Suggestions for Correspondents Sending Articles to Be Posted

By John "Birdman" Bryant


I have gotten to the point where I cannot deal with the volume of email I am receiving in the limited time I have. At this point I am posting only about 1 out of every 10 emails I receive. Accordingly, if you want to have a better chance of getting your stuff posted, please follow the guidelines below:

1) If you are sending a file that you think is particularly important, put a numeral 1 as the first character of your subject heading, or else say IMPORTANT! or some such so as to catch my attention. I will always give such emails high priority.

2) A second way to get your email looked at (which is a prerequisite for getting it posted) is to make your subject heading a good description of the contents -- this helps guide me to the best candidates for posting and helps me avoid the unlikely ones. In doing this, please realize that long subject headings run off the screen, so try to make the heading short so that it is readable without opening the email.

3) Don't rank jokes or quotes -- just say 'joke' or 'quote' -- I will try always to look at these.

4) Remember that I am looking for the interesting or unusual in virtually ANY subject area. On the other hand, what I do NOT want is more stories about Jewish finaglings or negro crime, or in general any type of story we have posted before which is substantially the same except for names and dates.

5) I am less interested in news than in 'olds'. Old things which remain posted usually do so because they remain interesting. News, on the other hand, is transitory. Both have their place, but 'olds' will always be favored here.

6) It is ok to send me long articles or books, but I may postpone looking at them because of their length. As to websites, it is better to simply send me the good articles you find, as looking over a website takes a lot of time.

7) The best strategy to get posted is to select a few high quality articles, rather than a larger number of doubtful ones.

From now on, then, here is the order in which the mail gets read:

* Personal mail (please mark 'Personal') and stuff from newbies

* First priorities (header marked with a '1', 'Important' or the like)

* Those whom I consider the most reliable correspondents (the folks whom I post most often)

* All others


* I usually read my most recent mail first. I often get behind in reading mail, but will try to go back and look at older emails when I have time. However, if the time I allot for mail gets exceeded, the remaining mail gets put in 'storage', usually never to see the dark of print again.

* If I decide to post something which someone sends, I usually send that person an email. For ease in communication, I use the following abbreviations:

** wp - Will post
** qod - Quote of the day
** god - Girl of the day
** pod - Pic of the day

I value all correspondents highly -- this page could never have the quality it does without them. But I can only do so much, so I have to limit the time I spend reading my mail in order to have a life. Please help yourself by helping me, and together we will have an even better page.


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