Our Fight: A Few Hard Questions

By John "Birdman" Bryant


* How much of the things we are fighting against are the result, not of 'evil', but of purely natural forces -- and in particular such things as birth control (which caused the sexual revolution and breakdown in morals and the family), good transportation (which caused the world to become 'smaller' and thus paved the way for multiculturalism), the age of abundance (which brought on liberalism, and the various "Iron Mountain" projects), capitalism (which caused migration from poorer to richer countries), collapse of the traditional family (caused by the sexual revolution and rapid cultural changes which have created a strong difference in outlook between generations) and the fear of space aliens (which may have encouraged world government and multiculturalism)?

* Who are the enemy? There are a lot of different candidates, from businessmen who buy influence and Jews who suppress liberties to the CIA, the government, and secret societies. If we can't clearly identify an enemy, we can't fight a war. And the ugly fact is that all of these may be the enemy, because they are all seeking their own agenda at the expense of everyone else. Thus what we may have is not a 'fight for freedom', but rather a fight among different organizations, much like a fight among countries. It may be that, where once men sought a better life by going to a different location, they may now have to seek the protection of a different organization.

* Are we being manipulated to 'hate' in 'staged' conflicts involving race vs race, conservatism vs liberalism, etc, thereby keeping us distracted from the real enemy?

* Is the worry over socialism irrelevant because of the advance of technology which promises an Age of Abundance?

* If the Jews are on average superior, is it not our moral obligation to yield to them?

* As Erich Schmid has asked, "We could describe the Zionists as exploiting the innocent Americans, Russians, and Europeans, or we could say that life is a competitive struggle for all living creatures, and the majority of Americans, Russians, and Europeans are losers in the competitive struggle with Zionists. If the Zionists destroy Europe, America, and Russia, why not consider it nature's way of getting rid of the crummy societies?"

* Has modern technology and the accumulation of wealth and power led to organizations which are more powerful than government and which seek to control government, but which cannot themselves be controlled, and are they the source of our problems?


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