Thinking About Violence? Think Again!
Correspondence With Jim

By John "Birdman" Bryant


>I wrote this to a lady friend a couple of years ago
> Hello Professor XYZ,
> As a successful writer, academician, rationalist you believe the pen is
>mightier than the sword. I once agreed with you. Sadly, that position is
>no longer tenable. Through stupidity, America lost the media battle long
>ago. Without freedom of expression our constitutional government
>doesn't work. Therefore, Americans can rely no longer on Congress or the
> True, cyberspace provides a new opportunity to avoid Jew censorship.
>But, in the final analysis right-wingers have an infinitesimal audience.
>CBS, alone, during prime-time often has 50-million viewers; add to that
>Hollywood, publishing, etc.
> I have the advantage of age, which provides me a perspective that
>attractive young professors don't have. I have observed pro-Aryans from
>Father Coughlin to Gerald LK Smith to Liberty Lobby to Bill Pierce. All
>made a fundamental error. They believed if they educated the masses
>everything would fall into place, the enemy would go home and everything
>would be hunky-dory. It didn't happen that way. Successive generations
>capitulated more and more. The love of duty, honor, family, race weakend.
>We prayed too much and acted too little.
> I don't say educating the masses is unimportant. I say it's useless.
>Because it's like remodeling the kitchen while the house is on fire.
>While we talked our constitutional government was destroyed . Not by fire
>but by parasites. The Jews built a new house. We now live here as beasts
>of burden laboring and fighting for Marxists/Liberals/Jews . 1984 is here
>and now.
> Marx's quill was important to the Bolshevik Revolution, but the conquest
>of Russia was achieved with MONEY and BLOODY HANDS.
> America the once beautiful has run out of TIME. And all we do is talk
>the talk TO ONE ANOTHER. Dancing around and around the mulberry bush.
> Face the FACTS, XYZ, we have lost our Nation. The Enemy will not
>willingly return it to us. We must take it by FORCE. A handful of men
>properly financed can do it. We need Special Forces on our side. Beat the
>typewriters into spears.
> Your friend,
> Jim

[Birdman replies:]

Date: 10/10/03 4:01 AM
Subject: Re: PERSONAL:Pen vs Sword


In your call for violence you are making several big mistakes.

The first is that it will not fly politically. It won't even fly in the
Movement. Very few are ready to do it, and NOBODY has a good plan to make
it effective. Not to mention the fact that few have the proper training.

Second, nobody is organized. About the best the Movement has been able to
do is the NA, and it is a joke as far as effectiveness. And with Pierce
gone, it isn't even a good propaganda vehicle. And if we are not
organized, what chance do isolated individuals have to bring down the
system, 'leaderless resistance' notwithstanding?

The third thing is that our enemies would just loooove for some right 'wing
nuts' to start being violent. We would have a full-blown police state
quicker than you can say 'Heil Hitler'. Right now we have a lot of
freedom, even if it isn't perfect. But we won't have ANYTHING once the
Klueless Kooky Klanners start shooting.

The fourth thing is that you are getting mad, not getting even. Anger is
fine, but only if it is CHANNELED INTELLIGENTLY. You above all people
should know this, because you went to prison in what I would say was an
extremely gutsy act, but also an extremely stupid one. While I am very
hazy on exactly what you did, even a pimply-faced punk could have told you
your chances of doing something positive were slim to none. I am sorry to
be so brutally frank, as I have the greatest respect for your motives and
your courage, but trying to accomplish some major political act without an
organization behind you is, shall we say, not worthy of your Mensan

A fifth mistake you are making is to think that education is having no
effect. You think that what has been going on with the Net and all that
went before it was just a lot of nothing. But in fact there are a lot of
people who are being affected, and a lot of these are seething inside, and
a lot of others are beginning to become aware of the ugly facts of our
existence. You can't see it, but it's there. And one day that seething is
likely to produce a change of major importance. It is not just because
people are angry. It is also because of a psychic-like phenomenon called
'morphic resonance' that Rupert Sheldrake has investigated -- a sort of
samadhi or sudden realization -- a 'paradigm shift' to use the words of
Thomas Kuhn. And it is also a kind of King's-New-Clothes phenomenon in
which a small perturbation makes waves that wash away the mass illusion in
a tsunami.

[To the above I might have added that the war we are fighting is an
INFORMATION war, which by its very nature cannot be fought with guns. The
enemy has an advantage by possessing the major media; but we have the
advantage of possessing the TRUTH. So let us not forget, TRUTH WILL OUT.]

A sixth mistake you make is to fail to realize that political control is
not the product of 'the people', but rather of an elite. That means that
you don't have to convert 'the people' to your way of thinking, but only
the elite. The people who come to my website are, in some sense, an elite
-- obviously not 'the' elite, but nonetheless people who are uniquely
capable of doing things that 'sheeple' are not. It is from groups like
readers of my page that an elite is likely to emerge who can dispose of our

The seventh and most important mistake you are making is what I will call
for lack of better terminology the 'straight-line fallacy' -- you assume
that the continuity from day to day will be 'straight-line', ie, will not
change much. But in reality changes happen in what cyberneticist W Ross
Ashby called 'step functions' -- sudden changes. This is easy to prove --
just look at history. All kinds of discontinuities have occurred which no
adherent of 'straight-line' thinking would ever have predicted -- the rise
of Hitler, the creation of Israel, the creation of America, to name just 3.
History is a series of major discontinuities -- there is nothing straight-
line about it. We don't have to make fun of the Micawbers because they are
waiting for something to turn up, since we know that in all probability
something WILL turn up. But what we should be doing is to MAKE THINGS TURN

I often tell people, Keep the faith -- the faith that keeps us working, and
which Longfellow referred to when he said:

Not enjoyment and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way;
But to act, that each tomorrow
Finds us farther than today.

It is the journey of a thousand miles that begins with a single step, and
continues each day the way it began. It is our intelligence -- that
vaunted Mensa intelligence -- that allows us to see that what we do today
will have an effect somewhere down the line. Rome was not built in a day,
nor will the tyranny of Washington be destroyed. As J Edgar Hoover once
said, freedom must be rewon for each generation. I say, we are not going
to rewin it by losing our heads.

Julius Caesar once remarked that it was easier to find men ready to die for
a cause than to endure the pain of supporting that cause thru their daily
efforts. But as Louis Lamour once said, a cause worth dying for is a cause
worth living for.

I say, Let's live. -j


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