Birdman's Weekly Letter #411:
Reply to the Florida Politics Hit Piece

By John 'Birdman' Bryant


Date: January 16, 2007
To: The usual suspects
From: John Bryant
Re: Birdman's Weekly Letter #411: Reply to the
Florida Politics Hit Piece
Contents: Opinion (as always)
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Reply to griffinia's Florida Politics Hit Piece

Article being replied to is located at;jsessionid=31853E1C1103D9BC330E2E382EE39DCA?diaryId=1156

The above article is full of lies, distortions, smears and general disinformation. The following gives the text of the article, interspersed with Birdman's comments on specific errors.

[Begin article] His name is John Bryant. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL on the left coast of Florida, which, despite its polarity, is anything but in its political orientation. The entire west coast of the Florida Peninsula has much more in common with the Sunshine State zeitgeist (read "southern") - conservative to reactionary politics, a roiling underbelly of intolerance, Christian cultural dominance - in contrast to the southeast coast of the state and the occasional enclaves of progressiveness such as Gainesville.

[Birdman comment] Notice how author griffinia tries to smear me by blathering about the supposed politics of the location I live in. The very fact that he would make such a weak and irrelevant argument strongly suggests that he really has nothing to say against me, which in fact he does not, as the rest of the article demonstrates.

[Article continues] He calls himself "Birdman" and seems inordinately fond of pigeons. In an obviously self-penned Wikipedia bio, which has since been pulled from that site (the link leads to an archive at J"B"B's own) he notes his previous membership in Mensa. Apparently they threw him out as well.

[Birdman comment] In the reference to the 'obviously self-penned Wikipedia bio', the implication is that I am going around saying good things about myself because no one else will. A quick look at the list of books I have written shows that that is very much not the case (see ). Beyond this, I have received many unsolicited letters praising my work -- letters which I never post on my website, in contrast to CRITICAL letters, which I almost ALWAYS post in the Hell's Lettres section of my Weekly Letter. But this is not the only problem with griffinia's comment about the bio. Specifically, I never intended to write one, but I accidentally discovered a Wiki 'stub' intended for a bio for myself, and decided that if Wiki wanted one, I was the logical choice to write it. (A cyber-friend had written one for me at an earlier date on his own initiative, but it did not turn out well because he didn't really know much about me, and I knew if the bio was to be both respectable and acceptable, I would have to do it myself.) Accordingly, I wrote one, which I thought was rather good, but the 'obviously self-penned' phrase is a smear which attempts to imply that the bio is unbalanced or untruthful (it is neither). As to the matter of the bio being pulled, Wikipedia is dominated by leftists and Jews, both of whom have a heavy prejudice against me because of my devastating (but very fair) criticisms of them, and thus never give any space to anyone whose opinions they disagree with unless they can smear that person with some kind of serious charge or criticism. Since I am not only Mr Clean, but talk a good line, the Wiki gatekeepers make sure I don't get any publicity from them. As to the remark 'Mensa has probably thrown him out as well', that's false -- I continue as a member in good standing. It is true, however, that I have had some very big and very public fights in Mensa (details are on my webpage, ), and I am sure that the lefties and Jews in Mensa would love to toss me out.

[Article continues] Birdman Bryant is, among other things, a white supremicist [sic], a virulent anti-Semite, and a self-proclaimed libertarian (that all encompassing umbrella for nihilists of all stripes).

[Birdman comment] Whenever people make charges like this, I always respond as follows: Ask not whether I am a white supremacist, a virulent anti-semite, a bigot, hater, etc etc etc -- ask only if I am RIGHT. And that, of course, is precisely what people who make these sorts of charges NEVER do. That's because such people have no interest in rational discussion with their opponents, or in having their beliefs tested in a free marketplace of ideas. Rather their purpose is to smear their opponents in order to stifle discussion -- discussion which they know -- in their bones if not in their minds -- will show up the shoddiness of their own opinions.

[Article continues] He has written something like 40 pamphlets, each a veritable mini-"Protocols of the Elders of Zion," which I am sure he believes to be God's truth (if he weren't an atheist).

[Birdman comment] Here is a perfect example of how author griffinia demonstrates complete contempt for truth. There might be a few of my books that could be properly described as 'pamphlets' (I can think of only 4 of 40), but the rest are books by any reasonable standard of size or binding. Beyond this, there is only ONE of my books which discusses Jews, and and that is a book which, if it refers to the Protocols at all, makes only a passing reference. Additionally, my book on Jews has been favorably reviewed by several Jews, including a rabbi (a virulent anti-semite, no doubt).

[Article continues] According to Mr. Bryant, his web site receives 32 million hits a month (not quite - go to Alexa and see for yourself. Note the rapidly declining numbers).

[Birdman comment] Author griffinia makes the erroneous assumption that Alexa is the gold standard of website traffic. The truth is that it is deeply flawed, and its figures are almost certainly manipulated, as I have deduced in my own case from various objective facts. As to the 32 million hits per month, this was the result of a Webalizer analysis which is posted on my site. (A more recent webalizer analysis, however, shows much lower figures.) I discuss all these matters in exhaustive detail on my site at . Conclusion: Author griffinia has no good reason to say my claims are wrong.

[Article continues] He has appointed himself the "world's most controversial author" and his site "the world's only website of Real Free Speech and the Internet's premier website of Actonite Libertarianism and White Liberation" (his html skills leave something to be desired, however).

[Birdman comment] I believe that both titles are fair descriptions. Most importantly, the reader will note that they are not titles of praise, as would be 'The world's most brilliant author'; hence I cannot be faulted for self-praise, as author griffinia is evidently eager to do. As to the matter of HTML, I don't have to be an 'expert' -- I use a WYSIWYG program which does the HTML automatically. If the program doesn't meet some indefinite standard of author griffinia, I would advise that he take the matter up with Bill Gates.

[Article continues] That an individual of seemingly above average intelligence (and - dare I say - some idiosyncratic charm) could be so deluded is kind of shocking at first. Like the best of bigots, the excrement in which he trades he purports to derive from some Olympian height above mere hate.

[Birdman comment] Again, ask not whether I am deluded, bigoted, excremental, a hater, etc, etc, etc -- ask only if I am RIGHT. (But of course they never do ask. And of course I AM right -- that's why they won't argue with me.)

[Article continues] Mr. Bryant is roundly ignored by most except for the execrable minions who share his vile dialectic. Most of them are of the drooling sort, to whom the Birdman, no doubt, has an otherworldly, hemi-diety [sic] sort of appeal. This may account for his dabbles in porn and scatology.

[Birdman comments:] Whether I am getting 4,000 hits per day (as one program shows), or a million hits per day (as another showed), or 3 million hits per day (as yet another showed), in no case am I being 'ignored'. To call my visitors 'execrable minions' is yet another attempt to smear rather than deal with the issues: Ask not if my visitors are execrable minions, are of the drooling sort, or whatever -- ask only if they are RIGHT! As for dabbling in porn, it is rather strange to hear a lefty complain about it, as lefties are usually very much in favor of it. As for scatology, the only scat on my site is articles like this which I post in order to criticize.

[Article continues] There are two web sites worth visiting where the Birdman's guano has been confronted. The first, by Tim Wise (left) is an exchange that developed over an article by Mr. Wise called "Color Conscious, White Blind" to which Mr. Bryant replied.

[Birdman comment] I have extensively critiqued several articles of Tim Wise, and in fact Wise inspired me to create the Chief Shitting Bull Award, which I conceived of to properly memorialize his leftist propaganda. The list of awards is at and I spent quite a bit of time on back-and-fourth over one of his essays, but I ultimately had to quit because what I found was that I had to keep answering the same arguments over and over. Wise, like any self-respecting leftist, would never concede a point, and I figured that I had better things to do with my life than arguing with a stone. In this context it should be noted that -- in a typical act of leftist openmindedness -- the website that posted Wise's stuff refused to post my response to Wise until Wise responded to me, and then refused to post my further response to Wise. They sure can't argue 'lack of space', so maybe it's just 'lack of tolerance and fairness'. In any event, my material is no longer mentioned on that site (or at least not at the link given by author griffinia), so maybe the material was just too hot to handle for these leftist liars.

[Article continues] The second is much more personal. Michael Adams is a St. Louis resident who climbed out of an angry, hateful youth mired in white nationalism and to whom Birdman became something of a hero. Then he grew up. Michael, I take my hat off to you.

[Birdman comment:] As far as I can tell, Michael is a disturbed youth, in his early 20s but weighing 300 pounds, who has had several brushes with the law. I have corresponded with him, and don't want to be too hard on him, but I seem to have taken on considerable importance in his life because I am an 'important person', and the fact that I have corresponded with him apparently makes him 'important' in his own eyes. What author griffinia does not say is that I have put a link on my page to Michael's criticism at his request. That is something which I do for critics as a matter of policy, but which NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD DOES for their critics. Particularly lefties like griffinia.

[Article continues] Finally, just to put it all in perspective, here is an Alexa plot of Mr. Bryant's website traffic for the last 3 months compared to that of the DailyKos: Yeah, that's the Birdman in blue, hugging the bottom, where his ilk usually feed. 'Nuff said.

[Birdman comment] I have already given the link where I post a complete discussion of my web stats, including an analysis of the reliability of Alexa. Nothing further need be said on that topic. I can say, however, that DailyKos, to which author griffinia is evidently a contributor, has got to be one of the world's ugliest websites, and also one of the most boring; and I invite the reader to visit and verify my observation. As a rule, leftist websites are typically both ugly and boring -- their fare is stale propaganda and mindless bullshit, their graphics avant-garde and multicultural crap -- and DailyKos does not seem to be an exception.

At the end of the article, author griffinia (or perhaps the typesetter) refers to me as 'Birdbrain'. The fact that author griffinia would make such a trite joke (if that's what it is), and make the butt of that joke someone who is, in a manner of speaking, a certified genius, simply shows how low the author has had to stoop for his 'victories'.

So what, then, is the reason for this cowardly, vicious and mendacious attack on me -- the sort of attack which I and other people who dare to challenge political incorrectness are accustomed to receive from the squalid corners of the liberal left? The answer is certainly not an effort to air the issues, because the issues aren't even discussed. On the contrary, the attack is purely ad hominem -- an attack on my person -- and the reason for this is obvious, namely, to smear me to the max with lies, half-truths and negative spin, with the hope of convincing readers that the last thing in the world they should do is give my ideas any attention. This is evidently something which happens when a person such as myself becomes Too Big To Ignore, and in fact is actually a tack that is somewhat risky because it makes my name known to a wider audience, some of whom will undoubtedly go to my website,, and explore my ideas. Such an attack is used, however, because the assumption is made that it will succeed in poisoning the minds of most readers against me, so that even if a few decide that my ideas are worthwhile, the poisoned majority will make it socially unacceptable to examine those ideas. But beyond poisoning the minds of others, the cowardly, vicious and mendacious attack on me is intended to shut me up by subjecting me to the pain of being denounced in a public forum. Both these tacks -- shutting me up and poisoning the minds of others -- are standard operating procedures for the political left, having been advocated and encouraged by Lenin himself. But I am made of sterner stuff than most people, and the very last thing that cowardly, vicious and mendacious authors like griffinia will do is to silence me.


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