On Liking Jews: Correspondence With Maynard

By John "Birdman" Bryant


[Maynard writes:]

John, I love your web site but I still cannot figure out why you are so fascinated with the jews. You seem to love them. I have never, ever met a jew who was not arrogant and either stabbed me in the back or did it to one of my friends. I have met blacks, Mexicans, and Asians who have been very nice to me in all ways. However, I still do not want to live with them and I don't want them to colonize my country. I hate and despise jews because they are trying to kill or genetically eliminate my race. I want them eliminated because they are trying to eliminate me and my family (race)! It is kill or be killed! Maybe there are a few good jews but so what? The jews in power are the one's who are instigating the genocide program and these so-called "good jews" are not trying to stop them! Your seeming love of jews is the only thing I have against you and your web site. Thanks, Maynard

[Birdman responds:]

Dear Maynard:

First, thanks for the kind words.

The question you ask about my liking Jews is a very tricky and troublesome one. I have tried to deal with it before, and I will give it another try now.

First, as I have said many times before, I like Jews on a personal level. I could try to analyze why, but the fact remains. In particular, I have spent many pleasant hours with them. I have loved their women, danced their dances, lived with them, and all the rest. None has ever acted improperly with me. And I am certainly not going to embrace a philosophy that says I have to hate people that I like.

But liking Jews as individuals is a far different thing from liking what their organizations and group behavior are accomplishing, and I have spent a LOT of time trying to explain to people exactly what is going on. And here's the rub: It is just very difficult for us stupid goys to see how such nice, successful, intelligent and beautiful people like the Jews can -- as a group -- be tearing our culture and our race to shreds. It is an intellectual task that is simply beyond the capacity of most people. So what happens is that they either react like liberals, and scream that I am a bigot and a hater and all manner of evil stuff, or else they end up behaving like the cartoon nazis and kluxers that Mo Dees shows on his TV programs -- mouth-frothing goose-stepping hood-wearing idiots.

Now in saying all that, I am not saying that the KKK and the nazis didn't do some good and useful things, but they aren't what we need now, and maybe never. The war we are fighting is for the minds of men, and unless we can get it across that people who are nice individually can be devils collectively, or at least the organizations that claim to represent them can be, then we are going to lose that war. And one of the reasons we are going to lose is because we are going to have the kluxers and the nazis setting the agenda, and in doing so, alienating the very large mass of Jews whom we could recruit to help us, but who will prove a very formidable enemy if they feel threatened by us. We need to win these people over as well as our own people, and we need to do it by one very simple means, namely, by showing that it is IN THEIR SELF-INTEREST TO SUPPORT US. They profit from Western civ just as much as we do. And if their little Hitlers have their way -- the Weisenthralers, the ADLpated, the Mossadomites, the Ash-can-nazis -- that civilization is going to disappear. And that civilization is not just the cumulative synergistic effect of Western art and music and math and science; it is most of all an effect of freedom -- the freedom that had its beginnings in the Magna Carta and the English common law and Bill of Rights; and one that developed from the Enlightenment into a rejection of kingly despotism and mercantilism in favor of government by the consent of the governed and Adam Smith's Invisible Hand of the free market. The Establishment Jews are the sworn enemies of that freedom, and so they are our enemies.

But if we know some of our enemies, I venture to say that we do not know who all of them are, or even the majority. There are other powerful groups who are anti-freedom and anti-Western -- the CFR, the Trilats, the Bilderbergers, the big foundations (Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford), the big corporations (they make their money by manipulating government, from Big Drugs and Big Banks to Big Agriculture and Big Military) -- it's not just Jews, by any means. And then there are the Really Big Jews -- mainly the Rothschilds -- who may actually be at the center of all this discord simply because they are so rich and powerful and can buy whoever and whatever they want. But whoever the enemy may be, I have chosen to concentrate my attention on Jews because I see them as the most immediate threat, and because their organizations went after me. But I am not going to be dishonest and say the problem is Jews, all Jews, and nothing but Jews. I will say this, however, as I have said many times: If the Jewish swamp keeps producing mosquitoes that make us sick, then we have to think about draining the swamp. Yes, it may be unfair to all those innocent beings in the swamp who aren't bothering us, but there may simply be no other way. That doesn't mean 'gas all Jews now' -- maybe just send them to Israel and let them stew in the brew that their little Hitlers have cooked up so nicely.

But let me say this, too: Will things really change if we are judenfrei? After all, the Jews became a problem because they learned to work the system better than anyone else. The weaknesses of the system are still there and have to be corrected. And the kind of gentile lowlifes that make up our representatives are not strong testament to our nation's moral fiber. So if we could just reform the system, it's possible that the Jews would work out fine. Possible, I said -- maybe not likely.

By now you may feel that my liking Jews is a weakness, but it is actually a strength. I am a salesman for the point of view that it is in the Jews' self-interest to preserve Western civ, and I could never be that if I hated them. And because I like them I can kick their collective butt all around the room and not feel guilty, which means I can do it better and harder. Right makes might, you could say.

But if I like Jews, I very much expect that so do a lot of other Movement people. Love and hate are not really opposites so much as they are mirror images -- after all, you find the greatest hate in the divorce courts -- between people who were once in love, and probably still are, but just can't find a way to make it work. (No cracks about Jewish divorce lawyers, please). What I am saying is that the real opposite of love/hate is indifference. Movement people are starting to become aware of just how much they love Jews, and once they get enlightened on this point, we will start to make some real progress.

It is worth remarking in the present context that the Jewish Question is an extremely difficult problem, both from a practical and from a philosophical viewpoint. It has occupied me as a philosopher for a very long time, even tho I am strongly drawn to working in other areas -- paradoxes, logic and similar esoterica. One thing that attracts me about the Jewish Question is its difficulty -- I have written a great deal on the subject, and yet I am constantly coming across Gordian knots that need to be hacked apart. Another thing that attracts me is the forbiddenness -- I am just foolish and brash enuf to rush in where the politically-correct angels fear to tread. But this is a benefit of a sort, because I seem to have the field to myself -- no serious philosopher other than myself is working in the area of Jew-criticism. And it's more fun, too -- very few serious philosophers have an audience as large as I do.

In closing, let me recount a quote which I plan to post shortly on my Jewish Question page, and which makes plain the dynamics of how the Jewish Establishment is jerking us around -- a quote which is important because I believe that you are a victim of the tactics it describes:

"They [Organized Jewry] use every dirty trick in the book, pull wires behind the scenes, smear people left, right and centre, and employ violent thugs and agents provocateurs at street level with the rationale that in the struggle against eternal anti-Semitism, anything goes. Their definition of an anti-Semite is of course far broader than yours or mine, namely anyone they don't like, or anyone who is in the least bit [un]sympathetic to their aspirations to ride roughshod over the rest of mankind. They keep up this pressure until their victim accuses 'the Jews' of being out to get them, or of conspiring against them. And as soon as you use the words 'conspiracy' and 'Jew' in the same sentence, you can be dismissed as a lunatic fringe nutter or conspiracy crank. This is what they have done to most people on the extreme right and on the anti-Zionist left; even the likes of Noam Chomsky have claimed this, and surely he can't be an anti-Semite. I didn't realize [all this] at the time, of course, but I'm older and far wiser now." --Alexander Baron, The Churchill Papers: Revising the Revisionists, Unmasking Irving, London: Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, 1994: 71

Thanks again for writing. -j




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