Letter to Dr John Treanor on Homeopathic Vaccines

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Subject: Instant and plentiful vaccine

Date: Saturday, November 10, 2001 8:30 PM

To: John Treanor MD, University of Rocherster


From: John Bryant (www.thebirdman.org)

Dear Dr Treanor:

I am writing you because of your association with a study of the effectiveness of diluted vaccines.

I don't know how familiar you are with homeopathy, or whether you have been prejudiced against it by your allopathic education, but you ought to familiarize yourself with the facts because homeopathy may well be the solution to the vaccine shortage for smallpox and the other diseases, with the additional property of being nontoxic. I shouldn't have to point out that this may be the key to saving millions of lives if America is attacked with chemical or biological agents.

Altho you may already know it, homeopathy has been proved to work by a set of famous experiments conducted by Jacques Benveniste, and published in the journal Nature. You also probably know that Benveniste was given severe conditions for proof of his work by Nature's editor, but that in spite of these safeguards, his results were positive. Nevertheless, his work was 'debunked' by a group of so-called 'skeptics' who were not even scientists, and included a well-known magician by the name of James 'the Amazing' Randi. I am not going to get into the gory details -- I simply suggest that you read the literature and decide for yourself. You might also check the following article which I posted on my website recently, in which the way homeopathy works is beginning to be understood.


One final point: Homeopathy was the professional treatment of choice for illness (Witness Hahnemann Hospital in Phila, which was the epicenter of the movement) until the Rockefeller interests -- fueled by an interest in selling drugs (John D sold his oil as a cancer cure) -- practically took over the medical school curriculum and created allopathy (drug and surgery oriented medicine) practically from whole cloth. If you are interested in the history, please read Eustace Mullins' fascinating book, Murder By Injection.

But even if I am wrong about the effectiveness of homeopathic vaccines, there remain two other possible methods of quick immunization: Edward Jenner's original (infect people with cowpox) and the old Chinese method of blowing powdered scabs up people's noses. In a pinch, these seem to bear investigating.


Content of the above-mentioned Ananova article:

Scientists may have found homeopathy proof

A researcher's chance finding in a lab may finally prove homeopathy works.

Scientists in South Korea were shocked to find no matter how much they diluted a solution the more the molecules inside clustered together.

Homeopaths repeatedly dilute their medications believing that is what makes them stronger.

Scientists had expected the fullerene molecules in their solution to spread out but they did the opposite.

New Scientist reports this discovery could provide the first insight into how homeopathy works.

The phenomenon was discovered by German chemist Kurt Geckeler and his colleague Shasadhar Samal at the Kwangju Institute of Science and Technology.

It worked only in so-called polar solvents like water, in which one end of the molecule has a strong positive charge and the other has a negative one.

The finding indicates diluting homeopathic remedies may increase the size of the particles so they become biologically active.

Mr Geckeler said: "We want people to repeat it. If it's confirmed it will be groundbreaking."


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