Welcome to the Birdman's home page! You will find here a diverse sampling of his works, from which it should be apparent that the Birdman is not only at the cutting edge of knowledge in a great many fields, but has contributed significantly to those fields. While the bulk of the selections on this webpage center around race, liberalism and political correctness, this is not a reflection of Mr Bryant's wide intellectual scope, but rather his concern that various retrograde forces -- particularly those of establishment Jewry and its bastard child liberalism -- are crushing Western civilization and its best and brightest beacon of human freedom and enlightenment, America, and that it will not be long before the people who created that civilization -- the white race -- are submerged in the gene pool of a rising tide of Turd World immigration imposed in the name of stamping out the bogeymen of 'racism', 'sexism' 'prejudice', 'discrimination', 'hate', 'antisemitism', and all the other catchphrases of the zeitgeist's false and subversively pathological morality.

But the essays on this webpage are only the beginning. Here you will find a complete list of the Birdman's 40 books, which represent a lifetime of accumulated wisdom, and which can become your key to understanding the world as no one -- repeat, no one -- has ever understood it before. It is not by accident that Mr Bryant has received the praise of Nobel prizewinners and many other distinguished men and women from widely diverse fields (see book reviews); and the fact that he is not celebrated in Establishment publications is only because that very Establishment fears Mr Bryant's ideas and knows that its only defense against them is to ignore him and shut him out, as they have consistently done since he began publishing his books some 13 years ago, even to the extent of refusing paid advertisements for his books. But now with the arrival of the Internet, the monopoly of the Establishment media is over, and the ideas which the Birdman has been carefully crafting in his books are poised to shake the very ground we stand on. So if you are ready, let the fireworks begin!


A Special Message From the Birdman

If you are a person intelligent enuf to find your way to this website, then you are intelligent enuf to know that I have a selfish motive in putting it up -- I want you to buy my books and make me gobs of money (ha, ha). But behind all the selfishness, there's a kinder and gentler purpose. What I'm getting at is this. I have had a much greater opportunity than most people over the course of the last several decades to investigate what might be called the nooks and crannies of this seemingly-crazy world of ours. And I have discovered a lot of fascinating things. In large measure this has been midwifed by my habit of reading everything interesting I could find, and in aggressively looking for things I might find interesting. Reading is important -- in fact, far more important in most cases than first-hand investigation -- because a book can provide the results of a lifetime of work at a cost of only the time which takes to read it; and additionally, one can obtain more than one perspective by reading different books on the same subject -- something impossible in first-hand investigation. Or to put it another way, since most of us (with the possible exception of cats) are endowed with but one life, it follows that reading is vital in experiencing the things which life has to offer, not only because of reading's efficiency, but because reading does not cause one the inconvenience of having to actually 'do it yourself'. But if reading is important, I believe that reading the books I have written has its own special importance; for not only are they the product of someone who has been able to devote a good deal of his life to the vital activity of reading, but they have been written with a dedication to truth and a refusal to honor taboos which few if any writers have ever dared, and which therefore will supply the reader with important information which is either difficult or impossible to obtain elsewhere.

But my books are intended to be more than just useful. They are also written with the hope of making this world a better place in which to live. Perhaps such hope is forlorn -- the thought that one person can make a difference in a world which seems so hopelessly lost must be a sort of pathology, even if a noble one. And yet, so it is said, hope springs eternal from the human breast; so perhaps it is our fate as humans to try against all odds, to aspire to save the world however slim our chances. And since my talents (as well as my interests) lie in writing and the thinking which gives rise to it, I must try to do my part with words, and hope that others, in hearing those words, may give them life and in so doing win plaudits for themselves.

I hope you will enjoy reading the selections from my writings which I have chosen for this site. I hope they will inform you, inspire you, and make you want to read my books and acquaint yourself with the many astonishing discoveries which I have made, the many interesting and vital facts which I have unearthed, and the worldview which has arisen from these facts and discoveries. I have posted a wide variety of works here not merely because I have written on so many subjects, but because I want you to be able to see and judge for yourself the quality of my work. And even if you do not want to buy my books, I hope the material here will at least inform you about subjects of which you are unlikely to be very knowledgeable, and will stimulate sufficient enthusiasm for you to tell your friends about this site.

Thank you for visiting. My sincerest best wishes for your enlightenment and reading pleasure.


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