Movement People

By John "Birdman" Bryant


From time to time people ask me what I think of this or that Movement personality, with a particular concern as to whether the individual they are inquiring about is loyal to the Movement, or has been compromised by, or has sold out to, the liberal Jew-riddled Establishment. For this reason, I list below the Movement people of whom I have some knowledge, and comment briefly on what I think of them. (I may have omitted some individuals; if so, please forgive.) These are my opinions: They are the result of hearing Movement gossip over the last several years, but are not written in stone, are not guaranteed to be error-free, and are not designed to put hidden riches in your hands by next Monday. Anyone who has corrections, comments, or other people to add, please write. Following our own remarks, we have added the comments of Donald Pauly, Wise Elder of White Liberation, who sometimes agrees and sometimes disagrees with us, and sometimes just elaborates. We have also added an Appendix in which we react to comments on a VNN forum which discussed this list when it was first posted.

Revilo Oliver - The Palindrome Professor, intellectually a bit snooty; now deceased. I have never been able to get enthusiastic about his writings, with the exception of his expose of Robert Welsh and the John Birch Society (see the Net Losses section), tho there is no doubt about his Movement loyalty.

Willis Carto: Nobody has done more for the Movement than Carto. His greatest achievement was the Spotlight newspaper, which had a major impact on my views, but he was also the founder of the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and the Barnes Review. Revilo Oliver attacked Carto for taking some Movement money he was probably not entitled to, but I have always said that, if this were the price we had to pay for Carto's work, then we should be more than willing to pay it.

Walter "Walter the Mule" Mueller: An obnoxious homosexual pastry cook who attacked everyone in sight, including Willis Carto and Yours Truly (see Net Losses), was completely intolerant of criticism, and finally went back to Austria (good riddance). For all that, however, I have no evidence that he was disloyal to the Movement, and he did write a sometimes-interesting newsletter.

George Lincoln Rockwell: Now deceased, a distinguished naval commander in WW2 who discovered after the war -- and after an in-depth examination of the Jewish Question -- that he had been fighting on the wrong side. As a gifted public speaker and charismatic leader, as well as a talented artist, he founded and led the tiny American Nazi Party until his assassination by a disgruntled colleague. Some believe that the ANP was merely a public relations ploy, but it certainly gave Rockwell lots of attention. Rockwell complained that his nazi activities kept him from getting dates (he was divorced, I believe), and is remembered for (among other things) his remark that "A man who doesn't fuck, doesn't fight." According to Judicial-Inc, Rockwell was Jewish, which again reminds us to value and respect our Jewish supporters.

Mark Weber: On the positive side, he is a revisionist writer who has produced some very good essays. On the negative side, with the help of what was probably a corrupt judge, he was instrumental in prying control of the IHR from Willis Carto, which he has since run into the ground. Carto has exposed Weber and his 'helpers' as being involved with the CIA, Scientology and -- of course -- Organized Jewry. Beyond this, Weber has endorsed the 'Arabs did it' theory of 911. While I have posted Weber's stuff, basically I would not get within a country mile of him.

William Pierce: Neo-nazi; associate of George Lincoln Rockwell; founder of the National Alliance and author of the Turner Diaries; now deceased. Pierce wrote many great Movement pieces, but the NA never did anything much except pass out idiotic literature. Furthermore, Pierce was apparently compromised by having accepted some robbery proceeds from Robert "The Order" Mathews, and may have had to supply the FBI with info on Movement people. But even if Pierce was compromised, I don't believe he was disloyal in the ordinary sense of the word. Don comments: Concur.

Harold Covington: Neo-nazi; novelist; promoter of Northwest Migration. He attacked Pierce for using the NA for 'funding his retirement'. Covington has always been controversial, but there is no evidence I know of that he has been disloyal to the Movement, and his Northwest Migration may yet help whites to survive the Onslaught. Don comments: Covington, AKA Tubbs, has a reputation for being disruptive in the White Nationalist community by being a compulsive liar. He served as a mercenary in Southern Rhodesia in its last days.

Alex Linder: Founder of VNN. He has managed to irritate Movement women by his over-the-top sexism, but on the whole he has been a positive Movement asset. Don comments: Linder started Vanguard News Network in 2000. He has built it into the highest readership of White Nationalist websites.

Bill "Pravda Bill" White: current leader for what now passes as the American Nazi Party; apparently Jewish (see the article on him at; wealthy real estate speculator; former communist and writer for Pravda. Bill is intelligent and has posted some good commentary on his website, but his background is questionable, and he has been in a big fight with Movement personality Alex Linder over a joint financial venture. (While I don't know the details, I would trust Alex on this one.) Good chance that he is an Opposition plant.

Kevin Strom: Kevin is a long-time Movement activist who had a close and fruitful relationship with William Pierce. He was recently sentenced to prison for possession of kiddie porn, and has been raked over the coals for this by many members of the white liberationist community; but in my view, the whole affair amounts to much doo-doo about nothing. For one thing, there is nothing the matter with porn in general, as I have argued at length on my website. For another, there is not necessarily anything wrong with kiddie porn, if one agrees with my contention -- shared by libertarians, and again lengthily argued on my website -- that it should be up to the parents, and not the State, to control the sexual behavior of their children, including posing for porn. I also contend that there is nothing the least wrong with looking at or possessing kiddie porn, even if the porn is coerced -- after all, it is no help at all to the kids involved that some poor dope goes to jail for looking at pictures of them, tho it does harm those same kids when kiddie porn is made illegal, because that act -- just like the illegalization of drugs -- raises the price, and thereby attracts more people into the business, and more clients as well. Being of an authoritarian and often sexually prudish bent, however, many in the white liberationist community do not understand or appreciate the above points; but what is even worse is that Kevin has been 'convicted' by many white liberationists for being a pedophile when no act of pedo was committed -- a fact which leads inevitably to the conclusion that Kevin was 'convicted' of a sexual preference for small flat-chested girls with hairless cunts and childlike faces -- a modestly popular style in legal commercial porn, if one cares to look, and a VERY popular sexual preference among the political class if one can believe such authors as John DeCamp, Cathy O'Brien, Brice Taylor, Noreen Gosch and numerous others. But the most important thing as far as Kevin is concerned is that he was not strong enuf to control his women (Pierce considered him 'weak'; Kevin's wife, Elisha Strom, admitted in court to bashing him over the head with a telephone; and Kevin confessed that he had received "innumerable bruises, cuts, and lacerations and went to the hospital" as a result of his wife's aggression), and that makes for a bad marriage indeed. (Or maybe Elisha was just angry about Kevin's infatuation with a 5th grader -- after all, she admitted that Kevin had lost interest in her, and Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.) But if Kevin's sexual problems are bogus, there is a real problem with him which I find most troubling, to wit, that Kevin supported the 'Arabs did it' 911 thesis -- a very strange position in view of the information available to a man who has built his career on Jew-skepticism. I have posted my correspondence with him on this matter in Net Losses. Don comments: Concur.

David Duke: Charismatic and highly intelligent, and now a PhD from a Ukrainian university, Duke is the Movement's strongest political personality. Unfortunately, however, Duke carries the baggage of neo-nazism and Klan leadership, and this makes it difficult for him in making a media presence. He is also guilty of gambling away a substantial chunk of Movement contributions, for which he served prison time. Maybe if he had had the benefit of some Jewish genes he could have held onto the money long enuf to use it for its intended purpose. Don comments: Concur.

Ed Steele: A highly intelligent lawyer and former financial advisor, but (I believe) personally insecure, Ed has written some good essays, but as a Movement lawyer, he has lost or botched two of the most important Movement cases of recent years -- the Richard Butler case, which he blew (or threw), and the Matt Hale appeal. When a supposed Good Guy is associated with this kind of damage but never explains himself, you really have to wonder what is going on. On a personal note, Ed and I have had some dust-ups, and now he won't speak to me. Don comments: Concur.

Richard Barrett: Prime mover in Crosstar and Skinheadz, Richard has won some important legal cases, as well as exhibiting great personal courage and energy. Sometimes, however, he goes off on unnecessary or divisive tangents, as in trying to drum Yours Truly out of the Movement for my Girl of the Day, or in attacking Catholics. But we have a good relationship now (men usually have to have a fight before they can win each other's respect) and his Movement loyalty is unquestionable. He is winner of one of our Hoots-Pah Awards, of only three so far given. Don comments: Barrett has a reputation for liking young skinhead boys more than girls. He does seem to win lawsuits however.

Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid: These two characters -- apparently joined at the lip -- seem to have opinions more-or-less in accord with the Movement, but seem to form their own little cyber-subculture in which they are the only True Movement People, and pretty much everyone else -- including Yours Truly -- is an Evil One. They may well be Opposition plants.

Jeff Rense: Internet radio personality and host of a popular (but inferior to mine, IMHO) website which sports bad art and throwaway UFO tales along with 'anti-zionist' stories and other politically incorrect material, without being really politically incorrect (He posted one of my essays, and then removed in within a day because it was too bigoted, or some such). Not really a Movement personality -- he is deathly afraid of being called 'antisemitic'. The Wing-TV people -- Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani -- raised various questions about Rense, but I do not now remember the issues.

Alex Jones: Runs Prison Planet website, from which I often post stories. Seems to be only marginally involved with the Movement, but an important freedom fighter nonetheless.

Matt Hale: 'Pontifex Maximus' of the World Church of the Creator until his imprisonment. A strong Movement personality of high intelligence, but was not helped by his sometimes-violent rhetoric. I did not much care for his ersatz religious approach, either. Don comments: Hale should have been hung if arrogance was a crime. There was some real railroading done here however. His skills as a law student should have been more than sufficient to defend this shoddy case.

Joe Fields: A good man, long-time activist, and, formerly, an energetic contributor to the Daily Reads page. Active Catholic. Was viciously and wrongly attacked concerning 'kiddie porn' by some Movement prudes who get upset about sex in any form, particularly when involving people who just so happen to be below an arbitrary age, even tho we are all sexual from Day One (Males even have erections in the womb -- hear that, you mutha-fukkas?). His wife Deirdre, a native South African, has also been an active contributor to Daily Reads.

Jim Condit Jr: Vote fraud specialist, and one of the most valuable activists in the Movement. He has fruitfully explored low-cost media ads for political candidates in order to get across the Movement's message. Active Catholic.

Hal Turner: Vigorous Movement personality with his own radio 'network'. He seems to be chawing at the bit for more opportunities at 'activism'. He is the one who scared the shit (and the votes) out of the Congresscritters over the Amnesty bill by posting their home addresses and phone numbers and suggesting that people might give them a bit of what they deserve. He has been accused of being an Opposition plant, but I don't believe it. Winner of one of our 3 so-far-given Hoots-Pah Awards.

Ernst Zundel: Canadian freedom fighter and indefatigable Movement personality. A real hero who won important legal victories in the Canadian courts before he was deported and sent to the German Gulag.

Ingrid Rimland Zundel: Wife of Ernst and Movement personality - Runs the Zundelsite. Had a bitter feud with the handsome activist Fredrick Toben involving a visit Fredrick paid to her. The differences appeared to arise out of the woman-scorned syndrome, but what do I know?

Fredrick Toben: Another Movement hero who has served prison time in Germany for his views, and may serve more in Australia. Founder, Adelaide Institute and inveterate world traveler. Wrote the Foreword to my book on Jews.

David Irving: The compleat fraud. For details, see Net Losses. Don comments: I wish that I could buy Irving some indulgence with you. You got screwed over, which prevents your objectivity. Irving is not a White Nationalist. He merely tolerates them because they buy his books. He fancies himself a member of the British aristocracy. If the Jews hate him as bad as they do, he must be doing something right. [Birdman comment: The several pieces in Net Losses make clear that Irving is of the lowest possible order. Not only does he act 'just like a Jew', but he is one. It is pointless to discuss this further.]

Germar Rudolf: The world's most distinguished Holocaust revisionist scholar, with the possible exception of Robert Faurisson. Is currently serving prison time in Germany for his research. He offered to recant his views in order to get out of prison, but the deal did not happen. I suppose all men have their weak moments.

Robert Faurisson: High-toned revisionist scholar, highly intelligent, greatly energetic, and brave to the hilt. Has suffered numerous run-ins with the French Jew-diciary over his views. I have nicknamed him "The Shoah Constrictor". Unfortunately he declined to write a Foreword for my book on Jews -- would not say why.

Kevin MacDonald: Psychology professor and author of a trilogy of books on Judaism as an evolutionary strategy. Declined to write a Foreword for my book on Jews, but wouldn't say why. See Net Losses. Don comments: The Jews are trying to get MacDonald fired from UCLB in spite of his tenure. MacDonald writes frequently on VDare.

Brad Smith: The grandfather of Holocaust revisionist activism. Runs the oldest revisionist website, CODOH. Don't know how the man keeps going, but he deserves everyone's gratitude. Is married to a Mexican, which seems to rankle some of our more 'racist' comrades.

Tom Metzger: Grouchy, foul-mouthed and not terribly bright. Not someone we need in the Movement, but I guess we are stuck with him. See Net Losses. Don comments: Metzger refuses to admit that the Jews are to blame for the Negroes and Mexicans. He was sued by Morris Dees and lost his TV repair business for his involvement in the killing of a Negro in Portland. The Feds may well have blackmailed him. He originated "The Five Words", (I have nothing to say.) for dealing with law enforcement. Tommie has good advice about spotting infiltrators and recommends the "lone wolf" approach.

Michael Hoffman II: Hoffman is apparently a Jew by birth, but has converted to Christianity. He has written several books, at least one of which -- They Were White and They Were Slaves -- is excellent. He has attacked Jews in various ways, but his interest in this regard seems to be in the Talmud, whose relevance to Jewish abuse of gentiles in the present day is dubious at best. He was the first person I know of to make a public point of calling the festiferous David Irving on his rudeness and intemperate behavior. But on the other hand, Hoffman has no tolerance for criticism, and long ago kicked me off his mailing list for delivering same. So many Movement people just can't seem to get along, suggesting that many harbor deep feelings of inferiority, from which emerges large displays of egotism. Rodney King, where are you when we need you?

Samuel Jared Taylor: Founder of American Renaissance, a magazine-like newsletter which, in spite of its smallness, has often played host to very excellent stories exposing the multicult. Besides AR, Taylor has written a notable book, Paved With Good Intentions, and put out an important statistical-analytical report on 'The Color of Crime' which, in spite of a launch at the National Press Club, was roundly ignored by the major media. He has also done lots of radio and TV appearances which have given him a scattered national following. But in spite of his good works, Taylor refuses to 'name the Jew', with a result that his attack on the multicult is reminiscent of that old New Yorker Magazine cartoon of an ape being interrogated by the police, one of whom remarks to another, "We have a perfect case against him except for a motive."

Peter Brimelow: Author of the excellent book Alien Nation and webmaster of Vdare, an anti-multicult website. Brimelow, an ex-pat Englishman, is one of the very few Movement personalities to get some respect from the mainstream media, but that is because his message is pretty much restricted to pointing out that immigration is bad and blacks are stupid -- he will not name the Jew, and thus does not really threaten the Establishment. Don comments: Lately Brimelow has been touching on the role of Jews in furthering immigration and serving as immigration lawyers.

Sir Peter Bonnell - Author of Tidbits News, with a long and distinguished history of fighting communism. Great patriot, period.

Charley Reese: Mainstream syndicated columnist and harsh critic of Israel, tho he does not name the Jew. Would probably not consider himself a Movement person, but is an excellent ally.

Paul Craig Roberts: Mainstream syndicated columnist and fiery and extremely able critic of all the bad things, tho he does not name the Jew. As a former Undersecretary of the Treasury, he was friends with Treasury Secretary Henry "Joe" Fowler, a good friend of my parents who, as a hotshot Alexandria lawyer, handled their divorce (he represented both sides). Would probably not consider himself a Movement person, but is an excellent ally. He declined to review my book on Economics.

John Kaminski - A gifted and indefatigable writer who holds forth regularly on sites around the Net, and now on his own website. He once called me an 'anti-semite', but has done a 180 degree turn and now seems to have become more 'anti-semitic' than I am.

Patrick Grimm - Outstanding among the gifted writers on the Jewish Question. We are proud that he posts regularly on

Curt Maynard - A stalwart and very handsome soldier in the Race Wars who maintains his own website, and sends us his submissions from time to time.

Texe Marrs - A cyberspace Christian divine, Marrs (not to be confused with conspirologist Jim Marrs) offers books and tapes on the Jewish Question, the NWO/JWO, and other similar topics. I have very occasionally posted Marrs' stuff, one item of which was an excellent treatment of the Bush family's Foreskinner roots. Highly intelligent, and with notable Christian sensitivities, Marrs is a real asset to the Movement.

Ted Pike - Another cyber-divine, Pike -- along with his assistant Harmony Grant (not to be confused with the pornstar of the same name) -- is apparently a major force in informing Christians on the Jewish Question and related matters. I am impressed with Pike's energy and well-written informational bulletins, which I often post, and I consider him an important asset to the Movement.

Donald E Pauly: Founder and primate of the Emigration Party of Nevada, whose website is Proud Zionist (sendemback to Izzyland) and Rastafarian (sendemback to Wunnerful Africa). Officially dubbed an Enemy of the People by Dees & Co. Long-time Movement activist and Wise Elder of White Liberation. Expert on technical matters and familiar with the underbelly of the Movement (which is why he was asked to comment on this compilation), but sometimes positions himself on the end of a thin limb with a sharp saw. Does not think much of women (In his words, "I do not think much of STUPID White women, which unfortunately are the vast majority of the group"), but loves to bonk while tooling down those long Nevada highways on his motorcycle; ergo his handle, for those of you who know it.



When this list was first posted, a comment thread discussing it was begun on Alex Linder's VNN site. This discussion -- at least initially -- was notable for the hostile comments directed toward me personally for various remarks I had made in the list or elsewhere, or various positions I have taken. I was rather surprised at these comments, not merely for the intemperance of their hostility, but because I have rarely encountered expressions of such hostile sentiments from readers on 'our side'. What I saw in this little exhibition was a kind of subterranean underclass of whites who share a distaste for the multicult, but who have nothing to offer the Movement besides personal tantrums on message boards which vilify anyone or anything which goes against their orthodoxy: Hitler, Rockwell and Pierce are gods, whites are angels (except for those they criticize) and the best thing since sliced (white) bread, Jews are devils and must be gassed immediately, blacks should be lynched, usually along with porn and drug users and pedophiles, and the Third Reich should be re-installed all over the world with them in charge (NWO anyone?). The notion that whites need to come together to solve their problems in spite of their differences is beyond them, and it certainly never occurs to them that they might have some responsibility in helping that to happen. These people are the pimply-faced spastic-armed hakenkreutzers of the Movement -- a force for disuniting whites, for playing into the hands of Jews, and for helping the Movement to be smeared as 'haters' and ignorant tobacco-stained redneck losers right out of an Erskine Caldwell novel.

In contrast to this underbelly, it has been my purpose in setting up my website (and working essentially full-time to maintain it) to bring the Movement into the mainstream by presenting it as a rational and sensible alternative to the corrupt and destructive Jew-ridden Establishment. The major things I have done are (1) to present a news page which shows on a daily basis what is really going on in terms of race and other closely-allied phenomena, and (2) to present a well-organized body of information (in the Articles of Others section) which shows exactly and in overwhelming detail what the hell is happening to us. It has taken years to build my website -- not just the years I have personally put in, but the far greater number of years that it has taken others to gather and/or assemble in usable form the information which I have had the privilege of posting. The pimply-faced hakenkreutzers see nothing of value in this, and have contributed nothing to Movement work -- they only want to tear down what I and others have built up. It is good that we have places like the VNN forum which allow these people to expose themselves, and to remind us that -- far from being angels -- half of all whites have IQs below 100.


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