Honors Inadvertently Granted Us By Our Enemies

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Our enemies hate us with the fury of a feminist scorned, and this makes them strike out in hopes of making us look like bad guys. But in doing so, they make themselves look bad, because the only way they can make us look bad is to lie about us, whether by commission, omission, exaggeration, or taking statements out of context. This honors us in two ways: First, it demonstrates our enemies' bad character (and suggests a contrast with our own), and second, it testifies to the importance of our work, since if we were not important, we would not be attacked, but only ignored. Here is a list of our honors:

* We are designated a 'hate' page by Google, and receive a similar accolade from the University of Keele (UK)

Comment: There is nothing the matter with hate, provided only that it is directed against hateful things. But our enemies try to make out that hate is evil, and in doing so, make themselves out as evil. Beyond this, we are no more 'haters' than anyone else -- it's just that we hate the wrong things (political correctness and liberalism, among others) and that we dare to criticize the liberal holies -- Jews, feminists, and other minorities. In fact, the only real hate that is involved with our page is the hate our enemies shower upon it.

* Our page is listed three different times by crank.net -- once under disbelieving relativity theory, once under megalomania, and once under white supremacism.

Comment: To the crank.net webmaster, a megalomaniac is apparently someone who has better credentials than he has, and dares to post those credentials on his website. As for relativity theory, honest disagreements on scientific matters evidently violate the Revealed Doctrine of this establishment science True Believer. As for calling us white supremacists, this is at best misleading, but the cranky webmaster, caring nothing for accuracy, seems only interested in attempting to build himself up by tearing others down. What is particularly funny in all this, however, is that this paragon of scientific knowledge and wizardlike intelligence is a tv hound and a computer game addict, a clear indication that whatever confidence we may have in his judgment, it isn't justified.

* American Mensa, that politically-correct and Jew-subserviant high-IQ organization of which I am a member, has gone to great lengths to keep me from mailing to its members, including seeding my list with people who protest after each mailing to my ISP, and, most latterly, throwing a technical monkeywrench into my mailing list operation to keep letters from reaching their intended recipients. In addition, in the link from the page linking local members' pages to my own, the local group has inserted a 'warning' page with more lies than can readily be denounced by a fire-and- brimstone preacher in a high-button Sunday sermon. For other outrages, see the special section on Mensa in the Jewish Question section.

Comment: Mensa is full of Jews, and its Jewish-driven liberal tilt has probably driven out most of those who would dare criticize Jews or take issue with legendary Jewish liberalism.

* Saudi Arabia blocks access to our webpage -- something we found out from a regular correspondent who went to Saudi Arabia to work.

Comment: No doubt our page is blocked by other Islamic countries, and perhaps European ones as well, where much of our material is illegal. While the Islamics may not take issue with our view of the Uno Hooze, they probably don't care for our Girl of the Day, or the fact that I refer to Islamics/Arabs/Blackamoors as Towelheads.

* I have had seven or eight laws passed against me for the infernal crime of pigeon-feeding.

Comment: The publicity around the passage of these laws was considerable, and involved tv and radio interviews, newspaper articles, opinion columns, an editorial cartoon, letters to the editor, a debate between me and the mayor of one of the three municipalities that passed one of these laws, and a misdemeanor conviction for attempting to help a sick bird. Most of these laws seemed to be the spoor of pigeon-haters, but at least one involved a Jewish legislator who apparently wanted to put me in prison and have me killed. Felony pigeon-feeding -- has a nice ring, no?

* Tho I am a libertarian, and tho the libertarian philosophy organically opposes political correctness, I have been attacked by at least two collections of libertarians for -- can you guess? -- being politically incorrect.

Comment: The publisher of one of these attacks -- in The Libertarian Enterprise -- was apparently not going to allow me to respond until I shamed the principals of the Internet magazine into allowing my response to be published. Another attack -- from the chowderheads clustered around Lew 'Little Lew-Lew' Rockwell -- resulted in death threats -- a very nice little gift from the folks who are very big on the non-initiation of force.

* Besides the major attacks enumerated above, there are attacks made by individuals which come at the rate of about one or two a week, and which I usually memorialize by including them in the Hell's Lettres section of my Weekly Letters, along with my customarily devastating answers. While some letter-writers hang on for awhile, I usually do not hear from most of them again after the first one or two letters.

In conclusion, let me say that I have long followed the admonition to 'Love thine enemy' for the simple reason that enemies will tell you useful things that friends will never say. But now it is clear that there is yet another reason for loving one's enemies -- it's fun to watch them make fools of themselves while making you look good.



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