Letter from Steven

A Mensan bemoans the narrow vision of his fellow Jews


Dear John,

Last week I wrote to you after first finding your website. I told you about
me and you wrote back. (I asked about financial matters, remember?)

I have spent the last week, reading and re-reading the many articles and
essays on your site.

I have to say, YOU HAVE THE BEST INSIGHTS into what's really going on in
today's world. Period!

Despite my Jewish upraising, I saw at an early age the true "downside" of
the jewish mentality. I try to talk my intellectual, Jewish friends but NOBODY
understands the issues. They get so defensive....I am SURE you had had plenty
of this in YOUR lifetime!

Just keep doing what you are doing. Hopefully the whites will wake up in
time....but, regrettably, I doubt it. Isn't it strange that such a superior race
is WILLING to give it all up and just dissapear into the history books? Why?

Keep up your very good work, and thanks from a white, jewish, intelligent,
open-minded American.

Steven (A Mensan from Miami)



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