Open Letter to the President of Iran

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Open Letter to the President of Iran (But It's Really to You, Jocko, So Read It While You Still Can!)

To: Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
From John 'Birdman' Bryant (;
Date: 5 Oct 2006

Dear Mr President:

There is good evidence to believe that my country, the United States, will attack your country within the next month, details of which have been posted in the Daily Reads section of my website,, over the last week or so. There is also good evidence -- in fact, overwhelming evidence -- that the so-called leaders of our country -- the Bush administration and the Congress in particular -- are in the thrall of Organized Jewry (more on this matter shortly) -- by which I mean the small number of wealthy and influential Jews who direct the policies of the major Jewish organizations, including (in the words of the French ambassador to Great Britain) 'that shitty little country Israel' -- and that the intended attack on your country is part of a larger plan to destroy both Western civilization and Islam, in order that the world may be brought under their control in what is often called the New World Order (NWO), or, among more knowledgeable people, the Jew World Order. I am well aware that my saying all this will subject me in many quarters to the tired old smears of 'antisemite', 'hater', 'neo-nazi' and the like, as well as the equally tired smear of 'krazy konspiracy theorist', to which I can only respond that those who make such accusations are either liars, or else are simply ignorant of the facts. Such facts, I should add, are cited in abundance by the many articles from a wide variety of sources posted on my website (see especially the Articles of Others section -- the subsections on Jews and Conspiracy Theory are the ones most relevant here; and also the Jewish Question section). To this I would add that I do not make these accusations lightly; rather I make them as a longtime student of Jewish behavior, and as someone who has known and liked many individual Jews to the point of being very prejudiced -- if that is the correct word -- IN FAVOR of Jews. And in a sense I still retain this feeling -- this prejudice in favor of things Jewish -- but after long study, my eyes have been opened, and I can see quite clearly from the Jewish behavior of the last century (see details below) which continues into the present, that Jews are killing our people and our culture, and right now they are trying to do it by attacking your country, creating a world war, and watching the Great Powers destroy themselves, from the embers of which they expect the International Jewish Nation to arise and dominate the wreckage that remains.

One observation which significantly bolsters my view of Organized Jewry is the fact that Jews have been behind VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR CATACLYSM OF THE LAST CENTURY. I am going to say that again for emphasis: JEWS HAVE BEEN BEHIND VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR CATACLYSM OF THE LAST CENTURY. And furthermore, I can PROVE it, or at least prove it in the only sense in which proof can be offered, namely, by citing strong evidence. Let me begin by naming these cataclysms (or at least the ones I can currently think of). Documentation for Jewish participation for most of these events will be found on my website in the sections mentioned earlier:

* Panic of 1907 and other panics (to prepare the ground for the Federal Reserve)
* Defeat of Russia by Japan, 1905 (funded by Jacob Schiff)
* 1906 attempted Russian Revolution (Lenin was involved)
* Engineering of the election of Woodrow Wilson to get rid of Taft, who was blocking the Federal Reserve Act (1912)
* Federal Reserve (1913) - Paul Warburg & friends
* Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent regimes, especially Stalin, who was Jewish - 60 million killed (Robert Conquest)
* Getting America into WW1 (Balfour declaration)
* 1919 depression
* 1929 stock market crash (via contraction of credit)
* Great Depression (maintaining contraction of credit)
* Armenian Holocaust (by Judeo-Turks)
* Deliberate fostering of American racial strife - Policy of CPUSA, which was mostly Jewish, and took its orders from Moscow - continued thru the Civil Rights era, where most of the Freedom Riders were Jews
* Nazism - The rise of Hitler was a reaction to the abuses of the Versailles Treaty (written by Jews according to Benjamin Freedman) and to Jewish revolutionary activity in Germany in the wake of WW1 (Rosa Luxembourg, et al) - The Jews also financed Hitler (Warburgs etc), declared war on him (1933), and Hitler himself was 1/4 Jew
* American entry into WW2 (Jew Roosevelt was eager to enter, and made Pearl Harbor a sitting duck)
* Creation of the Soviet atomic bomb (see The Diaries of Major Jordan)
* Atomic and other spying - practically all were Jews, from the Rosenbergs downward - the problem continues, with Jonathan Pollard, Larry Franklin, the 'Pentagon memo' concerning Jews, etc etc etc
* The Holocaust Lie and sequelae, including all the laws against Holo denial, the prosecution of 100,000 persons in Germany alone for the 'crime' of historical inquiry, including several of my friends, the funnelling of billions of dollars to the rogue state of Israel by the US and Germany
* Founding of Israel - Throwing Arabs out of their ancient homelands, making the US an enemy of Arabs, creating an unending series of wars and conflicts via Jewish terrorism (bombing of King David Hotel, assassination of Folk Bernadotte, Deir Yassin, etc which continues to the present) - And don't forget the role of Jew Hitler and his Jewish regime which negotiated the Ha'avara (Transfer Agreement) (See Kardel's Hitler: Founder of Israel)
* The creation of a Zionist Occupation Government in the US and most other Western countries ("Congress is Israeli-occupied territory")
* Attack on the USS Liberty
* Assassination of JFK (see Michael Collins Piper's books)
* Nonwhite immigration (1965 immigration 'reform')
* Antiwhite discrimination (1964 'Civil Rights' act et seq)
* Hate crime laws (ADL)
* Anti-militia statutes (ADL)
* Feminism (Most major feminists are Jewish)
* US attack on Libya (Ostrovsky's By Way of Deception)
* Gulf Wars 1 and 2
* Hiring of KGB and Stasi chiefs for Homeland Security (Jew Chertoff = 'Devil')
* Judaization of America and the world (all major media are in Jewish hands)
* 911 and subsequent coverup (see my extensive collection of articles)
* White slavery (Israel)

The fact that Jews have been major players in all these events does not of course prove that, in the words of JBR Yant, 'all Jews are created evil', but it does show that there is a constant procession of evil coming from the Jewish quarter, and that, even if we reject the 'final solution' of the gas-all-Jews-now crowd, it is essential to consider the possibility of at least isolating this community from which so much trouble comes, and this for the simple reason that our survival may depend on doing so.

I stated earlier that the Bush regime appears to be in the thrall of Organized Jewry -- a force which apparently seeks the destruction of both the West and Islam as part of a plan for world domination. My reason for saying this is that there is simply no other reasonable explanation for the egregiously destructive behavior of Bush and his henchmen, unless we wish to invoke an even more exotic explanation, such as that Bush is under the control of hostile space aliens. We can, however, strengthen our argument that Bush's behavior stems from an effort in behalf of the NWO/JWO by citing the research of author Texe Marrs, who has uncovered documentary evidence that the Bush family is Jewish -- a conclusion which is supported by numerous other observations including the kosherization of the kitchen at the White House and the large number of Jews who play or have played a major role in the Bush administration -- Wolfowitz, Libby, Feith, Zakim, Fleischer, Bernanke, Chertoff and many many others. But what, you may ask, is the Bush administration's egregiously destructive behavior -- behavior which is wildly contrary to the interests of the American people? Here is a list of some major items:

* Allowing a virtually open border with Mexico which permits Mexicans and other Third-world residents to stream into the country by the millions, lowering Americans' wages by competing with the native population, raising crime rates in a major way, undermining American culture, and 'reconquering' the American Southwest by demographic means. Not only has the Bush administration been guilty of malignant neglect in keeping an adequate border patrol force in place, but has actually undermined citizen efforts to keep the border closed by alerting the Mexican authorities to the locations of these volunteer observers so that illegal border-crossers could avoid them. On top of this, American authorities have actually arrested and prosecuted these volunteers, along with property owners who have taken efforts to secure their land from the ravages of these parasites.

* Adopting 'free trade' policies which force American workers to compete with dollar-a-day Third-world workers and Chinese 'laogai' slave laborers, thereby insuring that American industries would go overseas in search of cheap labor. The result is the evaporation of American jobs, the transferring of American industry and technology to foreign countries, and a kind of genteel Third-world poverty imposed on American workers.

* Arranging to merge America into a 'North American Union' with Canada and Mexico, a little-publicized but formally-acknowledged and rapidly progressing program which will bring an end to the unique American nation, and in the process destroy the tradition of individual freedom which makes America unique among the countries of the world. This is evidently being undertaken because traditional America stands as a significant stumbling block to the efforts of the New World Orderlies to enslave the earth's population in a NWO/JWO dictatorship.

* Enactment of the so-called Patriot Act and similar pieces of legislation which have ignored and thus severely undermined our Constitution and Americans' traditional liberties, even going so far in the most recent legislation as to rescind the ancient tradition of habeas corpus and legalize the use of torture. Indeed, as things now stand, George Bush is effectively a dictator, and those of us who are speaking out against what he and his cronies have done may not have long before the prison doors close behind us.

* Prosecution of an illegitimate war in Iraq which was based on admittedly false information, which was backed by a 'coalition of the willing' put together by threats and payoffs, which is largely irrelevant to American interests while enormously relevant to Israeli interests, which continues apace in spite of its irrelevance and the exposure of its baselessness, which is irreversibly polluting the region with depleted uranium, and which is permanently sickening our entire soldiery with irreversible diseases from exposure not only to depleted uranium, but to dangerous chemical cocktails forced upon the troops in the guise of 'vaccinations' and other forms of 'protection'.

* Responsibility for causing the attacks of September 11, 2001, better known as 911, an operation which clearly had the cooperation and participation of the highest levels of the American and Israeli governments and which, like the hoo-ha over the so-called war on terror, the so-called threat of the probably-nonexistent Al Qaeda, the probably-long-dead CIA operative Osama bin Laden, and similar phenomena, had the purpose of whipping America into a frenzy of hatred for the Islamic/Arabic world so that war could be justified and civil liberties curtailed.

In short, no matter whether the behavior of the Bush administration and the Congress -- and for that matter, the behavior of the several administrations before the present one -- is the result of subversion by Organized Jewry (or Organized Jewry in collusion with other groups), or whether it is the result of something more exotic such as the destructive influence of space aliens who are using Jews and others as their tools, the fact remains that it is part of a clearly and obviously deliberate program to destroy this nation, and in this sense is wildly contrary to the interests of American citizens, to say nothing of the population of the Islamic world. And yet, in spite of all this, Americans will probably do little or nothing to oppose this madness until it is too late -- too late because they are too psychologically disarmed by the lies of the Jew-controlled mass media, too late because their guns and ammunition will have been taken away 'for their own good', too late because the Cassandras and other troublesome people like me will have been permanently confined in one of the 600 currently-empty-but-staffed-and-ready secret prisons that make up the American gulag, and too late because we will have all been microchipped and can be controlled by punishment and reward signals generated by a computer at Homeland Insecurity, currently headed by Jew-devil Michael Chertoff ('Chertoff' means 'devil' in Russian) and his two 'advisors', one a former officer of the Soviet Union's secret police (KGB), and the other a former officer of the East German secret police (Stasi).

But why won't Americans do anything? Why isn't there outrage all over America, and why aren't there millions of Americans marching on Washington armed to the teeth and ready to put an end to this administration and stop the gathering clouds of WW3? There is no one single answer, but I think the matter can be traced to the following facts:

* Control of information: Except for the Internet, Jews control the mass media, and it has become a sort of psychological truism that 'if you didn't see it on TV, then it didn't happen'. (Needless to say, not much of the information which I have cited here has appeared on TV.) More than this, at the behest of the liberal (and ultimately Jew-controlled) education establishment, in just the last half-century government schools have managed to dumb down entire generations to the point that most graduates possess little real information, virtually no critical faculties, and generally cannot even find Iran on a map -- if, indeed, they know what a map is. Certainly Americans have forgotten our history, and particularly that the liberty we have enjoyed for the last 200 years was paid for in blood, toil, tears and sweat by our patriotic forefathers, and is a pact with those heroes which we violate by our failure to take action.

* Dependence on the government: As little as a hundred years ago, most Americans were farmers or artisans who were not dependent on the government for much of anything. Today, the myriad array of government programs, from Social Insecurity, welfare and unemployment insurance to corporate welfare, student loans and government grants, has created a network of dependence that makes many people unwilling to disturb the status quo lest they suffer financial harm.

* Loss of religion: Among most of mankind, religion has provided a basis for morality. Only a hundred years ago, Americans were largely Christian, and Christian faith provided a moral self-confidence that would not have tolerated the present Washington outrages. More particularly, Christianity taught its followers to fear guilt and shame rather than death because there was life after death, and guilt or shame for failure to act rightly would result in an eternity of damnation. This not only made Christians willing to fight and die for their principles, but demanded that they be responsible for righting the wrongs of the world. Today, however, Christianity is on the skids, and even those who call themselves Christian do not seem to take their religion seriously, but only regard their church as a sort of social club primarily useful for meeting girls.

* Assault on America's white population: One of the great Jewish-led assaults against Western civilization is the promotion of what is called 'political correctness', ie, a pathological sensitivity and deference to the 'disadvantaged', among whom are numbered racial minorities (except whites, which are increasingly in the minority), women, homosexuals and the handicapped, and where the underlying assumption is that all people are equal, and that if it were not for the 'oppression' forced upon others by sexually-normal white males, this equality would be realized in fact. Political correctness, whose major instrument of implementation has been the Jewish-controlled media, has undermined America by making whites, and especially normal white men, feel guilty for the failure of blacks, a failure which is wrongly attributed to 'racial discrimination' (all other American minorities have been 'discriminated against' -- eg, Chinese, Irish, Jews -- but have succeeded within a generation or two), but never to the real cause, which is simply that black IQ trails white IQ by a substantial amount, ie, that blacks are in no way, shape or form equal to whites. Likewise, white men have been made to feel guilty about the inability of women to be men, a fact presumably caused not by women being unequal to men, but rather by women being 'discriminated against'. The result of the guilt trip laid on whites is that they have accepted legal discrimination as a remediation for their guilt in the form of affirmative action, quotas, set-asides and similar programs, leading to fewer jobs, lowered income, and psychological trauma for the creative force of Western civilization.

* Manliness: An important part of the policy of political correctness is feminism, which is basically a special deference to women, and which has been especially deleterious to our culture because it has attempted to blur the lines between men and women, and in particular has attempted to make men into women and women into men. Besides being the acme of absurdity, this has served to take away from both men and women the uniqueness of their gender, with the result that men have failed to learn how to 'be men' -- a difficult enuf thing to learn in normal times, but one which has become difficult in the extreme in the context of hysterical feminist claims that the traditions of manliness are somehow morally wrong. Accordingly, while men under normal circumstances would recognize that it was their duty to act against the tyranny centered in Washington -- at the risk of their lives if necessary -- the result of political correctness is that men have been turned into pantywaists by feminist propaganda which has effectively castrated them and removed them from the political equation. One can perhaps best appreciate the situation by considering the fact that women have for some years been admitted to the service academies: Their presence in the most masculine of masculine environments has resulted in the dumbing down (so to speak) of the rigors which officer trainees need to experience in order to properly prepare for their role as warriors, with the consequence that the very instrument that protects America from foreign wrong has been seriously weakened, thus completing yet another part of the NWO program to destroy America and the West.

As I suggested above, normal men who have received instruction in manliness in the normal way would know how to deal with the abuses of George Bush and Company: There would be a spontaneous multi-million-man march on Washington, and the president and his henchmen, along with most members of the criminally-complicit congress, would all be in prison or -- more likely -- hanging by their balls from DC lampposts. I say this not on the basis of speculation, but on the basis of how things actually worked in this country before about 1950. In those days, lawbreakers whose deeds were particularly egregious would be visited in the middle of the night by a posse of the leading citizens and summarily lynched. As most people know, this happened to blacks, but it also happened to whites, and in fact, as I have determined from historical statistics, the ratio of whites to blacks who were lynched was proportional to the ratio of per capita white to black crime that we see in the present day, meaning simply that lynching, tho outside the normal channels of justice, was at least racially fair. The problem today, however, is that the men who are willing to take the law into their own hands in cases of necessity have disappeared as a result of men failing to learn how to be men, and the upshot is that the government has ceased to fear the people. In this sense, then, Americans have failed in their responsibility to the rest of the world, and indeed, to themselves: They have not gathered in Washington for a lynching party because they have collectively forgotten how to be men. As author JB Campbell has pointed out, while we are armed to the teeth physically, we are completely disarmed mentally, with the result that we are likely to be disarmed physically in the near future by the drones of the New World Order without a shot being fired. The latter remark calls to mind the observation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that the communist (read: JEWISH) terror in the Soviet Union would have been quickly extinguished if the population had been armed and those who received the proverbial midnight knock on the door resisted their would-be captors with firepower -- something which the communist authorities kept from happening by disarming the population 'before the Party began'. Solzhenitsyn's observation, however, rested on the assumption that the Russians would have been man enuf to pull the trigger -- an assumption which may have been just as wrong for the Russians then as it is for Americans today because of a forlorn hope that the government is not as evil as the evidence shows it is. But there is no doubt about it: Our government, exactly like the government of the 'Jewish Bolsheviks', as they were known in less politically-correct times, is just as evil as it can be, and getting more and more evil by the day. Somebody is going to have to start doing some shooting, and they are going to have to start soon if WW3 is to be avoided.

In writing this letter to you, Mr President, my purpose has been to explain to you why America, and Americans generally, are not your enemy, in spite of the fact that our so-called leaders seem determined to wage war on you. It is important for you to understand this, because of the temptation I know you must have to bring the war home to Americans by staging attacks like 911. This, however, would be a big mistake, because it would probably have the effect of creating significant political support for a war against your country here in America -- a situation which is not in the best interest of either you or us, but which would play directly into the hands of the traitors and fifth-columnists who rule the roost in Washington. Indeed, it appears that government operatives have tried to stage other 911-like events, and it has only been by virtue of tipoffs by insiders that these incidents have been aborted. Would that we could march on Washington, and we may yet do so if we can get our message out to the couch-potato zombies who have been conditioned by the One-Eyed Jew In The Livingroom to hate themselves, their country, their race and their heritage. But till that time, the fate of the world may rest in your hands, and I only hope you can recognize the grave responsibility which that entails.

But there is another reason that I am writing you, Mr President: By publishing this as an open letter to you on my website, and sending it to my mailing lists with a request that it be sent to all those on the mailing lists of the recipients, etc, I am hoping to help awaken the slumbering American giant which has been hypnotized by absurd government lies and propaganda in service of the NWO/JWO. To this I might add that I am in a very real sense doing this at the risk of my life, for it seems only a matter of time before dissidents like myself are rounded up and dispatched. But it is a risk I feel absolutely obligated to undertake, because I am in a key position to act as a sentinel of the gathering storm, with the hope that others will do their duty to stop the cabal of madmen in Washington and restore the Constitution, by violence if necessary. It is my hope, of course, that violence will not be necessary -- even something as simple as ten thousand pickets surrounding the white house, each with a sign reading "Bush: TRAITOR" or "RESIGN!" or "RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION" or "NO MORE WAR FOR ISRAEL", and all chanting slogans in unison might well bring the administration down after a few days. But whatever it takes, something must be done, and done soon if our nation -- and indeed ourselves -- is to survive.

In closing, it gives me little consolation to note that, just seven years ago I predicted in the pages of the national magazine of Mensa, the international high-IQ society of which I am a member, that the Jewish Question would be the most important issue of the 21st century -- a prediction which cited many instances of devastating Jewish misbehavior, and for which I was roundly excoriated in an unprecedented 3-page denunciation published in the magazine's next issue; and yet only seven years later, the prediction has not only come true, but is on the verge of becoming America's and the world's worst nightmare. I only hope that my fellow citizens, with your cooperation, may help lead America out of this lethal swamp before we are all eaten by alligators.

Respectfully and hopefully,

John 'Birdman' Bryant

"Live free or die!"


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