Our Ally the Jews

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Among those who recognize that there is a 'Jewish problem', there are two schools of thought: Those who regard 'most or all' Jews as the problem, and those who see the problem as one of 'the Jewish establishment', ie, powerful individual Jews and Jewish organizations with an anti-gentile agenda. For those of the first school, which I shall call the separationists, the only solution to the Jewish problem is separation of Jews generally from the gentile population, as was the original Zionist/Nazi dream; while for the second or nonseparationist school, the solution is to combat the particular organizations and individuals whose behavior is anti-gentile.

In my view, the separationist solution is an impossible one, and probably undesirable as well. It is undesirable not only because the only realistic way of carrying it out is by means of an authoritarian government which forcibly uproots the Jewish population, but also because it requires the labeling of all Jews as undesirables -- something which is not only grossly unfair (at least in my view), but which is politically impossible because it will unite all Jews -- along with their money and power -- against gentiles, and -- even worse -- it will not receive the support of the majority of gentiles because they do not consider Jews a threat and would in any event consider the extreme act of separation as unfair.

But an even more important reason for adopting the nonseparationist solution is because antigentilism is not in the interest of most Jews, since gentile culture has provided the medium for Jews to prosper and flourish without any significant social difficulties. Furthermore, antigentilism is not in the Jewish interest because Jews have seen how antisemitism puts them at risk and causes them social difficulty, and antigentilism is an impolite request for antisemitism. In fact, as I have long maintained, the best long-term strategy for Jews is to oppose antigentilism by becoming the allies of gentiles in their struggle against antigentile organizations and individuals.

In opposing the above view, separationists will point out that antisemitism has arisen in widely differing populations wherever Jews have settled in significant numbers, and that this proves that it is Jews rather than gentiles who are at fault. In fact, however, it does not show fault, but merely incompatibility. Furthermore, there is no good evidence that the friction arising from this incompatibility implies some character defect on the part of Jews: It may simply arise from such universal human fricatives as differences in religion -- differences which have made for plenty of very bloody incompatibility between Protestants and Catholics ever since the Reformation -- or the jealousy resulting from Jewish financial and other success. And since religion no longer constitutes an important difference between Jews and gentiles, there is no good evidence to suppose that there will be significant incompatibility between the two when antigentilism is not a factor.

I am convinced that Jews, on the whole, are decent and moral people, in the same sense and for the same reason that I am convinced that blacks are not: Behavior and intelligence. As to the first, blacks are criminals far more often than whites, while Jews -- in spite of such quarrelsome cases as banksterism, junk bonds, the purchase of politicians, white slavery, the Russian Mafya and Bess Myerson's shoplifting habits -- simply do not populate the criminal class to any significant degree. As to the second, it is intelligence which allows people to see the connection between acts and consequences; and just as the black with average IQ of 85 cannot see them except thru a glass darkly, so the Jew with average IQ of 115 can see them quite clearly.

But just as I am convinced of the basic morality and decency of Jews, so I am convinced of their chauvinism and hatred of 'outsiders' -- a fact amply confirmed by everything from their anti-gentile scriptures to their worship of Israel and their tendency to circle the wagons around even the worst of their own kind. But in preaching the multicultural philosophy to break down white resistance to genocide thru race-mixing, their leaders have inadvertently sown the seeds of the destruction of Judaism as well, inasmuch as intermarriage among Jews has jumped from six to fifty percent in only a generation. Thus Jewish liberalism has opened up a real possibility that the Jewish establishment can be beaten at its own game by destroying Jewish chauvinism and thus making the bulk of Jews receptive to the realization that they have the same interests as gentiles in stamping out the destructive and hateful behavior of the Jewish establishment's antigentilism.

For these reasons, those of us gentiles who value our race must not succumb to the siren song of Jew-hatred -- a song that the Jewish establishment wants nothing more than to have us sing because it unites their people against us and makes it just that much more difficult for us to throw off the Jewish yoke. Antisemitism is nothing but a trap, and the Jewish chauvinists clap their hands -- and count their contributions -- every time we fall into it. We must stop harboring such ancient and destructive notions as that the Jews are 'evil'. And we must unite with the best of the Jews to do what is best for both of us.

(Thanks to R whose letters stimulated this essay.)

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