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Gentle Reader: One of the major purposes of this website is to prove to you that the quality of the information and writing you get from me is nothing but the best, whether it is written by me, or selected from the writings of others, irrespective of the subject. So if you have read some and are ready for more, these books are ready when you are.

One thing you need to understand about me is this: I have spent my life investigating the most interesting subjects in the world, many of them forbidden or poorly understood. Due to my constant reading and research, and due also to my refusal to be limited by taboo, and my ability to 'think outside the box' by throwing off accumulated error and received nonsense, my books stand at the cutting edge of knowledge. This is important because how well we survive and prosper in this world depends on the quality of the information we possess. Thus it follows that by reading my books you can leapfrog ahead of the great mass of people who have not. What is more, you receive the benefit of a lifetime of reading and reflection for just a few bucks. You also get the satisfaction of contributing to the upkeep of this website, since your purchases or contributions insure that it will continue to be here to serve you.

While there is no argument about taste, there are many distinguished men and women, including Nobel prizewinners, who have reviewed my books or commented on my writings, and these reviews have been uniformly favorable. (Quotations from these reviews are found with the book descriptions on this site.) As a controversial author, I cannot avoid having some people hostile to me; I can only ask the reader to judge what kind of author I am by the ample sampling of my works posted on this site or available thru my weekly email letter, along with the reviews of the distinguished individuals who have read my books. While you may from time to time encounter hostile comments about my books, it is well to keep in mind that it is the very excellence of my work that attracts hostility; for my enemies see quite plainly that it is the excellent rather than the mediocre books which are a threat to their prejudices, ignorance, stupidity or agendas, and thus it is the excellent books which in their view must be attacked.


"Who the Hell is John Bryant? An Interview With the World's Most Controversial Author" Wherein Mr Bryant discusses his books and the men and women who have been involved with them

Three quotes which appear on the cover of the Socratic Press catalog:

"Your books are refreshingly rational, irreverent and full of clear thinking. You cannot imagine what relief they bring to those of us tortured by this insane, upside-down revolving media-orchestrated madhouse of a world." --William R Wright, author

"You've got real talent." --Willis Carto, founder, The Spotlight and American Free Press

"John Bryant may be dangerous." --Joseph Farah, Editor, WorldNetDaily

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