The only kind of diversity liberals know is that of race, ethnicity, gender and closely-related distinctions, but these differences are of little or no importance in comparison to the diversity of ideas, which of course the liberals vehemently reject because they insist on everyone's adherence to liberal dogma. This website is primarily a contribution to the diversity of ideas, but the fact is that the ideas we promote here are of universal application -- the love of Western civilization and its ideal of human freedom, and recognition of the value of the race that built it. For this reason we wish in this section to spotlight those persons of diverse colors, coherences, catechisms and copulations who share these values with us.

Big Tent Philosophy

Natural Racism: The Third-Camp Position

Can Pro-White Also Mean Pro-Black and Pro-Jewish?- From the "Our Fight" section

The Homosexual Question- There is right and wrong on both sides of this very complex issue

Correspondence with a black man

Correspondence with a black Dartmouth student

Correspondence with a mixed black'n'white

Correspondence with a rabbi on the Talmud- Was he sincere, or just trying to sell us something?

Correspondence with righteous Jews- From the Jewish Question section

Correspondence with a Jewish reader

Correspondence on objections to Asian porn

Correspondence with Sonic on black porn

Weekly Letter subscribers respond to Sonic- Both pro and con

Now here is a beautiful black woman, and an excellent illustration of black callipygiouness. Great tits, too. If Sonic can turn this down, he's a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

The Birdman's differences with William Pierce- Correspondence with Jay

A reader objects to Birdman's differences with Dr Pierce

Correspondence with a Catholic woman on porn

Letter from a Jewish Mensan - Steve from Miami bemoans that his fellow Jews cannot see what is really happening

Jewish reader Isaac gives his reactions to our page

Correspondence with 'Right-wing pro-Western Jew' Jeremy



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