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By John "Birdman" Bryant

*** Introduction ***

To many people, the ideas expressed on this website are outrageous, to say nothing of subversive, insulting, immoral, corrosive, and infuriating. All this, however, causes them to overlook the one really important thing about what is said here, namely, that it is TRUE, or at least it is by and large, and as far as can be determined from present information. Needless to say, the thought that the ideas expressed herein are true would be rejected out of hand by most people, because most people judge truth by what they see on the Tube or read in the Daily Birdcage Liner, and never imagine that well-informed opinion generally differs from these sources by a full 180 degrees.

But strong assertions require strong support, and it is precisely for the purpose of giving strong support to the ideas on this website that the present section of articles has been provided. In particular, what the reader will find here are the best of the best articles which have passed over the Birdman's electronic desk during the several years which this site has been in operation. These articles have been obtained not merely from his own research, but from the research of dozens of other people of widely varying backgrounds who have been attracted to this site because of its fearless pursuit of truth, and who have sought to contribute to the ongoing project of bringing the world this truth. There is no way that such a massive library of top-quality information could have been assembled without their help, and the Birdman is honored in being entrusted with assembling this information for the community of cyberspace.

But if the articles assembled here are intended as support for the ideas advanced by this website, they also have another very important purpose, namely, to prove that everything you know is wrong, wrong, WRONG! Even in the supposedly scientifically-advanced and intellectually-sophisticated Western world, people suffer from so many delusions, illusions, and mental confusions that it is incredible that they can so much as find their mouth with their spoon. If people are to live reasonably, rationally and intelligently, there has to be what can only be described as a mental revolution -- an epiphany in which the scales of ignorance, stupidity and mendacity are made to fall from people's eyes and they are finally raised up, born again, and at last become able to extricate themselves from the sublime frauds, ridiculous schemes, high crimes and low misdemeanors by which they have been victimized for so long. It is the object of this page to advance this task in some small way -- if not by enlightening the entire world, then at least by making our modest readership as mad as hell so they aren't going to take it anymore.

Now before the reader plunges headlong into this informational maelstrom, there are several things it will be helpful for him to know:

(1) Each link below leads to a list of articles, or to a list of subcategories of articles. Each such list consists of a list of files or categories, any one of which is clickable. We have given names to each of these files or categories which describe the content of the articles or categories which they represent. We have chosen to display the article or category names rather than to take the more conventional route of writing a clickable description for each, because of the considerable savings in time which this affords us.

(2) Almost all the articles here have been taken from other websites. If a webmaster from whose site an article has been taken wishes us to link to the copy of the article on his site, we will willingly do so; however, we will also link our own copy of the article underneath his link, which will then be labeled 'Durable Link'. We do this because websites have a nasty habit of disappearing, and if the out-link no longer works, we want readers to have an in-link which will insure that a copy of the article is always available.

(3) As the reader sifts thru the articles here, he will undoubtedly notice a degree of redundancy. This is not necessarily undesirable, as it permits the reader to see the same important facts documented by different authors and in different ways, thereby providing better support for controversial assertions.

(4) All the files have been loaded and are available for reading, viewing, downloading or whatever, except for the Midis, which have to be done in a special way which we have yet to find out how to do.

(5) The files here are archived for educational purposes only Under U.S.C. Title 17 Section 107. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this collection is archived here under fair use without profit or payment. This material is for personal use, non-profit research and educational purposes only. Ref.


*** The Files ***

Before you read any of the files below, we suggest you read the following essay by Paul Graham entitled "What You Can't Say". The essay is posted on his site HERE, and you can also read it on this site HERE. This is one of the best essays Birdman has ever read on the subject of free speech, free thinking and censorship, and it is an excellent vehicle for conveying the ambience of this section.








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GunRights - "What part of 'no law' don't you understand?"


Health&Medicine - "Caution: Doctors can be dangerous to your health."




Jews - "If you aren't antisemitic, then you aren't paying attention."










Poetry - A small collection of Birdman's favorites












TheMovement - Folks in the pro-white/pro-Western-civilization movement get ethically cleansed




MidiMusic - A bevy of the Birdman's favorites



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