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9. Editorials : Editorials: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts
9. Editorials Posted on Tuesday, December 10 @ 10:37:57 PST by Administrator

by John "Birdman" Bryant - I have read much about Freemasonry and its brother organization the Illuminati, and have found the matter confusing, but I have managed to make sense out of the confusion by reflecting on what I have learned. The tentative conclusions I have reached are as follows:...

Freemasonry was originally organized as a professional brotherhood of masons (builders), whose purpose was to keep control of their profession in the hands of those already possessing its knowledge, and to provide lodging and companionship (via its lodges) for its members who were often required to travel. An important part of this control was protecting the secrets of the craft, which allowed Masons to build amazing buildings, particularly the cathedrals of the middle ages which we so much admire today, and whose building secrets are -- as I understand it -- no longer known.

As an organization of builders, Masonry gradually faded in importance, but segued into an entirely new organization whose purpose was to protect the men of the Enlightenment -- a period beginning in about the middle of the 17th century with the emergence of such intellects as Copernicus and his heliocentric theory, Descartes and his theories of mathematics and mechanism, and Montaigne and his skepticism -- and their knowledge from the tyrannical church which regarded this knowledge as threatening and heretical, and its possessors as infidels. This movement from builders to intellectuals was facilitated by the fact that Masons had in fact been the keepers of scientific and technical secrets -- secrets which permitted them to perform their amazing feats of building. That is, as an organization of technical people, the Masons moved naturally into the role of a haven for intellectuals who had a strong interest in science -- a role which put them into natural opposition with the Church which saw science as a challenge to orthodoxy.

And while Masonry may not have begun as an organization intended to challenge the Church, the scientific knowledge of Masons virtually forced them into this role. For this reason, Masonic secrecy remained a fixture of the organization in its transition from professional group to intellectual protectorate.

As a gathering ground for the intellectual elite of the Enlightenment, it was natural for Freemasonry to be the wellspring of revolution, as it certainly was in both the American and French revolutions. The problem is that revolutions often do not pay sufficient heed to traditions which are important social mechanisms; so that while the American Revolution produced basically good effects by throwing off rule by a hereditary elite claiming 'the divine right of kings' in favor of rule by an elite empowered by the consent of the governed whose power was restrained by Constitutional limitations, the French revolution carried these ideas to an undesirable extreme by killing off the old elite and replacing it with an 'illuminated' one not subject to the people's will, adopting a bizarre program having similarities to that of the Communist manifesto, and disestablishing the old religion and replacing it with the worship of Reason.

In speaking of economic freedom, it is well to note that there were two basic ideas emerging during this historical period -- first, the idea of the free market as described by Adam Smith's 1776 book The Wealth of  Nations, and second, a concern with the abuse of the working class who had been in some sense enslaved by the Industrial Revolution. From the first idea grew the American system, whose solution to abuse of workers was to permit them to 'go West, young man' -- ironic, in view of the fact that 'to go West' is a euphemism for 'to die' -- while in Europe there was no West to go to, so that worker abuse simply remained and festered. It was this latter circumstance which led to the development of socialist ideas in Europe, first manifest in the French Revolution, but developing real momentum in the following century which saw the Revolutions of 1848, the Communist Manifesto, the emergence of the Fabian Society, and finally in the next century, the communist revolution in Russia, the Fascist revolution in Italy, and the National Socialist revolution in Germany.

It has been asserted that the purpose of the Illuminati -- a group founded by the apparently-Jewish but Jesuit-trained Adam Weishaupt on May 1st, 1776 -- was to create a 'new world order' which was anti-Christian, and therefore evil and 'Luciferian'. What is more, it has been observed by 'conspiracy theorists' that the Illuminati infiltrated the Masons beginning shortly after their founding and turned this secret organization into a tool for achieving Illuminati ends. It is undoubtedly true that Weishaupt and his cronies wanted power and that his movement was anti-Christian; but the notion that it was 'evil' rather than well-intentioned is, in my view, purely a projection by those whose Christian beliefs equate evil to everything anti-Christian. As to whether a desire to rule the world is evil, we may acquiesce in Lord Acton's remark that 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely', but there is no necessary reason to believe that Weishaupt's efforts were evil in intent. Indeed, as we have already noted, if the Illuminati were communists, as some have asserted, this is undoubtedly because communism was seen as a means of correcting the abuses of the capitalism of the Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, we need not blanch at those who wish to create a 'new world order'; for while we can -- under Lord Acton's axiom -- concede that this is less than desirable, it remains a fact that men seek power, and that as the world becomes more connected, men will struggle to control it. Our only hope is to create safeguards sufficient to make this control benign.

Besides the charges of being evil and socialistic, another charge which has been lodged against the Illuminists/Freemasons is being 'occult' -- a charge which stems naturally from the assertion of opposition to Christianity. There is in fact good reason to believe this charge, except that the 'guilt' is not quite what it has been made out to be. To begin, it is useful to understand that the Masons have the trappings of a religious organization -- after all, their 'compass and ruler' logo contains a 'G' at its center in representation of 'the Great Architect of the Universe'. This, we may reasonably presume, is an artifact of the sham religion of its Enlightenment forebears, who found it necessary to speak much of God for social reasons while not bothering with much in the way of actual belief. We see such genuflections in the Declaration of Independence, for example, when it is perfectly clear from historical studies that Jefferson, Washington and the other Founders were not only Masons, but also Deists, which is a polite way of saying 'atheists'.

But if the leaders of the Enlightenment rejected Christianity, there is good reason to think that they -- or at least those who followed them -- discovered that there was more to religion than was dremt of in Christianity. In particular, while occultism has always been around, as in the 'pagan' religion which the Christian fathers so energetically tried to stamp out by dubbing pagan monuments, heros and celebrations as Christian ones, post-enlightenment atheism has given rise to intellectually- respectable occultism which we see in such things as Theosophy, yoga, lamaism, parapsychology, spiritualism, Christian Science, kabbalism, psychedelica, and what is generally referred to in the present day as 'New Ageism'. Occultism has had a major effect in shaping the history of the 20th century -- nazism was based on it, the drug culture is suffused with it (perhaps a reason why our 'Christian' government is big on the War on Drugs'), the American and Soviet governments have researched it in a major way, well-known personalities have been involved with it (Steiner, Crowley, Yeats, Swedenborg, etc), and, while not much mentioned by the major media, Satanism (so-called) has taken root among the governing class and even among the traditionally religious (see John DeCamp's The Franklin Coverup).

We mentioned earlier that present-day occultism has sometimes been called 'Luciferian', and in fact there have been Masons and others of the occult stripe who have claimed to be followers of Lucifer. For example, conspirologist A Ralph Epperson has written a book in which he argues at great length that 33rd degree Mason and Confederate general Albert Pike was a Luciferian; there is at present something called the Lucis Trust, nee Luciferian Trust, which is involved in a major way in New Age projects; and even Mme Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, associated herself with Lucifer. While this comes as a great shock to Birchers and other sensitive Christian souls, it seems to me that this is merely a logical extension of the rejection of Christianity, which has traditionally been hostile to knowledge including occult knowledge, and an embracing of the opponent of the Christian god, Lucifer, the god of light or enlightenment, whose expulsion from heaven stands as a symbolic rejection of the 'lucidity' which knowledge brings.

While on the subject of religion, we might ask whether there is any relationship between Masonry and the Jews. To answer, while I have on several occasions heard the bald assertion that Freemasonry is Jewish (sometimes expressed as 'Judeo-Masonry'), I have never seen any evidence of it, tho it may well be true. Certainly, Masonic lodges may have been attractive to Jews for several reasons -- as bastions of anti-Christianity, as oases of Enlightenment thinking, as an avenue of rebellion, and so forth -- and certainly Jews have been involved in Masonry, even sometimes having their own lodges. In my mind, the most likely reason for the association of Jews and Masonry is that Masons have been anti-Christian, but in view of our earlier discussion, and in spite of the fact that Weishaupt was alleged to be Jewish, there is no reason to suppose that this was due to Jewish influence.

The bottom line is this: The Illuminati-Freemasons, to the extent that they are real, are not necessarily bad, or at least no worse than any organization (and there are many) which is trying to obtain power and whose members stick together for protection and advancement. The idea that Freemasonry involves 'Luciferian conspiracies', 'the Antichrist' and other supposed 'evils' which have gone under the rubric of 'conspiracy theory' doesn't amount to much, which is not to say that fighting accumulations of power (as in the NWO), opposing the nepotism of brotherhoods, or exposing the genuinely evil Satanism which John DeCamp describes is unimportant. The major point is to understand the forces which are at work, and to learn to separate the good from the bad, and the threatening from the benign.

Postscript: I am currently in the process of reading William Guy Carr's 1950s book Pawns in the Game. While Carr's religious beliefs are off- putting, while virtually none of his statements are documented, and while he makes several notable factual errors, he gives the appearance of having a much better grasp of what is going on than even celebrated conspirologist Nesta Webster, and his explanations make sense of facts which Webster, at best, merely recounts. His basic theory is that the Rothschilds founded the Illuminati, and that the 'international bankers' have been slowly but surely seeking world dominion and undermining Western civilization ever since that time. The need here is to attempt to verify Carr's statements; and if they can indeed be verified, his book may well turn out to be the most important work of 'conspiracy theory' ever written.


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Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts


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Re: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, December 20 @ 05:14:03 PST
you are so far off the mark with your essay on freemasonry.the truth lies much farther back intime than the mid 17th century .ask yourself what possible screts could a humble stonemason have that would compel him under oath to having his tongue torn out by the roots and his bowels burnt to ashes surely not a few insider construction tips.you are reading the wrong books.

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Re: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, December 20 @ 05:15:52 PST
you are so far off the mark with your essay on freemasonry.the truth lies much farther back intime than the mid 17th century .ask yourself what possible screts could a humble stonemason have that would compel him under oath to having his tongue torn out by the roots and his bowels burnt to ashes surely not a few insider construction tips.you are reading the wrong books.

[ Reply to This ]

    Oh my (Score: 1)
    by Ivalen on Saturday, December 21 @ 14:23:10 PST
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Many secret societies are organized with the intent of providing some sort of brother/sister hood....

    The members are watched and studied... and perhaps the organization is used as a vehicle to support a more sinister aspect.

    We do that today by supporting the government... there are groups within groups, and they use the larger body to protect and to provide the 'front' for the folks within.

    [ Reply to This ]

      Re: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts (Score: 0)
      by Anonymous on Tuesday, February 11 @ 08:33:32 PST
      This gentleman has no clue of the truth behind the freemasons. Nice try though.

      [ Reply to This ]

      Re: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts (Score: 1)
      by AncientOne on Friday, July 25 @ 03:53:26 PDT
      (User Info | Send a Message)
      Freemasonry was a secret order of initiates tracing their origin to the time of Enoch of the Old Testament. At that time certain men gathered together the knowledge that humanity had attained and preserved it secretly through time so that it would not become lost/destroyed as the Library of Alexandria had been by the psychos much later on.

      During its sojourn in Israel to protect pilgrims on religious excursions to the "holy land," the Knights Templars in 1307 (which began in the 12th century) were disbanded and murdered by Pope Clement and Kiing Philip of France. The Pope had learned that the Templars had made contact with the initiates of that time who held the truth about and knowledge of the real Christianity (that had been seized and replaced with an impostor religion by Rome)and the very ancient antideluvian world. Phillip lusted for the vast amount of land and wealth that the Templars had acquired. Thus he and the pope conspired to trump up false charges of blasphemy against the Templars to disband and execute them.

      The Templars fled to Scotland where they were given sanctuary by the Crown. There (with isolated individuals covertly existing on the European continent also) they remained mastering masonry (stonework and cathedral construction) until the day when they would migrate to the "colonies" of America.

      Since the evil treachery of Clement and Phillip had been visited upon them, the Templars held a secret aim for nearly 500 years to one day found a nation that would be free of church-meddling and tyranny in the govt. and lives of the people and which would also be free of the dictatoral whims of monarchy.
      This was brought to fruition in 1776 when the New Republic was born. Constitutional precedents for "Freedom of Religion," "Separation of Church and State," and election of officials was the manifest realization of their centuries-old dream for the benefit of humanity. Most of the founders of American freedon had been Freemasons -- Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc.

      It was an old Masonic dream, set in motion by the ravages of thrones and altars that brought the greatest nation to existence.

      The Illuminati had never come to influence Freemasonry. As John Robison, author of "Proofs of a Conspiracy" admitted therein when the Illuminati's Willermooz advised the Masonic delegation from England at the Congress of Willhelmsbad in 1786 that their adherence to the God of the bible rendered theirs a form of "simple Masonry." American and English Masonry, unlike that of the French and Germans, remained free of the subterfuge of the Illuminati (also known as Grand Orient Masonry.)

      I too have searched high and low for the nexus or thread that would prove the link between all revolutionary movements/organizations to the Bavarian Illuminati. The truth is, there are none. If there are, they have yet to be discovered, if they still exist.

      As for the subsequent revolutions after the Illuminati, the fact is that those who are better off economically got that way on the backs of the less-fortunate for whom they had held contempt and disdain for millennia a priori. The new wealth generated by the Industrial Revolution caused the receivers thereof to greatly mistreat working people. It was this mistreatment which brought about all of the revolutions from Bunker Hill to Havana. Speaking from the standpoint of history, if this rotten economy does not soon change, we too will be faced with such a revolution. The denials of the economic quandry and the further derision of the less-fortunate by the rich will not solve this problem but will, as history has indicated in every like example, only serve to stoke the flames of anger and the revolutionary spirit of the impoverished. Mainstream religion, which does not follow suit, has long since realized this mistake and changed policy.

      The reason the Birchers (John Birch Society) reviles the Rockefellers as major figures of th

      Read the rest of this comment...

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        Re: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts (Score: 1)
        by IWANT2BELIEVE on Thursday, August 14 @ 03:34:12 PDT
        (User Info | Send a Message)
        The Free Masons are and have always been connected to The Knights Templar aka Knights of St. John Hospitalar. The group of knights that held the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem during the crusades. Most Templars were put to death by the catholic church for some kind of Heritics(participating in pagan rituals). But a lucky few escaped Italy and France finding their way to eastern Europe to hide. There the Masons come in, to disguise their true identities the templars created a group of masons a skill they picked up from the same place they recieved their paganistic rituals i would imagine. In conclusion
        Free Mason=Templar

        [ Reply to This ]

        Re: Freemasonry and Illuminism: Making Sense of the Facts (Score: 1)
        by Rajen on Tuesday, September 16 @ 23:26:10 PDT
        (User Info | Send a Message)
        I enjoyed what I read here and it makes sense to me. I am not going to claim to know a lot about this subject so I am reading all I can find on it.

        [ Reply to This ]

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