A Challenge to Jewish Readers

By John "Birdman" Bryant


If you disagree with the tenor of my remarks on this webpage -- that Jews, by means of their organizations and leaders, are threatening America and Western civilization -- then send me a reasoned argument in support of your position, and I will publish it here. I will try to publish all such reasoned arguments, and will respond to each, as time permits. (Please note that I say reasoned arguments -- I will not publish smears and other garbage, except as a comment on the character and intelligence of my enemies.)

On the other hand, if you agree with me that the Jewish establishment is engaged in a war against gentiles and the West, then there are two possibilities: Either that you, as a Jewish chauvinist, are glad about it, or that you, as a patriot and lover of Western values and culture, are not.

If you are a Jewish chauvinist, then I hope someday to have the pleasure of seeing you hanging from a lamppost.

On the other hand, if you are a patriot and lover of Western civilization and values, then I ask you to send me a note saying so, and saying that you denounce the Jewish leaders, organizations and fellow Jews who endorse and support the Jewish threat to America and the West. I will keep a record of all the Jews who send me such a note, and publish the number of such individuals contacting me on my webpage, updated periodically.

(There is, of course, another alternative: That you neither agree nor disagree with me because you "don't know" whether my assertions ar true. But in that case, it seems pretty clear -- purely from the standpoint of your own self-interest -- that you ought to check out the statements on this webpage and determine the truth of my assertions for yourself -- after all, you don't want the behavior of your fellow Jews causing you to end up in some Aryan 'gas chamber', now do you? Which means that if you don't have an opinion, then -- as my dear departed mother used to say -- you need to get one "real quick".)

Here's what I am trying to do: If you have read this webpage, you know that I believe that it is the Jewish establishment -- the Jewish organizations and leaders -- who are responsible for the Jewish war against gentiles and the West, and not ordinary Jews. But there are others who know the same types of things I know about Jews, but who say that all Jews are responsible -- they say that, even tho it is only a small number of Jews who are leading the effort, if these leaders were eliminated, others would arise to fill their shoes. Their attitude is the same as toward mosquitoes: You can kill individual insects, but doing so doesn't make much difference, because in order to solve the mosquito problem, you have to drain the swamp where they breed. Which in the case of Jews means that, in order to resolve the Jewish Question, Jews have to be physically removed from Western society in one way or another.

Now what I'm trying to do is to prove that I am right, and that the "swamp- drainers" are wrong. I am trying to prove that ordinary Jews (or at least ordinary Jews without a reasoned argument against me) reject the Jewish war on gentiles and the West. So I want to see how many Jews will actually say so, and put their names on it -- privately, if not publicly. If I get a lot of Jews who say so, then that will give me confidence that I am right. And if I only get a few, then it will make me suspect that I am wrong, and that the swamp-drainers are right.

It's up to you, Jews. Are you patriots, or are you parasites? Let's hear what you have to say. Write me at socit2m1@msn.com.

PS: If you fall into the patriot category and are willing to have your name and email address published, I will add this information to a document I plan to post on this webpage entitled "Honor Roll of Courageous Jews Who Publicly Reject and Denounce the Jewish Establishment's War Against Gentiles". I will publish this list only if I have at least 100 Jews willing to put their name on the list -- a procedure intended to prevent anyone having to 'stand alone' or with only a few others. (If I can't find 100, I will raise the minimum number to 1000.)

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