Notes From the Jewish Underground: Correspondence With Righteous Jews

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From: John Bryant (

Many of the issues you discuss I agree with you on (eg antifeminism, cultural pollution, free markets), others I have important disagreements with you on (religion, censorship, porn). But the important issues are the ones you do not deal with (Holocaust revisionism, the very significant hand which Jews have had in bringing America and the world to the conditions which you find so objectionable). These issues are dealt with on my website, and I hope you will take a long and careful look, as I have written much of it with a Jewish readership in mind. I'd like to see a dialog between Jew and gentile on these issues, but most of the time people like me are just written off with the usual PC smears (antisemite, neonazi, etc) I would very much like to see whether you folks have the guts to confront some very unpleasant realities. -j

[webmaster responds]

"...the very significant hand which Jews have had in bringing America and the world to the conditions which you find so objectionable."

See and

In respect to the satanic treatment of the Jews by the Nazis, may their names be blotted out, we rely upon such acknowledgedly righteous persons as Rabbi Michel Dov Weismandl, Rabbi Hirsch Meisels, and Rabbi Ephraim Oshry, all of blessed memory, who bore personal witness on the subject in books in the Hebrew language which they wrote after the Second World War. We can, therefore, have no doubt that on your page

distortions and outright lies predominate.

[Birdman replies]


Thanks for your letter.

If you can find anything which is 'distorted' or in ANY WAY UNTRUE on my page, particularly in the extensive section on the Jewish Question, then I would be DELIGHTED to be informed. I particularly direct your attention to my essay 'The Case Against the Jews', which I have taken the trouble to thoroughly document. In particular, in accordance with my published policy, I will link ANY critique of this or ANY OTHER ESSAY on my site.

I do, however, object to your calling me a liar. I may indeed have gotten some things wrong, but to call me a liar is to attribute an immoral motive to me in making an error. But then is it not typical of the Jew to respond to arguments he cannot answer by name-calling? (The name-calling typical of your brethren involve such terms as 'bigot', 'intolerant', 'racist', 'neo-nazi', 'hater' and of course 'antisemite'.) Therefore I say to you, Prove to me that you are not the typical Jew in this case by (1) apologizing, and (2) responding to my challenge to find error if you can.

And since, as I strongly suspect, you won't, am I not then justified in concluding that it is you, rather than I, who is the distorter and liar? Or to put it another way, "Jews For Morality" MY ASS! -John Bryant

PS: In accord with my long-standing published policy, I will publish this correspondence on my website unless I hear from you promptly.

[webmaster responds]

Because of your in-your-face confrontational style, I was tempted to write you off as just another Jew-hating Nazi kook.

But a review of your articles on your website suggests otherwise.

You see a pattern of Jewish participation at the forefront of attempts to tear down the white-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant culture that has sustained the freedoms and the success of this country since its inception.

No one can dispute the fact that Jewish names are prominent among the leadership of the ACLU, the news media, and the academia. However, on the other side of the coin, Jewish names are also prominent in conservative organizations.

It is easy to make a case against any group by selecting the worst people in the group and focusing on them exclusively, while ignoring the overwhelming majority of good people within that group.

Our website has confronted the "bad apples " within the Jewish community and criticized them. See the essay "Why I Am Ashamed of My Fellow Jews."

We also have a link section devoted to the secular Jews vs authentic Judaism and a link section on the Lieberman hoax.

As for Holocaust revisionism, we have a links section on the Holocaust, and an essay "Holocaust Circus" that speaks to some of the questions you have raised. We also have an essay on the ADL's exploitation of the issues.

I, myself am a survivor of the Holocaust. My grandparents were taken from their homes and sent to Auschwitz to be burned in the ovens, together with all my neighbors. The nazi SS people hunted them down like dogs, with the aid of the Hollerith machines supplied by IBM.

My grandparents were not secular Jews intent on undermining the gentile culture. They were Talmudic scholars whose only desire was to pursue their learning. They scrupulously followed the dictum of the Talmud to be loyal to the country in which they resided and to avoid any confrontation with the people of the land.

I don't think you knowingly lied or misrepresented anything. I believe, based on what I have read that you are sick-and-tired of pushy people like Alan Dershowitz and subversive organizations like the ACLU, and you now view anything coming from the secular Jewish community with suspicion.

I don't myself know what the real numbers are on the Holocaust. I do know from personal experience that it was done on a large organized scale, with ruthless nazi thoroughness, and that whole communities of decent men, women, and children were exterminated.

I hope this answers your questions.

[Birdman replies]

Dear Webmaster:

Thanks for your thoughtful letter.

I understand your personal tragedies in the Holocaust, and realize that this makes a profound difference to your outlook. But there is far more in the Jewish Question than in dremt of in your personal tragedy.

About myself: My PREJUDICE was always in FAVOR of Jews; my POST-judice not so. The reasons? I have taken the trouble to discuss the major issues in a careful way on my page. To find out what I am talking about, you must do the work and read what I have written. There is much more, but you must at least read this.

Your theory is that Judaism has some bad apples, which you (properly) reject or criticize. I say, Yes, you can put it that way, but there is a slight problem: Why are all these 'bad apples' directing virtually ALL the organizations which are said to represent Jews? The logical conclusion is that these organizations and their 'bad apples' do, indeed, represent Jews, by and large. So if they don't, then those who so assert have the onus probandi.

The biggest indictment of the Jewish people, by far, is associated with the Holocaust: Not only does careful investigation show clearly that the Orthodox Jewish Version is significantly hoaxy (eg, the lampshade and soap stories have fallen flat, the gas chambers are virtually extinguished, and even the Six Million has been officially reduced to Three and is gradually sliding to its real equilibrium at about 400,000); but far more important is the fact that Jews - whether 'bad apples' or some other kind - have made questioning the OJV a criminal matter VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE IN THE WESTERN WORLD EXCEPT AMERICA.

If that is not a stab at the heart of Western civilization, then there ain't no such animal.

There is much more: Read my page AND WEEP.

Yours in friendship. -Birdman

[Webmaster responds]

The reason that most Jews in the U.S. are secular is that they are ignorant of their religion and its principles -kept that way by their Reform "Rabbis" and by their false secular leaders. Young people are abandoning this phony "Judaism" in droves -either moving over to Orthodox Judaism, like Wendy Shalit and her neo-Conservative peers; or opting out of Judaism entirely, as you have observed.

Those ignorant secular Jews who remain know only the materialistic pursuit of "success" and the fear of "religious compulsion" by the Christian Right. Many pursue a Socialist utopia, which serves to fill the vacuum of spiritual content in their souls.

Their ignorance of Jewish tradition and their wrongheaded leaders mislead them into thinking that they can wage a Kulturkampf against the gentile majority who founded and who sustain the U.S. -with impunity and with no adverse consequences to themselves as a miniscule minority. They are sadly mistaken.

People who are ignorant of history do not know that the anything-goes immorality of Weimar Germany created the revulsion and backlash in the 1920's that greatly contributed to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. Hitler campaigned, incredibly, on a platform of a return to the traditions and greatness of Germany.

Hitler campaigned on "family values".

Newton's Law in physics postulates that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

The extreme nihilism of the corrupt arbiters of today's dominant media intellectual culture will, inevitably, provoke its counterpart -a violent counter-revolution.

The only solution to this unsolvable dilemma is a spiritual reawakening within the American people--a re-discovery of their Calvinist Christian roots; and an immediate halt to the flood of pagan immigrants who are diluting the religious traditions of this country and making it increasingly difficult to return to those roots.

[Birdman replies]

Thanks for your interesting letter. I hope you will not mind if I post our correspondence on my website. I believe it has some important things to say. -j


[On a different note, a Jewish reader writes -- tongue in cheek, I believe:]

There are rumors circulating in the Egyptian press and in some parts of Russia that Jews use the blood of Gentile Children to prepare their Passover Matzos. But here in the US, we Jews go directly to the Red Cross.

The ingredients on the Matzo box (I have one here) say that it's made with "wheat flour and water only." And, since blood is 99% water anyway-with a few red cells thrown in for flavor-they can make that claim. The problem is that if someone has a blood type that's incompatible with the blood in the Matzo, there could be a potentially fatal reaction. To avoid such problems, they should mark the blood type in plain view on the box.

When you give blood at the local blood mobile, you probably expect that your donation will be used to help accident victims. They don't tell you that the truck is headed for the nearest Manischewitz factory.

But,"Blood is thicker than water," as we Jews like to say; and it does make for tastier more hearty fare.

[Birdman responds:]

Are we in bad taste here? Hey, I happen to like Manischewitz matzohs. Bloody good. -j

[The writer replies:]

The new libels are just a rehash of the old blood libels against the jews from the Middle Ages. But you have to admit, it is kind of funny to picture Jewish men with beards going around somewhere in Tel-Aviv, snatching children off the street for matzo blood.

[Birdman responds:]

It has always seemed to me that, because kashrut requires that blood not be eaten, the notion that Jews would use blood in their 'communion' (something which Christians do symbolically) is not only in conflict with the Judaic religion, but may be a case of 'Qui accuse, s'accuse', ie, the often-noted tendency of people to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty.

More wine, please, Jacques.

PS I am not saying that some Jews have not engaged in the 'blood libel', only that, at worst, it is unlikely to have ever been systematic. But it is an empirical question on which I have no good info.



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