The Maven

By John "Birdman" Bryant

With apologies to EA Poe


Once upon a mid-day cheery
When my brain was somewhat beery
My computer raised a query
That I'd never heard before.
First I felt a gentle tapping,
Then an increase in the rapping
Till I'd passed the chance of napping
From the shrill staccato roar.
Pounding on my brain so furious
Made me more than somewhat curious
On such stuff that might well worry us,
If not shock us to the core.
It was essays from the Birdman --
Call him good or call him Turdman --
But it's plain he's got the Word, man,
Snarling like the dogs of war.
Raises he the Question Jewish;
Makes he ones who are so shrewish
Whine till faces all are blueish,
But are much wont to ignore
All the things their kind are doing
That give whites a royal screwing --
Makes whites feel it's their undoing --
Makes them cry out "Nevermore!".
Not just this but lots, lots more.

Listed he by category
Sins that make the Jewish story,
Adding to the white man's worry
Small yet overwhelming foe.
Never citing points religious,
Nor the
Protocols suspicious,
But a list with length prodigious
That enlightened men must know.
Delved he into every corner,
Showing up who plays suborner;
Acted he as lonely warner
Of the vast imbroglio.
Here is what he had to show:

Numbered first among their crying
Seems to be no more than lying:
All the gassing, steaming, frying
Of the so-called Holocaust;
For the things Jews cite as proving
What they take to be so moving
Seems to be a kind of grooving
On an ersatz Pentecost.
Witnesses who hate the German --
Want to make him seem like vermin --
Want to paint him as a Sherman --
Did their deed at deadly cost:
Worried not by bad impression,
Torture and the forced confession
Shifted culture to regression
As the rule of law they tossed;
'Unreliable and rare'
Is all the proof their scholars dare;
And thus their case is left threadbare
And with the words 'Big Lie' embossed.

But if they maintain this masque,
Why work at such a daunting task
As scholars once begin to ask
Their questions most demanding;
Answer is, the Jews' Big Lie
Provides huge quantities of pie
While helping them to deify
Their tribe and social standing:
Billions from the Germans, now,
And billions from the Swiss cash cow,
And Uncle Sammy's golden bough
Will guarantee soft landing.

But the Holohoax is merely
One thing which shows us so clearly
Why the Jews cost us so dearly
In the larger scheme of things.
Brought the U.S. two world wars, now;
Bought the pols with Jewish whores, now;
Used their cash to open doors, now,
Bribing all from cops to kings.
Worse than this, they stole our money --
Made the FED their pot of honey,
Took our wealth out in a gunny:
Golden coins, not freedom, rings.
What is more they cause inflation --
Steal the wealth of all the nation --
Cause depression, liquidation:
See how Mammon pulls the strings!

Communism -- Jew creation --
Intellectual sensation!
Problem is, it's just predation
By the Jews' brigades:
Under government control
You do not even own your soul
So banksters then can fill their bowl --
Monopoly in spades!

Jewish crimes appear unending --
Culture seems to be descending
Past the point of hope for mending,
Blocked at every turn:
Integration, immigration --
Sets whites up for termination,
Kills the race that built the nation,
Can you not discern?
Same for Jewish feminism --
Puts the sexes into schism,
Creates female despotism,
Makes men's stomachs churn.
Multiculture balkanizes,
Creates hate and makes for crisis;
For a race war it suffices --
Watch the cities burn!
Civil rights and Nine-Eleven;
Congress turned to Hebrew Heaven;
Gun control as Jewish leaven;
Yet there's no concern.
Media they've got their grip on;
Hebrew racist stuff they're hip on;
Shoulders they have got their chip on;
Nazis stem to stern!
Palestine and twice Iraq --
They're gunning for the Arab flock;
A time bomb's ticking on our clock;
Will Earth become our urn?

Here I sit now, weak and weary,
Reading Birdman till I'm bleary;
Now I do not feel so cheery,
Having landed on this shore.
But whatever fear I'm feeling --
Matters not my mind is reeling --
Whites must find a way for healing
If we are again to soar.
We must stop the ones who harm us,
Stop the ones who would disarm us,
Stop the acts that so alarm us,
What we can't help but abhor.
Birdman warns us, Birdman tells us
That which surely most impels us;
"Let not bad news be what fells us
From this large but unknown store.
"Whites must now step from the umbers,
All must waken from their slumbers,
"Spread the word -- increase our numbers" --
Quoth the Maven -- "Evermore."



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