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By John "Birdman" Bryant


This page was once titled 'Recommended Links', but has now been changed because I no longer necessarily recommend the links that appear here. Rather, most of the links are either by request of the webmasters or are courtesy links of those who have linked to us, and my recommendation, if any, is contained in the annotation which I give for each site. I would hasten to point out, however, that those who request a link are generally in tune with the material on this site, so this by itself is a recommendation for their site. I might be better at recommending sites except for the fact that the upkeep of this page is very time-consuming, and my ability to read other sites is mostly limited to reading the articles which the readers of this page so kindly send me. FYI, the newest links are added to the bottom of the list.

My linkage policy on this webpage is as follows: (1) I will link any website that links us upon request -- I figure that if somebody likes us enuf to link, they can't be all bad; (2) I will link individual articles on other websites which I consider worthy of attention, regardless of whether I agree with the articles or like the authors; (3) I will link any comments made about the contents of this website upon request, whether I agree or not; and in particular, I will be more than happy to link any responses which others may have to comments made on this website. My most pressing concern here is to AVOID doing to my enemies what they have done to me MANY times, namely, suppressing criticism. Doing this is my way of expressing confidence in the truth of what I say (or the willingness to change it if it is wrong), and is further an act of accepting the most rigorous discipline possible on my own statements, namely, the linking of my worst enemies' criticisms. I do this because it is yet another way of assaulting my enemies; for my willingness to accept and draw attention to criticism -- when contrasted with my enemies' almost-invariable opposite policy -- will leave little doubt in the minds of readers as to which one of us is right or honest.

It is inevitable that some links will go bad, and my limited time does not allow me to do much pruning. If you report linkage problems to me, I will try to update when I can squeeze it in, but I make no guarantees.



Zundelsite - Ingrid Rimland's page - one of the two largest Holocaust revisionist sites - her daily Z-Grams have done much to unite and inform the community of revisionists and other critics of establishment Jewry

CODOH- Brad Smith's page - the largest Holocaust revisionist site

Kevin Strom's main page- A beautiful site (site for sore eyes?) with posts and links worthy of attention

Kevin Strom's Revilo Oliver page- Prof Oliver was one of the most perceptive and scholarly of white racialists, and Kevin has posted a large selection of good essays here.

National Alliance- America's largest pro-white organization - Founded by the late Dr William Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries(Timothy McVeigh's supposed inspiration) - Pierce's essay 'Who Rules America' is a must-read, as are his weekly essays which are archived on the site - the entire website is highly recommended - I differ with Pierce on a number of points, but if the ADL called him 'the most dangerous man in America', then he must have been doing something right

JewWatch- Much good info on the Self-Chosen

ADLWatch- Worthwhile, but not as good as JewWatch

Michael Hoffman- A mixed bag, but everyone should read Hoffman's book They Were White and They Were Slaves. His book on MLK is also recommended.

Vanguard News Network- This site, run by the indefatigable Alex Linder, and Don Black's Stormfront, are the only pro-white sites more popular than our own. Both are harsher in tone and much less laid back than we are, but they engage in White Fight rather than White Flight (a rarity these days), and so must be respected and saluted.

Radio Islam- a large site with good info, tho focused somewhat on the Palestinian perspective

Kevin MacDonald is the premier academic on the Jewish Question, and his three great books on the subject -- particularly Culture and Critique-- are indispensable. Here is his website.

Skolnick Report - some of the best investigative reporting I have seen - and by the way, Skolnick is Jewish.

American Renaissanceused to be a great mag on the race question (tho it won't touch Jews), but it has gone seriously downhill the last couple of years. Still, it is worth a read for newbies, and the O Tempora section is always interesting - and subs are only $15 per year for an electronic version

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership- Yes, vagina, there are good Jews in this world. OK, not perfect, but worthwhile.

Gun Owners of America - the best alternative to the corrupt NRA

Dave Barry columns- Hey, lighten up with one of the funniest guys on the Net

The Konformist- One of the best conspiracy sites, if a bit leftish

Neo-Eugenics Website- Matt Nuenke's exceptionally intelligent collection of papers

The Heretical Press- Some good stuff - worth a look - we have posted a number of links to their articles. Unfortunately, webmaster Sheppard is pissed off at us and has removed his link to our page for no good reason, but we do not stoop to petty retaliation, and so leave his link undisturbed.

Resist Defamation- The Birdman's philosophy is 'The best defense is a good offense'. The people at Resist Defamation are more gentle - they simply protest defamation whenever they find it. This style will be more suitable for a lot of people who haven't yet gotten to the point, as we have, of being As Mad As Hell And Not Going To Take It Any More.

Anti-white discrimination news page- read it and weep - Thanks Andy

Marian Van Court's Eugenics page- good material on the subject

Wake Up Or Die- Elena Haskins' site - has some good pro-white material, altho Elena herself is an asshole

White Knight- Beautifully-done pro-white site

Sir Peter Bonnell has honored us with a request to exchange links - he is a celebrated anti-communist and highly knowledgeable

Crosstar is Richard Barrett's website for his Nationalist organization. Richard is one of just two people to have received our Hoots-pah Award, and is one of the major activists in the pro-white/pro-Western-civilization fight. Unfortunately, Richard has seen fit to kick the Birdman's butt over porn (see posted letters), but hey, no hard feelings, and besides, Birdman kicks back like an ostrich. Uh, make that a mule. Birdman is from Columbia TN, "The Mule Capital of the World".

First Amendment Exercise Machine- An unusual pro-white site - be sure to check out their permanent files which you will find at the bottom of the home page, especially the stuff on Lincoln Rockwell and articles by Joe Stano is a eugenics site which has requested a link, but seems to have but a single document, a sort of eugenics manifesto. But they say they like our site, and that is a big plus. Hello? Hello?

Barbara Ketay is a freedom activist with an impressive resume. Her site highlights law-oriented instructional materials which she has created.

Tsun, the Master of Webpage Wizardry, has his new site up now - calls the Birdman "the world's most dangerous author" - hey, I'll drink to that!

BC White Prideis a nicely-done site which seems somewhat directed at British Columbia, but has aspirations for spreading their message worldwide. We are glad to see a few Canadians who are not going to just roll over for the liberals and judenrats, and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavor.

The American Colonization Society LIVES!- Just like the old football cheer, "Send 'em back, Send 'em back, WAAAAY back!"

Julius Streikerhas a pro-white site that we have posted articles from.

The Church of True Israelhas asked for a link. They are a pro-white site and apparently adhere to a 'Christian Identity' creed. This link would probably be more of interest to the traditionally religious.

The Yahho site- That's not a misprint, tho it may be designed to cull mistyped addresses attempting to reach yahoo. This well-done pro-white British site has a number of interesting features, and Webmaster Simon shows particularly acute taste in selecting his quotations, which include one or two of the Birdman's.

Sean Bryson's Anti-PC Site- Here is a site webmastered by True Brit Sean Bryson, a fighter with plenty of Irish and a lot of anger at being persecuted by Uno Hoo for his innocent views.

hoozajew.orgis an interesting little instrument with which you can estimate the number of the Self-Chosen in any given list. There are a number of surprising results, including that the CFR is 47% Jewish.

James von Brunn is a fellow Mensan, former PT boat captain, and a pro-white fighter with steel balls, and his site contains the first six chapters of his well-reviewed book (For the remainder of the chapters, you can purchase his book with a credit card.)

ReasonIsNotTreason.comis a National Socialist site which is very well-done technically and whose webmaster likes our site very much. Birdman enjoyed reading the first page, which has a variety of quotations and similar material. Some of the articles require Javascript, which the Birdman disables because of the virus potential, and some things are confusing, such as 'The Fuehrer's Occult Message', which seemed to be an article but was not clickable.

Alexander Baron is a Brit with grit. He advertises himself as "exposing liars and scumbags regardless of race,
colour, religion or creed since 1991." A revisionist, leftist scourge, general-purpose controversialist, and a man enmired in fisticuffianism up to his eyeballs, Baron is someone Birdman cannot hope to pass judgment upon, but believes his site deserves a serious look. Main site
here;financial reform site here; Satpal Ramis site here; and Searchlight archive site here.

Of interest to Brits is this site which seeks a referendum on immigration to the Sceptered Isle

EuroKnowledge- "Culture and Politics for People of European Descent" - Be sure to read their inspiring Mission Statement

If there is any one person during the last half-century who has been principally responsible for both originating and diffusing the most important information about race, Jews, Israel, Holocaust revisionism, government corruption, the NWO, alternative health and just about everything else, it has been Willis Carto. Now he has moved to the Net with his two principal publications, the American Free Pressand the Barnes Review, the latter of which also sports a special news section.

Jerry E Smithhas requested a link. He is the author of a new and well-reviewed book on HAARP, and is a conspiracy researcher who was good friends with the late and celebrated conspirologist Jim Keith.

Transtopiais an unusual futuristic evolution-conscious and race-conscious site that seems to go substantially beyond anything comparable on the Net. Beautiful site; very professionally done.

Nude Descending a Spinal Cordis the website of an apparently-gay guy who seems to like our site and wants us to link him. I have not been able to figure out what he is all about, but maybe he just needs to have some feedback to get him on the straight (oops!) and narrow.

Here's a guy who is 'anti-government and pro white' (and also pro-leftist, if the pic of Che Guavara is any indication) that has asked for a link, but who is driving on three wheels because AOL doesn't like his political views and shut down his earlier website as a result. Perhaps he should consider getting another ISP and posting what he has to say in a freer (blogger?) environment, if he really does have something to say.

Here is the website of The Pyrrhonist,which means 'skeptic', and should definitely not be confused with 'Peronist'. The Man In Charge is Vic, who is skeptical about a lot of things, but a lot less skeptical about 'fringe science' than he is of religion or Foreskinners. He does, however, promote smoking in a subtle sort of way, and I expect that will suffice in time for him to be arrested for 'corrupting the youth'. Birdman gets a link on his site under 'E-books', which I don't sell, but not under 'Sites I visit', so maybe Vic is trying to tell me something. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out what that might be.

Jewish Tribal Reviewis now back online. It has much information to be mined for those seeking 'Jewish gold'.

While we don't normally put links for commercial sites on our Links Page, we would like to call your attention to "REAL Free Speech Web hosting"(does that phrase ring a bell or what?). Proprietor Mark is offering what seems to be some fantastic deals, and he even cut us a special deal because he likes the Birdman site! We had to turn him down for unrelated considerations, but we hope you will check him out if you are looking for a webhost.

Ralph Rene,who usually just goes by the moniker 'Rene', is -- like the Birdman -- a dissident Mensan and heavy skeptic of the Foreskinners, but he is also one of the sharpest minds on the planet. His exceptional book 'NASA Mooned America' is a tour de force against the notion that we actually landed a man on the moon (it is, shall we say, about as likely as the Man in the Moon), and he has also written some other stuff which is no doubt of high caliber (BAAAANNNNNGGGG!!!) So click yr buttockals over to his site and lookie lookie.

The good news about the American National Conference pageis that it is pro-white and not afraid to criticize the Foreskinners. The bad news is that it seems not to have been updated in quite a while, and many of the links are broken. Another problem is the abbreviation for their organization, ANC, which is the same as that of the notorious African National Congress. Also, their 'must read' book discusses the 'Jewish conspiracy' as one which goes back 3600 years -- a dubious proposition when historians can't even agree on what happened FIFTY years ago.

Angus Mcleodis the pen name of a fellow who claims not only to have foretold 911, but to be getting a bad rap from the Canadian authorities, and Birdman can believe the latter after seeing what they did (and are doing) to Ernst Zundel. Unfortunately, there was no summary on the website of exactly what the brouhaha is all about, and Birdman did not have time to look into the matter, but the effort that Mr Mcleod has put into his website suggests that he has an important tale to tell.

The American Journalis basically a compilation of links which Webmaster Erik finds interesting. These are generally oriented to the political right, but for 'balance' Erik has included a listing of lefties. There is much good material here (hey, The Birdman gets a link, doncha know), and a number of intriguing links (eg, Christian deism, Celtic Christianity) but the site suffers from two major problems: The links need to be better classified, as there is much mixing of topics. Also, a number of things seem out of place (eg, FEAR should be listed under Property Rights rather than Jury Rights; and linking of Catholic saints (Jan Hus) seems distinctly out of place), and it is somewhat odd for a webmaster to link to a Google listing, as Eric does in some cases; but on the whole you will find your visit here worthwhile.

Western Safeguards Initiativehas been given a new name and face by intrepid webmaster and regular correspondent JR. It is artistically done, and readers would profit from a visit or two or three.

www.rebellionx.orgis a website which shares some of the concerns of the Birdman, tho I imagine that English law keeps webmaster Alex from saying a lot of things he might otherwise say. The principal shortcoming of this site is that there are a lot of accusations without much documentation -- an essential feature for acquiring credibility in the anti-racist zeitgeist.

Dr Tomislav Sunicis a distinguished writer, speaker and friend of the Movement. His website carries some of his essays and descriptions of his books. (His book "Against Democracy and Equality: The European New Right" (1990 hardcover), will be shortly published in paperback, by Noontide Press.) Those interested in the woof and warp of the current political scene from his unique European-cum-American perspective will want to visit his website.

Penrod and Samis a great novel by Booth Tarkington, that great writer of great stories about that great wellspring of humor, little boys. Another great novel of this genre is Miss Minerva and William Green Hill,written at the turn of the century and now very politically incorrect.

Rex Researchis a treasure-trove of neglected inventions and discoveries - Entrepreneurs could probably make a mint from a lot of the things described here

Eurocentric.orgis the latest in a veritable font of pro-white sites. The site is aesthetically pleasing, but Birdman finds the organization confusing, somewhat like William James' description of the sensory input of a newborn as a 'blooming, buzzing confusion', which is characteristic of multiply divided html pages. Birdman would also prefer to see a more vigorous pro-white statement on the home page, which now sounds almost apologetic in an attempt to avoid the 'supremist' label. Birdman would also be pleased to see some recognition of his own site's popularity among pro-white sites, since it is not even shown in "Top Rated Links", whereas New Nation News gets TWO links. (Details HERE.)

Net Prophet, aka Konchok Penday, is a man with a sense of humor and a serious system that he calls UCP (No, it's not the Universal Product Code!). As a Wiley Old Bird, Birdman has seen numerous things like the UCP, and will pass at making any judgment about it, but like Mr Dewey used to say, If it works it's good (yeah, like Viagra; no, NOT like the Niagras!) His UCP essay is at his main page is at Mr Prophet seems to like us, so whatever you say, smile.

Oswald Mosley site -Birdman is not, in general, particularly enthused by things going by the name 'fascist', but Mosley had some good ideas very applicable to the present day - note that he is not to be confused with American General George van Horn Moseley, whose beliefs were similar to OM's

Michael Woods is a True Brit - The lead essay of his website, "The New Conquest of Britain", is one of the best that could come from a British pen on the disaster that is the multicult. It does not require a Pascalian leap of faith to believe that he will have much worthwhile to say once he develops his site.

Carlos writes: Can you please link to appears to be free speech and there are many racial debates going on right now. I've promoted your site there quite well also, and we would appreciate you making a few contributions.
Birdman comment: This appears to be a pure forum site. There is a lot of technical stuff, but also philosophy and logic. I didn't see anything specifically about race or free speech, but then I didn't look at the threads. I would imagine that a different breed of cat comes here, and it could be an interesting new world for those willing to stick their toes in.

For those of you interested in Third Reich memorabilia, including both reproductions and originals, Birdman hopes you will visitThird Russ is a good man with a good heart and a money-back guarantee.

White Renegade is a new pro-white website characterized by clean lines, clear writing and no BS. For a brief overview of The Struggle, this is a good place to go.

The Occidental Quarterlyis an online academic journal which publishes Kevin Macdonald and other sexy authors

The Alabaster Mushroomis a treasure trove of electronic manuscripts for serious students of the Jewish Question. We aren't sure what the content of the site has to do with mushrooms -- perhaps it is merely a subtle invitation for the curious to have their minds blown (Hmmm ... that sounds less psychedelic than it does shagadelic...)

Political Insider is a site that is somewhat baffling. It appears to be
about traditional politics, but all the articles 'below the fold' seem
personal, and focus heavily on shit-smearing and other trouble which
webmaster Chris or his friends are having with neighbors. Also, the
window doesn't fit my IE browser, which is annoying. Well, at least
Chris seems to like our site.. or at least he SAYS he does...

Gary Lauck, who cultivates a persona as a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, runs this full-service nazi site where everything of the genre can be bought, and he seems to do a booming business. Gary was kidnapped in Denmark and illegally imprisoned in Germany several years ago -- an abuse which was ignominiously ignored by the US -- but his prison stay does not seem to have put a crimp in his activities.

Nick Hamilton adds his well-designed website to the growing chorus of those, like the humble Birdman, who wish to save the world from its ignorance of vital facts.

SolarGeneralis a sharp and snappy new website which regards itself as the successor to the fine but now-defunct Jeff's Archive, whose material SG is gradually reposting, and whose index may be found HERE.SG describes itself as "an online library of nationalist and pro-Western multi-media materials, truly an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the rising prominence of the European-American world-outlook." We can believe it.

Byron Wineis an expert in alternatives to conventional fuels and transportation methods. We have posted some of his material and know it deserves a read.

www.sunriseangel.comis a site with some sexy drawings of angels and a message which Birdman is apparently too obtuse to get. However, webmaster Jim likes Birdman's site, so we know that he is on the side of the angels.

Here is the very artistically-done website of the Northern California Aryan Volk,a National Socialist oriented site arising in the American region most likely to be in serious need of it first. They have a good links page, in case you are interested in 'making aliyah' with other NS folks.

The page of Martin Lindstedtdeserves a look. He tells me that:
"I have run for US Senate three times and Governor of Missouri twice, this
year as a Republican. I am also a ex-militia leader, political activist and
Dual-Seedline Christian Identity believer. I have a huge site of over eight
years duration, and am a known Resistance leader."
What is more, he has had a link to for over a year, so
the site HAS to have some merit. :-)

Topperis a 'budding I[nternet]-Philosopher' with a site intended as a repository for his wisdom and insights. I think that is fine, but I believe that those who are going to write need to give a certain attention to seemingly-piddly things like spelling and punctuation -- things much denigrated by those with Great Ideas That Must Be Spread, but a distraction to us peons. Some examples: 'wreckless abandon' (possibly due to confusion with an abandoned wreck), "taste' (double quotes on the left, single on the right), havn't (perhaps a touch of the Hebrew in omitting vowels), 'blessed.That' (absence of needed spaces between words - examples abound) and trouble with apostrophes (eg, 'New Photo's'). It would also help if Topper could appreciate the difference between Ben Franklin's friend Thomas Paine, and that celebrated member of the S&M community, Thomas Pain.

Mike Emery has a small but growing websitewhich he sees as a free service to the cybercommunity. He is simpatico, so readers may wish to keep an eye on him.

The Ukrainian Archiveis a hotbed of skepticism about the Hebraic Set, and the Politically Correct Puppets of the Pimple Re-Pubic of Kanada are desperately trying to bring it down. We have been honored with a link from its webmaestro, Lubomyr Prytulak, and are happy to return the flavor -- chocolate, vanilla and strawberry for us regular folks, or napalm chili pepper, Molotov cocktail and Prussic acid cyanide for the New World Orderlies.

TRM is one of our readers, and here is the url of his site- it is one of the best I have seen in a long time, and you can spend a long time reading his stuff with no problem at all except the feeling that you have experienced 'lost time' due to an unrealized UFO abduction. If there is something he hasn't got around to debunking, just come back in a month or so.

Here is a guywho believes he has been wronged and has put up a website about it. Personally, I don't understand a word of it, but maybe the Legal Eagles would have a better grasp. He does like our site, however, and has even been kind enuf to include a quote from us on his own site. In any event, we wish him the best of luck to get what he wants, but, like the song says, "You can't always get what you want", and the Supremes, to whom he is appealing, are notorious for seeing that you don't.}

Jerry Abbott is a man with a good grasp of racial issues, an able writer and an experienced poster. This is his personal website.

George Gori is a fan of Birdman's website, and describes his own contribution to cyberspaceas follows: "My blog is entitled the Jeffersonian Libertarian. It is a defense of republican government, libertarianism, freedom, Jeffersonian and classical liberal philosophy. It also is a blog that opposes monarchy, conservatism, socialism, multiculturalism, and all other "isms" that are destroying the greatest republic the world has ever known. It is my goal to enlighten people and show them that liberty is incompatable with empire and tyranny."

The Aryan Unionis a National Socialist/WN/White Liberation site which advocates white supremacy under an anti-Jewish, authoritarian and patriarchal agenda which, along with its 'secret' nature and the pictures of its masked and gun-toting 'Supreme Leader' James and his friends, strongly suggests that it is aspiring to become the Aryan equivalent of the JDL or JDO. The Birdman is not a National Socialist or an advocate of violence -- yet -- but provides this link for those who want to get a look at this unique site.

Sepp Hasslbergerdescribes his page as one dedicated to such topics as
"Natural health based on nutrition rather than toxic intervention, alternative economic systems, physics from a generalist perspective, developing revolutionary technologies, human society as a living organism and the mysteries of human potential". Birdman has not had time to do a lot of reading, but looks worthwhile.

Here's a site that has linked us and requested a link in return. It has something to do with posters, and they seem to like our flag poster on the Antiwar page, but as to the exact nature of the site, I simply have not been able to figure out what it is about.

Steven Raker has added a
new site to his collectionwhich should be welcome to the antiwar among us, to say nothing of Jewish skeptics. Of special interest is his discussion of shagria, tho Birdman has found no independent confirmation of this phenomenon.

Check out PokerFace, which may be the world's first libertarian/patriot band, and is a great assemblage of music makers who are making waves now and planning tsunamis later. Paul says he likes our stuff and sent us his band's two most recent CDs. Go get 'em, Guys!

A not politically correct web site that tells it like it needs to be told.
Outlining the evil agenda being perpetrated against America by Zionist Jews leading us all to End Days.

Steven Raker has created a page on the Jewish threatwhich is definitely a cut above.

Victor Aguilaris a libertarian economist and self-appointed gadfly to the Austrian school (von Mises, Hayek & Co, which counts Lew Rockwell, Hans-Herman Hoppe and other contemporary 'big names' as junior partners), which is the predominant libertarian economic strain in America today. The Austrians are doing their best to ignore him, but Aguilar has instituted a thousand-dollar challenge for anyone to refute him. If you are into this sort of thing, his new website is the place to go.

"BBETis an independent Flemish nationalist website exclusively devoted to both the cultural as the biological preservation of European mankind and civilisation.
We propagate an unlimited freedom of speech concerning all issues relevant to our struggle for existence."

Joe Mack has a sitewhich consists of a pastiche of articles on themes generally sympathetic to our own, but in a personal rather than formal format. He also says he likes pigeons, which is a plus, tho I didn't see any in my brief encounter with his work.

WhiteAlert.comis Rich Brooks' corner in cyberspace, a National Socialist site which is a scion of Zion, so to speak, in that Rich appears with a 'Fuck Israel' tee-shirt on the home page. He is apparently the ideological offspring of VNN, whose fora have been a seed-bed for his flora. On his links page he describes the Birdman as "this shamelessly self-promoting, self-admitted iconoclastic crank [who] is one of only a few WN writers with a sense of irony", and we have decided, with some hesitation, to take this as a compliment.

Crisishostis our current webhost, and one with which we have been very pleased. Josh has given us good service and his rates are more than reasonable. He even reads our page, so you know he has to be one of the Good Guys. So if you are thinking of putting up a webpage and free speech is a concern of yours, be sure to check with Josh first.

Curt Maynard is a fine writer whose creations have made him one of the enfants terribles of the white liberation movement, and whose reflections appear regularly on his Politically Correct Apostate blog. Readers of the Birdman should find him an island of sanity in this insane place we call Humanity.

Don Dean is a right-thinking man with a small but promising 'Esoteric Page'. We hope to see it develop. Since he likes our site, we can only expect it will.

Distinguished spiritual-oriented physician Lorraine Day, who happens to be a good friend of Ingrid Zundel, has gotten into the 'denial business', and -- lo and behold! -- she begins her Holocaust page with a quote from the Birdman.
Holocaust page:
Main page -
Her personal story is a surprising and inspiring one.

Patrick Grimm is an outstanding warrior among antizionists, and his website-- which is constantly replenished with his original and pointed essays -- is an inspiring read for those who are As Mad As Hell And Aren't Going To Take It Any More.

The Aryan Brotherhood Internationalis a semi-underground organization that considers itself home to Aryan warriors, who will probably be sorely needed in not too long a time, so let us be glad that we have them. Their webmaster, R James, was kind enuf to put Birdman's 'Militia Solution' essay on their home page. They seem to encapsulate the wisdom of Flavius Vegetius Renatus, who said, "Let him who desires peace prepare for war."

If you read Polish, you may wish to visit one of Jerzy Ulicki -Rek's two sites (main site HEREand blogspot HERE). Only recently established, he is getting hits like crazy, and no, that is not a Polish joke. Jerzy (you can call him George if you aren't Polish), as you might suspect, is a Holocaust revisionist and fighter for exposing the truth about the Self-Chosen. Needless to say, the site is all Greek to me, so I can't really pass judgment on it, but Jerzy is a regular poster on and is therefore a Certified Good Guy. Formerly we had trouble bringing his blogspot up, but the main site does not seem to have any problems.

The following is how the webmistress of White Warrior Womendescribes her website, which is one of the very few to address the concerns of white race-conscious women. We do not necessarily agree that women will save the race all by themselves, but we welcome all budding Joan of Arcs, and are at least glad to see that the Distaff side is out there supporting the Staff:
"Welcome to White Warrior Women, a website for and about white women. This site is based on the premise that the white race today is in crisis, and can only be saved by the white woman. The name, White Warrior Women, is suggestive of a ‘warrior state of mind’ that white women would do well to acquire if they have any hope of a future world in which white children exist and have a secure place."

Thomas Green has established a new site entitled Conversations About Controversy. He has a forum you might like to participate in, and since he likes our site, and has featured it as'the most controversial site on the Internet' -- I am sure you will find his site worthwhile.

Movement activist John King has created a professionally-done websitefor foreigners who wish to speak English with a proper American accent. It is an inexpensive program with many benefits.

Tom Jacobsen, a fellow Mensan who likes our page, has put up his own website where he writes on culture and libertarian politics, but 'still has his training wheels on' so is not quite ready to take on the Jewish Question or other racial matters. So give the man a break and visit his site.

John Kaminski is one of the most talented and knowledgeable writers on the Net, and at long last he has his own website. is a religious site where the folks seem to like us, but truthfully, I haven't a clue as to what their real purpose is, even after reading their FAQ, but I would guess making marijuana brownies after Sunday vespers. is a site centered around a radio program that airs Saturday eve (live), and can be downloaded later, on the Liberty Radio Network. The website features provocative topics and is the ideal complement to


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