Artist Dedicates Birdhouse Creation to the Birdman

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Seattle Artist Charles Krafft says he is a great of Birdman's, and has dedicated one of his latest creations to him, a birdhouse depicted below, and named 'Fowlschwitz'. Birdman was not sure how to react at first, thinking that it might be a bit of mockery ('macht frei'?) with the attached birds being mockingbirds, or if not, then a variation on the Prisoner of Chillon ("Stone walls do not a prison make/Nor iron bars a cage..."). Birdman, it should be added, is not against being mocked; it is just that he prefers to understand what is being said so that he might be given a chance to enjoy it. As it happens, however, Birdman was apparently wrong to suspect mockery: Charles explains his creation by describing himself thusly: "I'm an artist with an overdeveloped sense of the absurd. This is a genetic "gift" from my ironical (but otherwise conventional) parents." Birdman hopes he sells his creation to a Very Rich Jew. For those who wish to visit, Charles' website is at

Here is a bio of Charles, "Seattle's oldest up-and-coming artist"

Here are three views of Fowlschwitz:


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