In the opinion of John Bryant, the creator and sole owner of this website, there is no such thing as truth, but only various individuals' opinions. Accordingly, nothing posted on this website is claimed to be true, but is only claimed to represent Mr Bryant's opinions; and any claims made here regarding "truth", "facts", and the like are thus to be taken as a manner of speaking rather than an actual claim about truth, facts and the like. However, if the author is forced for legal purposes to make the assumption that truth exists, or that some statements are (or can be known to be) true or false, in that case (and that case alone) he claims that all statements from this website are true in the sense that such statements, by being statements of his opinions, are true descriptions of said opinions, i.e., they are true descriptions of certain facts about the world -- namely, certain facts about Mr Bryant's mental configuration -- and thus these statements are of necessity true.

As it happens, however, there is a sense in which it is actually mistaken to say that the statements on this website represent Mr Bryant's opinions, because in many instances the statements are intentional exaggerations or distortions whose purpose may be to produce laughter, to engage in mockery, to assault conventional thinking by means of what might be called 'shock therapy', or perhaps other reasons. In the larger, read-between-the-lines sense they represent Mr Bryant's opinion, but only with the understanding that Mr Bryant not infrequently throws out ideas to the reader which are intended less as conclusions than as points to ponder.

The value of this website is not to present truth, but possibilities -- possibilities which Mr Bryant believes are worthy candidates for adoption into the reader's own set of possibilities, ie, worthy candidates for his attribution of substantial probability. It is Mr Bryant's opinion that unless all possibilities are able to be stated and explored openly, freedom of speech is a joke, freedom of thought is impossible, and the chance of discovering important truths is nil.

As philosophers of science have pointed out, the process of science -- and the discovery of what is called scientific truth -- is the process of going from imperfect hypotheses to less imperfect hypotheses, and not in going from "falsity" to "truth". Accordingly, if this website represents an advance toward truth (or "truth"), it is not because it is "true", but because it is -- like scientific hypotheses -- less false than what came before.

Enjoy your visit, and come back often!


Special Note:

The articles selected by Mr Bryant for this website cover a wide range of subjects, and all have been selected for a single purpose: To demonstrate to the reader that, in the words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "things are not what they seem". Indeed, it is the purpose of this website to acquaint readers not just with such seemingly-isolated ideas as the Jewish Question, but rather to open their minds to the realization -- or at least the possibility -- that they have been hoodwinked, manipulated and played for a fool by the Powers That Be. More particularly, most readers will regard the articles posted here as in some wise controversial, and perhaps outrageously so. This is inevitable for people who have depended on the mass media for the bulk of their information; for a good deal of that information is characterized by grave errors of both omission and commission, with a view to shaping people's perceptions in such a way as to make them easy to manipulate. However, the selection of the articles found here has been a very careful and winnowing one: Of those articles submitted for posting by our heftily-intelligent readership over the years, only a very tiny percentage has been selected for permanent posting, and these are found in the Articles of Others section. The basis for selection of these articles is that Mr Bryant, on the strength of his very wide reading over many years, finds them credible. This, of course, is not to say that they are 'true', as we have explained at length above; and it is certainly not to say that an expert in the subject would in all cases find them credible. But it is to say -- in view of Mr Bryant's wide reading and acknowledged intelligence -- that most people will find them as credible as he does, or at least that they will find that such articles represent a strong and formidable challenge to their prior beliefs. Needless to say, if there are knowledgeable people who care to challenge the validity or credibility of any articles posted, they are invited to do so; and if Mr Bryant believes that such challenges are substantive, he will post them alongside the articles being challenged, or -- if he deems it apt -- remove the challenged articles altogether.


Correspondence Policy

All letters to this website are subject to publication and commentary, particularly those of enemies, who usually show themselves to be ugly, ignorant and stupid. If you are afraid to have others see what you have written, don't write. For friends or writers of courteous letters, if we publish your letter we will accord you the privilege of withholding your name and address if requested.

For those inclined to write nasty letters, please be apprised that this website is littered with the dead letters of high-IQ Mensans, Jews and numerous others -- mostly liberals -- who mistakenly thought that they could get into an argument with the Birdman and walk away alive.

In contrast, serious criticism of whatever form is always welcome, and -- time permitting -- will be given a serious response. We will also appreciate being informed of any errors of fact, typography, unworkable links, or any other beams, motes or maculae.

In closing, let it be noted that there is nothing the Birdman relishes so much as an ugly letter from an enemy; for it confirms not only that his opponents are barbarians, but that they simply have no good answers to his arguments.

Please send all correspondence to john@thebirdman.org.


Submissions For Publication or Linking

We welcome submissions by others of excellent articles of any kind for posting or linking. Acknowledgement will be gratefully given. Suggestion for authors: Send us two or three of your best pieces. If we like them, we'll let you know; if not, you'll know we don't have the same tastes, and hey, there's no argument about taste, right?

For more information on this topic, see our linkage policy at the beginning of "Links of Interest".


Copyright Notice

All material on this website, unless otherwise noted, is copyright (C) 2000 by John Bryant. All rights reserved. Electronic copies of files may be made by individuals for personal use, but any form of mass distribution, whether or not for profit, and whether printed, electronic or any other, requires the permission of the copyright holder.


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