Paradoxes, like women, come in a great variety of types, but all of them have in common the ability to make us think twice (or more), and to challenge the worldview of those who have become smug and comfortable in their certainty. Paradoxes have often been the platforms from which men have taken off into the outer space of new ideas (or is that inner space?), and in the present section the Birdman presents a few of the many he has written on, with an invitation to the reader to fire up the old skull-filler.

Pigeon clutches always come in pairs, tho sometimes there are singletons if an egg is bad. For our paradox page, therefore, we selected a picture of a triune clutch.

The Paradox of Conflicting Evolutionary Realms - A paradox whose general nature was first recognized by the Birdman

The Individual-Versus-Group Paradox - This paradox has been recognized in various ways, but the essay here is a thorough treatment which draws together many of its different aspects

The Paradox of Irrelevant Information - A well-known paradox which had no name until the Birdman gave it one - Here is a lengthy and very thorough treatment - In the vote mentioned here, the Birdman was voted down 2-1 (How can so many be so wrong?) A collection of letters from readers on this subject is found HERE.

Truth Is a Matter of Opinion - Or is it? The matter is quite paradoxical, as you will see from this essay taken from the Introductory section of this webpage.


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