Nikola Tesla Versus the Birdman:
Some Interesting Parallels and Synchronicities

By John "Birdman" Bryant

Nikola Tesla

1) Birdman is a Mensan; Tesla was also a decently smart guy:

"I have for a long time taken an interest in a man called Nikola Tesla and his incredible mind. You see he was a true genius, and other geniuses, like the American, Edison, could not hold a candle (light bulb?) to him. [He is] probably the greatest genius the world has ever known." --

2) Both Tesla and Birdman were pigeon-lovers:

"These Are My Friends" is focused on the curious relationship Tesla shared with the pigeons in the parks that surrounded his home in New York. Later in life, particulary in his mid-sixties and on, he could be found frequently alone on walks feeding the birds and spending time near them. He often took injured birds back to heal at the hotel room in which he lived; when he could keep no more birds there, he recruited a local bird shop to help him in his efforts. Under his care, birds recovered from diseased wings, broken legs, and supposedly at least one of gangrene. When he encountered birds he could not treat himself, he would enlist the help of a physician. If for some reason he was unable to visit the park where he most often fed the birds, he would hire a Western Union messenger to take care of the task for him. Tesla never married; it is rumoured he never had any relationship with a woman, and he certainly never had children. He spent much of his time in America isolated, and had little family. The great love story of his life was with a mysterious white pigeon, which would find him almost anywhere he went and come when he called her. He told a pair of journalists, according to an early biographer, that he loved her as a man loves a woman. When the pigeon eventually became very ill, he stayed with it, refusing to leave his hotel room in order to care for it. It recovered, but lived only another year. It flew into his bedroom through an open window one night, according to Tesla, and landed on his desk. He knew instantly that she was dying. When the bird passed, Tesla said that powerful beams of light came forth from her eyes to him... he knew something had gone out of his life, and that his life's work was finished." --

3) Tesla fed pigeons daily in BRYANT PARK (NYC).

4) Tesla was kakiphobic (had a fear of dirt) but kept pigeons in his hotel room (see above). (Ref on kakiphobia: Clifford A Pickover, Strange Brains and Genius, Plenum Trade, 1998: 10) Birdman has also kept pigeons in his apartment, tho he no longer does, and is a stickler for cleanliness, tho hardly a kakiphobic.

5) Tesla spent his final years from 1934 ... in room 3327, Hotel New Yorker with a permanent Do Not Disturb sign tacked to his door. tesla/pigeondays.htm

Birdman is living what he expects to be his 'final years' in a Florida condo where, for security reasons, he also has a Do Not Disturb sign permanently tacked to his door. This sign, in place for many years, contains the picture of a white pigeon (see below).

6) It is thought that Tesla was an antisemite. (Ref: Pickover, ibid) Birdman has also been called an antisemite, tho he claims to like most Jews as individuals, and should only be called a 'Jewish skeptic'.

7) Tesla died in 1943, the same year Birdman was born.


Tesla's white pigeon (L) and Birdman's (R)



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