammar, I would guess that this fellow was not exactly a National Merit Scholar; but his letter did get me to thinking. Below I have reproduced his letter, and following this my response to him:

From: "SONIC" <> To: <> Cc: <> Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 4:38 AM Subject: YOUR SITE

I have lost ALL respect for you.

I think your a completely sick individual.

The day that I care to see a negress with her naked ass propped up I just shoot myself, thanks.

But hey, if that's what you like, do us all a favor and shoot YOURself.

It'd make me feel better.

You're a disgrace to your race.

You should also remove your link to Carol's page, because you disgrace her by association.

Go die somewhere.


From: "Birdman" <> To: "SONIC" <> Subject: Re: YOUR SITE Date: Sunday, August 19, 2001 5:15 AM

Y'know, Sonic, a lot of the things I post on my site are intended to scare away people like you -- people who are narrowminded, uptight, inflexible, orthodox, rigid, determined that others must dance to their tune. These postings include porn, four-letter words, racial epithets, and other taboo- breaking items. And they also include items which break the taboos of taboo-breakers. My point here is that iconoclasm is not just another brand of orthodoxy, but is a totally-different way of looking at the world -- a liberated way. It is the recognition that truth cannot be put in a straitjacket.

Now all that philosophizing probably leaves yr little head abuzz, so let me take a frinstance that maybe you can understand. Suppose you were left abandoned on a desert island with a black girl for a substantial period of time. Are you telling me you aren't going to fuck her? Well, unless you are some kind of very weird dude or yr root's gone limp, you will. And suppose you have kids with her -- are you saying you are going to kill them? Not likely, Bro. Chances are you will raise them and love them as your own. And suppose you return to civilization and tell your white racialist comrades what you did with your little negress -- do you expect them to nail you to a cross and burn it? Somehow I don't think so.

Philosophers like me are here to help dumbass people like you to think. Maybe I succeeded, but if I didn't, you can always take heart in knowing that even the worst people can serve as a good example of what not to be.


Since writing the above letter I have continued to think about the subject, and the following is a compilation of my thoughts.

The truth is often difficult to get at, even in relatively simple cases. What this means is that the tendency of people to look for simple answers to racial questions is likely to lead to error, because there simply aren't any simple answers. My webpage page reflects the complexity of racial questions -- and the need to be flexible about 'Final Solutions' -- by the somewhat ambiguous attitude I exhibit toward Foreskinners, mangy minorities and other favorites of the PC crowd. This ambiguity is useful, however, in the sense that it serves as a sort of defense: It is hard, for example, for my enemies to attack me as an 'antisemite' or 'bigot' when I put articles on my page by Sherman Skolnick, Mayer Schiller and other Jews, and when I call for an alliance of white racialists and 'righteous Jews', even tho I am unstinting in my criticism of the Self-Chosen. Much the same holds, of course, when I put a nekked negress or China doll as Girl of the Day. I believe my success in this respect is reflected in the fact that the 800- pound Jewish Gorillas -- Wiesenthal and ADL -- have not seen fit to designate me as a bad boy, since they know that they would become vulnerable to a very nasty libel lawsuit under the rubric of 'actual malice' if they did so, and wouldn't that be a hoot!

But there's a problem with ambiguity -- it freaks out little guys like Sonic. One of the major studies done by IP Pavlov was on the subject of ambiguity, and what he discovered was that, in sufficiently ambiguous conditions, his dogs would have a nervous breakdown. His experiment was to condition his dogs to expect meat when shown a circle, and a shock when shown an oval, and then gradually make the oval more circular until the dogs wouldn't know what to expect. (Ref: William Sargant, Battle for the  Mind) People whose perceptual abilities are limited, therefore, are less likely to be able to tolerate ambiguity such as I cultivate on my site, and that is why from time to time I get letters like Sonic's.

While Sonic protested my ambiguity from a white racialist point of view, I have recently had another protest of ambiguity from the Jewish establishment perspective by Gary the Jew, who wrote:

"You are indeed the strangest person I have ever encountered in this life. And I have come across many remarkable people. How can anyone be mean and tender and caring at the same time? You are a cross between the Devil, St. Francis of Asissi and Mother Theresa. If you do the math on that list you will realize that I see more good in you than evil. I only hope that in the end that part will triumph." Maybe knowing that others suffer from the ambiguity which I cultivate will help Sonic to gird up his loins.

In passing, I want to mention two of the most prominent situations of ambiguity that have beset the white racialist community, namely, the conflict between Willis Carto and the IHR, and the conflict between Revilo Oliver and the John Birch Society. I have dealt with both of these in a single article on my site (Revilo Oliver and the JBS, in the Net Losses section), as well as with one or two others. I have found that many people have a very strong opinion on these matters, but nobody can give definitive proof one way or the other. My own resolution of this 'cognitive dissonance' is simply to look at the 'fruits': While Carto may be a thief and 'patriot for profit', and the IHR and JBS Jewish operations, I will cite them and otherwise 'support' their work (tho not financially) as long as it seems credible and otherwise worthwhile. More generally, I will support virtually anyone in a common cause, even if there is disagreement about other matters.

This however, raises an interesting question: Are the Jews so successful in working together because of their ethnic consciousness, or is their success due to a higher intelligence which is better able to tolerate ambiguity? I will not attempt to answer this question, but will merely leave it for the reader's consideration.

In closing, let me say that, in whatever positions I take, I try not to go contrary to 'natural impulses'. This rule has served me well in logic, where I have focused on natural language rather than artificial constructs, and in paradoxes, where I have succeeded by refusing to embrace solutions which are counterintuitive. What is important here is that I use this rule in my discussions of race, which keeps me from denying that, on a personal level, I like most Jews (and even a few blacks!), and keeps me from refusing to acknowledge that some of the off-colored women are immensely fuckable.

Did I just hear a Sonic boom?


Hell's Lettres: Further exchanges with Sonic: 

(from Sonic)

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2001 4:28 PM

People like you amaze me.

You seem to fancy yourself as a philosopher, as a person who, "breaks the boundaries," or, "sets new trends in free thought and critical thinking." Too bad its all bullshit. Your ability to concoct a fictitious scenario and speculate that my position / perspective may alter itself to fit that invented realm is not impressive. Nor does it justify your actions here in "actual reality." It's not even a persuasive tool, just B.S. spewing from your orifi and splattering onto the web.

At first glance you appear to have a grasp of the issues at hand. ie: World Jewry, Unequal treatment of whites, rampant immigration killing America, our political system being degraded into a joke, etc. Then, you install a vision of filth and vileness in an area normally reserved for beauty and admiration. (Not to mention pulling a sneak-attack on my puke reflex) Now, you try to convince yourself and myself that you possess some sort of high minded superiority by telling crappy stories about desert islands. Un- Fucking real!

Just for fun and speculation.... I bet if I was on that desert island, alone, for any length of time I'd be doing a hell of a lot of jerking off too, but you wont find me posting pictures of such things on the web. Nor will I endure a superiority complex whilst telling people that its just fine and dandy to waste away their days masturbating; just because some twit can imagine a fallacy where I might be inclined to do so.

The air is much fresher once you remove your head.........................................


[The following letter is also from Sonic:]

Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 19:34:15 -0500

Be sure to include this in your "Weekly letter."

Whites make up approx. 9% of the global population. Fertile white women make up only 2% of the global population.

That leaves us very little future in the face of the skyrocketing non-white birth rate. ( View current events in Rhodesia for a glimpse of your future as a white minority. ) Now subtract out homosexuals, and those who partake of miscegenation. The white race is an endangered species!

Race mixing is genocidal. Those who race mix, advocate race mixing, or condone race mixing are enemies of the white race. I cannot make it any simpler than that.

You refer to Negroid females as "fuckable," and advocate that view to the general public. You are a race traitor.

These are facts, and will remain facts without regard for you pompous attitude. To be born white is an honor and a privilege.........that you don't deserve.


[Birdman replies:]

Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 22:49:52 -0400

I think we have two points of agreement, namely, that the white race is endangered, and that it is worthwhile because it is responsible for founding Western civilization. We do seem to differ on at least one point, however. In particular, you are against race-mixing in all instances. I, on the other hand, believe there are probably numerically many people of other races who would make a positive contribution to the white genome. My interest is in improving that genome. You, however, apparently believe that the white race is not only at the pinnacle of evolution, but that it cannot be improved. But then that is what one might expect from a being as imperfect as yourself. Certainly, you are not likely to make any useful additions to the race, whether genetic, cultural or any other. You do seem to be good at whining, however. Maybe you should become a Jew.

Yours for improved genocide and better fucking, Birdman.

[Sonic responds:]

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 13:16:44 -0500

My contribution to the white genome, Eh.

I'll tell you about myself.

I'm a member of my neighborhood watch. I cut the grass and shovel the snow of my elderly neighbors. I tutor white college students. I volunteer at my local church. ( I'm not religious, I just like their impact on the community. ) I distribute pro-white literature. I lecture on topics of white interest. I have two degrees, and still attend school part time, because I love being educated. I am employed as a research scientist/engineer. The processes that I have developed, recover giga-tons of recyclable material, and keep it out of landfills. I design and build electronic hardware as a hobby.

Unfortunately, I'm extremely left-brained and never could get the hang of writing papers. Your affluence with words hardly justifies your ego.

I am passionate and emotional about racial issues, because I feel the situation is dire. By partially sympathizing with issues of white plight, and then throwing in the "miscegenation is conditionally okay," bit, you confuse people about topics that are best left "clear cut." I fight a daily battle cleaning Jewish ideas out of good peoples heads. When you present contradictory views, you are more dangerous to my cause than a "hard-lined liberal," because their ideology is easy to see through, even for the newly awakened.

Even though we may see eye to eye on some issues, you are an adversary and a race traitor.

I am formally requesting that you cease and desist in your efforts to aid the genocide of the white race. Please.


[Birdman replies:]

Date: Tuesday, August 21, 2001 3:38 PM

What you want, Sonic, is for things to be black and white -- literally. It would certainly make life easier if things were that way, but they aren't. So what happens is that people like you -- which is most people -- attempt to fit reality into a Procrustean bed by either stretching it or cutting part of it off. The result? Ignorance is bliss, until you finally drive off a cliff or into a wall because of your beliefs. I have seen plenty of your type. Eric Hoffer called them True Believers. They have their use -- as slaves, cannon fodder and the butts of jokes. You are the kind of guy who says, 'You are either for me or against me.' And you know what that means, Sonic? It means you against the world. Take any two people and you will almost certainly find things which they vociferously disagree on. If you insist on absolute agreement, you are doomed. The trick in accomplishing things in this world is to make alliances, not to find differences. I have made alliances with both Jews and gentiles, with atheists and religionists, in short with all kinds of people. I can do it; you can't. I am getting something done. I doubt that you are. As one wit said, 'There is no ox so dumb as the orthodox.'

Had enuf?

[Sonic responds:]

Tue, 21 Aug 2001 23:33:23 -0400

To "Find the similarities," and "Make alliances" is a PC way to describe two actions.

One: Making compromises in your belief system for the sake of getting along.

Which generally signifies that one's beliefs were bogus to begin with.

Two: Being a fair weather friend/associate whenever it is beneficial.

Type one describes people that I don't care to have on my side, and type two describes a parasite that I'd just as soon avoid all together.

So you seem to have me more or less pegged, but don't lull yourself into believing that my position is one of ignorance. Whether you're willing to accept it or not, there's a war being waged, and whites are getting slaughtered. My aim is to change that. White people need to wake up quickly if there's to be any white future. So, when I indoctrinate someone with the hard facts and current state of affairs, I need them to act. I don't have the luxury of getting into every petty tangent and "shade of grey." That would only serve to confuse and conflict people internally. Everything has to be black and white, right and wrong, friend and foe. Clouding issues with "if's, and's, but's," and "exceptions" is the safest way to make absolutely sure that people do nothing at all, or the wrong thing entirely.

Your positions are founded in ego. You want to be correct about everything. You want to intellectualize everything. You wont commit to anything until you're absolutely certain that its safe. Just imagine the shame to be born if you were mistaken about something, just because you didn't quible about every frickin detail first.

I can't afford the time to stroke my ego the way you do. I'm busy trying to make sure that my grandchildren don't have to live in the Rhodesia that threatens to become the world. So, all this "friends and allies," garbage is just that.

And you have the NERVE to make inferences about my getting anything done. I don't see you getting petitions signed. I don't see you organizing your community. I don't see you doing a proactive thing to preserve the white race. ( Which incidentally benefits the entire planet by spilling its progress. )

So go ahead and revel in righteousness for being half right. The bottom line IS "With me," or "Against me." I didn't choose it. I just accept it.


[Birdman replies:]

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2001 6:40 AM

It is no surprise to me that your letter was more or less incoherent (tho I do appreciate your confirmation of my analysis) This is what usually happens to people who want to 'respond' to me but can't.

As to your suggestion of what my own contribution is or isn't, perhaps you are under the impression that putting up a daily page and reaching out to the thousands who have visited my site -- to say nothing of dealing with people such as yourself -- is not 'doing anything'. If so, why not try it for yourself? Of course in your case it probably WOULDN'T be doing much -- the number of visitors you attract would probably not tax even YOUR modest abilities.

[Sonic did not respond]



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