Our Correspondents

Here are the folks who send us articles regularly, and who deserve significant credit for making this webpage interesting. If you have unearthed stuff you think might interest us, we invite you to send it -- if we demonstrate that we like your selections by publishing them, then we will extend to you the option of joining the distinguished company below. Warning: We are very picky, so don't be discouraged if a lot of your stuff doesn't make the cut. Suggestion: Don't send us a lot of stuff -- our reading time is limited -- just send the one or two things that are the best.


Henry Ayre:

Henry is a very healthy 77-years-young Alaska resident and man of spirituality who describes himself as "an introspective outdoors man with a library full of books (most of them read cover-to-cover), loves dogs (has three twenty-pounders), was a big game guide and bush [but not Gore?] pilot, now manages a 4 plex, fluent in French, finds that most of the claims and accomplishments of our own times are very probably not true." [Mon Dieu! and Merde alors!!] And no, the toplessness is not because they don't wear shirts in Alaska; it is rather because Henry is sipping ginseng, and you know what THAT means, girls! Address: henri@alaska.net



Ed Toner:

Ed is a warrior - a man with a scintillating military career who now uses his razor-sharp mind to fight for America, Western culture and his race. Born 1931; 6 grown brats, USMMA 1953 BSNS; LCDR USNR Ret.; Captain TWA Ret. Address: captained@home.com



Tsun is a techie and master of webpage wizardry who does webwork in support of white racial ideals and similar projects. Here's Tsun's "White Power 'Hate' Page". Address: tsun@nacs.net


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