A Perspective on Jews and 'Haters'

By John "Birdman" Bryant


One of the most important facts of history -- and, for that matter, one of the most neglected -- is that whites built Western civilization, that Western civilization stands as the apex of human social creation, and that while some other races have successfully imitated Western civilization (eg, the Japanese) or have built civilizations notable for their sophistication (eg, the Incas and Chinese), none of these races has come close to equaling on their own what whites have accomplished. Yet today, in every area of the world from America and Europe to Australia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, the white race is under unremitting attack by the political left, whose advocacy of 'multiculturalism', unrestricted immigration, 'affirmative action' and similar policies, along with the constant media defamation of whites as 'racist', 'prejudiced', 'intolerant' and 'haters' is resulting in the slow genocide of whites, and the slow culturacide and return to barbarism of Western civilization. And in all this warfare against whites and their civilization there is one curious and profound fact that no person with half a brain can possibly ignore: The Left is -- and has always been -- principally led and significantly populated by a single tiny ethnic minority: Jews.

But if the above is true, it does not necessarily follow that most Jews wish to see the genocide of the white (gentile) race or the end of Western civilization. Most have probably not connected the dots between their politics and the behavior of their ethnic brethren on the one hand and the demise of whites and the West on the other. But whatever the guilt or innocence of ordinary Jews in this matter, the facts cannot be denied: The Jewish establishment -- ie, the organizations which claim in some sense to 'represent' Jewish people and which are supported by them -- are irreconcilably leftist, and thus hostile to basic American and Western values -- free speech (the Left wants to make 'hate speech' a crime), national self-determination (the Left supports world government), the right of association (the left supports 'anti-discrimination' laws), the right to keep and bear arms (the Left supports 'gun control'), honest money (the Left supports government fiat currency), free markets (the Left wants 'fair trade' and 'economic justice') -- and are actively working to extinguish these values. And with 85-90% of the Jewish electorate voting leftist in America and probably similarly in other countries, there is no doubt that, speaking generally, the Jews represent a significant danger to the West.

But since Jews are intelligent, and in fact significantly more intelligent than whites, and since leftism has proved itself a failure everywhere and in every respect, we have to ask, Why are the Jews still leftists, and still leaning on the throttle of the engine which is carrying Western civilization over the cliff to oblivion? The answer may be partly their group cohesiveness, which makes them more inclined to act in the interest of the group, and thus to trust the leftist/socialist ethic over the Western individualist one. It may be due to their leaders, who influence them in a leftist direction. It may be due to the general influence of the leftist media, which now dominate the West, and which just so happen to be under largely Jewish control. And it may be, as Prof Kevin Macdonald has suggested, that leftism is good for Jews, because while it destroys Western culture, it allows Jews to become even more dominant over what remains.

But if 90% of Jews are leftist, 10% are not, and that 10% could be -- and in fact often has been -- more than useful to the white racial/Western cultural struggle. For example, some of the most important libertarians have been Jews -- 'Mr Libertarian' Murray Rothbard, Nobelist Milton Friedman, LP Vice-Presidential candidate Nancy Lord, libertarian popularizer Ayn Rand, and many others. Again, whites would be out in left field (snicker, chortle) without the numerous Jews who have exposed their brethren's anti-gentilism, including Israel Shahak, Benjamin Freedman and Norman Finkelstein, to name only three who are familiar. Furthermore, Holocaust revisionism has depended significantly on Jews, including David Cole, who secured an on-camera confession from curator Franczek Piper that the Auschwitz 'gas chambers' were fakes, Liberty Lobby lawyer Mark Lane, who has consistently secured legal victories in leftist attacks on revisionism, John Sack, who has just broken into the conventional media with a long revisionist article in Esquire, and Third Reich historian David Irving, the one-man London blitzkrieg, who is half-Jewish. Even Nazism, whose official policy was to regard Jews as inferiors and undesirables, was shot thru with Jews, from the Jews and mischlings (persons of mixed white and Jewish parentage) who made up a sizeable number of Hitler's generals, to Hitler himself, who was probably the grandson of a Rothschild.

It has often been alleged by the Left that those involved in the attempt to preserve the white race and Western culture are 'haters', implying not merely persons inclined to an exaggerated emotional reaction to their opponents, but to irrational and pathological ones. However, given the full frontal assault on whites and their culture by the Left, a full head of hatred for both the Left and the mangy minority garbage which is one of the Left's most important tools of destruction could hardly be inappropriate, much less exaggerated, irrational or pathological. Nevertheless, the charge of 'haters' is false, particularly in regard to Jews themselves; for while supporters of the white race and Western culture may harbor a perfectly rational degree of fear and distrust toward Jews, I think it may reasonably be asserted that movement people actually have considerable positive feelings for Jews in the sense of respecting (if not envying) them for their intelligence, industry, wealth, power and -- yes -- beauty, tho these positive feelings hardly do anything to alleviate the concern that Jewish leftists are going to complete the destruction that they seem hell-bent on accomplishing.

There are two points here that I am driving at. The first is that it is high time for people in our movement to acknowledge their positive feelings for Jews, and to stop behaving so as to fuel the charge of 'haters' which has been used against us so effectively by the Left. The second point is that we must not merely openly embrace the Jews who will give us help, but we must cultivate that help. We can do this in part by pointing to self- interest: that we -- Jew and gentile -- will all be poorer -- both economically and culturally -- without Western civilization and the white race, and that this culture is of prime value to Jews because it has allowed them to thrive as no other civilization on earth. But there is another argument from self-interest to which we can and must direct Jewish attention: If Jews, who constitute less than 3% of the population, continue to threaten the other 97%, then they are doing little more than requesting a genuine Holocaust -- an event from which -- once the sleeping white giant awakens -- there are unlikely to be many 'survivors'.


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