A Letter to Birdman's Readers

By George C

Birdman note: I guess this is about the most jaw-dropping letter I have ever received. I had no choice but to post it, even tho it violates my policy of not publishing complimentary letters.

Date: 7/19/04

Dear Birdman readers,

I am writing to ask that you begin contributing, financially, to The Birdman.

Some time ago, Birdman asked for contributions and after discussing the matter with my wife, we decided to contribute $10/month for every month that Birdman's daily reads section remains active. We did this even though we have 6 kids, I am a full-time student and my wife only works part-time. If you have more burdensome obligations than this, I can understand your not contributing. If not, then please contribute to our cause, our people and our salvation as a race by helping Birdman continue to educate our brothers on news of relevance and historical matters.

The reason that I originally brought the issue to my wife is simple: Birdman truly has a unique product from what I can tell. His site is the only one that I am aware of that allows so much reader participation in the news, quotes and jokes that get posted. His site is one of a relative few that bravely posts news concerning racial and Jewish matters.

Sometime ago, I was approached by a fellow to help out with a website for prowhite individuals. I was excited until I realized how much TIME it took to do so. However, time for a father of 6/full-time masters student is at a premium and I was unable to follow through. So having attempted to walk in his shoes, there is no doubt in my mind that Birdman spends huge chunks of time preparing his site each day. I think he ought to be compensated for his efforts. I think we ought to make birdman rich. When I graduate, I sincerely plan to increase my monthly contribution to pro-white causes to at least $100/month.

While I peaking away at my keyboard, let me also say that the problem with whites in general is that we never stick together.

Back when I was in high school, it was well known among all the whites that if you fought one black there was a realistic chance you would have to fight every black nearby, including the women. This was apparent also many years later when I became a police officer. This is one of the fundamental attributes possessed by blacks that makes it possible for them to invade white neighborhoods and cause white flight while the reverse is never true. As Franklin said, "If we don't hang together, we will surely all hang separately." We must start acting in concert if we ever hope to realize a white future for our children. If we do so, and make the birdman filthy rich, then more talent will be attracted to writing with pro-whites as their target audience. As more talent comes into the movement, our message will have broader acceptance, more people will be attracted and our numbers will grow thereby leading to the possibility for political change.

If we do nothing, we will all die.

The lesson of history, as articulated by Author Kemp, is that as one group of people is displaced by another, the fundamental characteristics of the civilization changes. Additionally, everytime whites have imported non-whites into their homelands or conquered non-whites in their homelands and tried to live amongst them and use them as labor, it has ended in disaster for the whites. Such is the case in the America that we find ourselves in. Our forefathers brought forth on this great continent a bunch of Africans to work their farms instead of having their sons do it and we are suffering because of their greed. Had they been willing to forego the slave labor and the short-term economic gains that it brought them, then their children (us) wouldn't be faced with the catastrophe that we currently see everytime we drive down-town. Western Civilization wouldn't be teetering on the edge of the abyss.

The internet is probably the only hope that we have of reversing the sins our forefathers visited upon us. Never before in the history of the world has information been so readily available for so many. We NEED great minds out there using this resource in a way that is both truthful and entertaining. The Birdman excels in both categories. We need more though. We need more minds like his. We need more entertainers, story tellers, historians, etc. We need to dominate in the battle for hearts and minds.

Some years ago, when I was doing my undergraduate work, I drove a tractor-trailer rig during the summers to help pay the tuition. One day I was in Minneapolis-St. Paul and was listening to a radio show. The DJ got my attention when he said they were about to call the leader of some pro-white organization and discuss his views on the air. I was very excited for this would have been the first time I had ever gotten to hear a white activist speak in public. It was a painful experience. The guy was an idiot. He couldn't articulate his beliefs in a coherent way and the result was the white cause suffered because of him. I was proud that he was willing to stand up but he simply didn't have the talent to be in a leadership position or speak publicly concerning pro-white issues. The sad thing about this experience was that even though most whites are pro-white, so few stand up and claim such that our pool of available, willing talent is so shallow that he probably was one of the top minds. Such is not the case today. Now we have people like Birdman.

Our opportunities at this time are unique to human history. At this time we have the internet, and have those entrepreneurs like Birdman who are trying to make a financial go of it. Through this medium, and no other media, we have a realistic chance of making a difference. We have the opportunity to attract top minds to our cause, compensate them for their talents and because of the financial incentives we visit upon them, attract others to us, to write for us, to entertain us, to encourage us, to help us grow.

If we were to make Birdman and others like him rich, in short order you would see pro-white movies being made, you would see pro-white channels on TV, you would hear pro-white talk shows on the radio, you would see effective lobbying, you would see political reform as our ideas, which are grounded in truth take hold and change the very course of history.

Our combined efforts will produce a synergistic effect leading to our survival. Our combined slothfulness will lead to our death.

If you believe that non-whites are the bane of Western civilization (if you don't then you are either misinformed, a fool or a liar) then get off your financial ass and throw a few dollars Birdman's way in the shameless hope of making him rich. Help me help him help my kids. Help me help him help you and help your kids.



Please contribute today - buy our books - and spread the word to all your friends!

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