An Open Letter to Jews

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Let me get straight to the point, which is to ask you a question:

Is it rationally possible for gentiles to think of Jews as anything other than a very negative influence on Western civilization?

Sure, I know Jewish intelligence is superior, and Jewish accomplishments in many fields are outstanding. I also know that Jews generally behave as good citizens, with a low rate of crime and a high rate of prosperity. But I'm not talking about such things. I'm talking about the Jewish effect on the very medium in which all this occurs -- Western civilization. The civilization built by men who were for the most part white and gentile. The civilization of the men who created and implemented the ideas of political freedom, the free market and representative government. The civilization of the men who wrote the Magna Carta, the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The civilization of the men who freed the world from the notion of 'the divine right of kings' and championed the individual against the State. The civilization of the men who disliked slavery and torture, and eventually brought them to an end.

On my website,, I have tried to lay out in detail exactly what Jews have been doing to Western civilization. It seems to me that there is no other way to describe it than to say simply that Jews have opposed the fundamentals of Western civilization in every way possible and by all means possible. Here in America they have a long history of opposition to all our fundamental and Constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of association, the free market, honest money, limited government, equality under the law, the right to keep and bear arms, and -- most importantly -- the right of the white race to survive; and Jewish behavior in other countries seems to be exactly the same. The list given here is by no means inclusive, nor does it cover such peripheral yet important abuses as the shakedowns of Holohoaxomania or the strangulation of our freedoms thru Jewish domination of the media; but it is a list which provides ample reason for whites to feel justified in looking for some kind of Final Solution, whether it be sending all Jews back to Israel or something much less pleasant.

OK, sure, not all Jews are guilty of opposing Western civilization. In fact, most do not do so actively, and probably do not even think of themselves as part of such opposition. But opposition to Western civilization is the effect of their behavior: They vote as liberals, they support liberal organizations (and especially Jewish organizations with liberal agendas), and they think of themselves primarily as Jews, rather than as members of the larger society which has granted them the political and social freedom which has allowed them to prosper. They behave as aliens and outsiders, seeing Israel rather than America as their homeland, and they use the freedom which has been granted them as a weapon to deny freedom to the rest of us.

Let me make a confession: I like Jews, at least on a personal level. I have lived with Jews; I have loved Jewish women; my best friends have been Jews. I never heard an anti-Jewish remark till long past adulthood, and I long thought it absurd that people would feel negatively toward them.

That's where my heart is, and probably always will be. But my brain is a different matter. I can see what is going on. In fact, so can anyone, if only he is pointed in the right direction. That, indeed, is one of the functions of my website -- to help people see exactly what Jews are doing. Again, not all Jews. Maybe only a few. But the ugly fact is that, wherever you turn, you see Jews doing their best to bring down this or that feature of Western civilization.

Maybe it's not a conspiracy. Maybe it's cultural, or genetic, or psychic. Maybe it's just the Rothschilds and their paid Jewish agents. But it sure as hell is something. No one in his right mind can ignore what is going on. No one can ignore that the foundations of Western civilization are surrounded by Jews, all chipping away with their little hammers and chisels. And making some pretty big holes.

I wish I were wrong. I really do. And that is the very reason I am writing -- Somebody please prove me wrong! My heart is not and can never be in any crusade against the Jews. But I am not stupid; I am not blind. I see no Jewish organizations fighting for freedom, or even supporting it, with the single possible exception of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership; but even this organization seems more for the purpose of protecting Jews against gentiles who resent their assault on Western civilization.

Yes, it is true that there are 'freedom organizations' which Jews have founded or in which they play prominent roles -- for example, the ACLU or the NAACP. But the 'freedom' that these organizations seek is freedom -- or rather privilege -- for the enemies of Western civilization: The ACLU is best described as "The American Communist Liberties Union", while the NAACP is simply an organization which boosts blacks and attempts to put whites and their culture six feet under.

Here's the bottom line: Let the Jews withdraw from their chiseling at the Foundations. Let them withhold their contributions from such Western- hating and Israel-first organizations as the ADL, the AJC, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the whole rats' nest of others. Let them stop the Holohoax shakedowns. Let their champions stop promoting anti-freedom and anti-Western notions and policies. Instead, let them become funders of genuine freedom-loving organizations. Let them put themselves solidly behind Western civilization. And above all, let them oppose anti-white measures such as affirmative action and Turd-world immigration.

When I see, I will believe. But as long as Jews continue in their predominant role as the enemies of Western civilization rather than its friends, I am going to have to keep asking myself, Could Hitler just possibly have been right?

I hope not. But I am waiting to be convinced.


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