By John "Birdman" Bryant

"All life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie." --Internet Anagram Server


According to the Wikipedia,

"The construction of anagrams is an amusement of great antiquity. Jews are often credited with the invention of anagrams, probably because later Hebrew writers, particularly Kabbalists, were fond of it, asserting that "secret mysteries are woven in the numbers of letters.""

While I am not exactly a Kabbalist, I am fascinated with the anagrams that come out of the anagram machine at

While many names and phrases have thousands of anagrams, and thus an exhaustive check would be, well, exhausting, nevertheless one may take a sample of sorts by looking at the first part of the listing produced by the machine, and this will give one a feeling for whether the relevant anagrams will be positive, negative or neutral. The obvious question here is, Is the subconscious mind influencing the choices, or are the Kabbalists right that there is 'something in' anagrams? I do not pretend to know, but I do not shut my mind to either possibility. Here are sampling results for my own presumably-neutral investigations of several well-known names and phrases:

Affirmative action =
* Inactivate firm of
* Activate rim-off in
* Caveman tiff; I riot
* If fit caveman, I rot
* Advocate infirm fit

Matt Hale =
* Hate malt
* Team halt
* Halt at 'em
* Mal tat he

William Pierce =
* Ice well; I'm RIP
* Ice me; will RIP
* Ice 'em -- will RIP
* Price me; I will

Dr Pierce =
* I, Dr Creep
* I erred -- PC
* PC: red ire
* Rid PC ere
* I, Dr, ere PC

Edgar J Steele =
* Geld a jeer set
* A geld ere jets
* Legated jeers
* El greased jet
* Egad, let's jeer

Racism =
* I scram

Political correctness =
* Electric nostril pros
* Ill eccentrics sop rot

Politically correct =
* A cyclic pie roll tort
* A ripe cyclic toll rot
* A cyclic trollop rite
* A cyclic trollop tier
* A portly cocci tiller

Politically incorrect =
* A concocter, I, triply ill
* A cyclonic tiller to rip

David Irving =
* A vivid grind
* David riving (separating or cutting with a tool, as money from investors by means of a fluent tongue or pen)
* Daring, vivid
* Grand, vivid, I
* Vivid in drag
* Diva driving
* Avid driving
* And vivid rig (penis)

Alex Linder =
* Relaxes nil

Aryan people =
* On a pale pyre
* Leap on a pyre
* A rape -- yelp on
* A rape openly
* Eery anal pop

Erich Gliebe (Head of the National Alliance) =
* Be rich liege
* Hebe ice girl
* Hebe lice rig
* Beg Reich Lei
* I cheer bilge
* Bile-rich EEG
* Big Lie cheer
* Big Reich eel
* Big lice here

George Bush =
* Be Gore's ugh
* He begrog us
* Hebe grog us
* Buggers hoe

David Duke = curiously, there were no relevant anagrams

Birdman =
* Bra Mind
* Rand IBM

The Birdman =
* A mind berth
* In bad therm
* I brand them
* I'm the brand
* Hit 'em brand
* I'm Bard, then
* Him Net Bard

John Bryant =
* Johnny Brat
* Rant By John

John Birdman Bryant =
* Dr Jinn -- Barb on myth"



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