"Atheists have to be more moral than religionists -- after all, they don't have a God to forgive them." --JBR Yant

"In my view, Christians are a bunch of hypocrites; for I have heard many men loudly proclaim that they love Jesus, but not one who would say that, if Jesus asked them, they would suck his dick." --JBR Yant


*** IMAGES ***


Here's an Escher GIF:


Here's that (in)famous Realist "Under God" poster from the 60s:


Here's a likely solution to the problem of the Catholic church's homosexuality and pedophilia


...And here is an official NASA picture of the Martian surface

So tell me again why it is you don't believe in ETs...

Another former astronaut, Dr Brian O'Leary, on 18th September 1994 made the following declarations publicly at the International Forum on New Science in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr O'Leary said that "For nearly 50 years, the secrecy apparatus within the United States Government has kept from the public UFO and alien contact information." He flatly stated that "We have contact with alien cultures..." As for the non-disclosure of these facts, Dr O'Leary said, "The suppression of UFO and other extraterrestrial intelligence information for at least 47 years is probably being orchestrated by an elite band of men in the CIA, NSA, DIA and their like. This small group appears able to keep these already-hard-to-believe secrets very well. ...Those who have investigated this hydra-headed beast believe that the Cosmic Watergate of UFO, alien, mind-control, genetic engineering, free-energy, anti-gravity propulsion and other secrets will make Watergate or Irangate appear to be kindergarten exercises." --



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