The New World Order: An Analysis

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Western civilization and the race which created that civilization -- the white race -- are being destroyed in order to create what has commonly become known as the New World Order (NWO). This destruction is deliberate, and has been going on for some time, perhaps as long as 200 years, and possibly even longer, tho there is much room for interpretation on this point. This destruction is not necessarily a conspiracy -- it could be merely a 'working together' for mutually shared goals -- but it has at least sometimes and in some ways functioned as a conspiracy, and in the present day there is much evidence for its conspiratorial nature, even tho this conspiracy (if that is the proper word for it) is embedded in the activities of a much larger population of 'useful idiots' who aid and abet it, tho usually without understanding the real nature of the conspiracy or the implications of what they are doing.

So who, then, are the conspirators, or 'working-together-ites', which we will simply call the New World Orderlies, and what exactly are their goals? Furthermore, where did the desire for a NWO come about, and is it evil or 'satanic', as some have alleged? To answer these questions, we need to realize that the desire for a NWO is a direct product of the historical period called the Enlightenment, which began about 1550 with the publication of Copernicus' heliocentric theory, encompassed Galileo's path- breaking scientific work and Newton's Principia, saw the Industrial Revolution and its invention of vastly advanced labor-saving devices, and ended in the 19th century with the publication of Darwin's evolutionary theory propounded in his Origin of the Species. As should be evident on reflection from our brief description, the Enlightenment was a period of change from a theistic (God-centered) or religious-mystical worldview to a humanistic (human-centered) or scientific-rational one. First Copernicus quashed the notion that the Earth was the center of the universe -- and Man the apple of God's eye; then Newton quashed the notion that God ruled the heavens and kept the heavenly bodies on their courses; and finally, Darwin delivered the coup de grace by postulating that man -- and life generally - - arose not from God's handiwork, but rather from purely mechanistic physical processes that reduced man to just another inevitable event of biological determinism. But in humbling Man by showing that he was not, after all, the apple of God's eye, the Enlightenment showed the way for Man to become a god himself; for in assembling the wonderful machines made possible by science, man became not just a Creator, but was set on a course to become Master of the Universe.

But no matter how wonderful all this sounds, many people -- and particularly religious people -- have viewed the Enlightenment as a period which brought about development of a 'world conspiracy' which originated with the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, an organization founded on May 1st, 1776 -- the day following Walpurgis Night, the Witches' Sabbath -- and later banned when its secret revolutionary purposes were revealed to the authorities by accident. (The two prime contemporary sources on the Illuminati are John Robison's Proofs of a Conspiracy and the Abbe Barruel's Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism. Due to the possibility that NWO machinations will cause a cutoff in supplies, my wife and I keep a barrel of fresh water in our home which we have nicknamed "the Abbe" in honor of the latter author.) While we may acknowledge that the Illuminati existed, and that it spread ideas of a utopian and revolutionary nature which were hostile to the Church and the political establishment, the notion that it initiated an intergenerational 'conspiracy' that has come down to us in the present day is almost certainly gravely mistaken, and is probably the result of the simple fact that the replacement of the religious-mystical worldview with the rational-scientific one seems like a conspiracy to religious-minded folk who cannot comprehend that their treasured dogmas are being abandoned in droves because they are being replaced by better and more credible ideas. More particularly, it seems reasonable to view the Illuminati not so much as 'conspirators', but rather as simply a group who were responding to the revolutionary spirit of the 'enlightened' age. Indeed, it is revealing that many critics of the NWO speak of it in terms of a 'satanic' or 'Luciferian' conspiracy, for Lucifer means 'light bearer' (as does 'Illuminati'), and it is the Enlightenment which has borne the light of science and rationality to men who have been kept in the dark of ignorance by religion and superstition. Beyond this, it is possible to explain exactly why the Illuminati took the form of a conspiratorial-appearing secret society which later went on to 'infect' another important secret society, the Freemasons, who have since been accused of promoting the same 'NWO conspiracy'. The explanation is simply that the propounding of revolutionary ideas made it necessary for the proponents to keep knowledge of their ideas hidden from the Establishment, since it was precisely the Establishment against whom these ideas were directed. From this we can see why many of the Founders were Masons, and why many of the symbols of the nation they founded were Masonic in nature. To this it may be added that it is no surprise that Masons were heavily involved with ideas of a scientific and rational nature, because the Masons had evolved as a society which nurtured and protected the scientific knowledge of the age -- knowledge which was used in the Masonic profession of architectural construction.

But if revolution was a natural consequence of the Enlightenment, this is hardly to say that all of the Enlightenment's revolutionary ideas were good ones. In particular, in ushering in the change from a theistic to a humanistic worldview, the Enlightenment also brought a demand for a scientific and rational morality and polity to replace the religion-based morality and polity of the Old Order, and this has been the source of many bitter conflicts over the centuries. The basic problem is that, while the scientific worldview has been an excellent destroyer -- no one today seriously defends the once universally-accepted dogma of 'the divine right of kings', nor does anyone seriously believe that divine help is going to be more effective in war than big armies and superior weaponry -- science and reason have not yet produced good replacements (or at least replacements which are widely accepted) for the things they have destroyed. (The author, however, has contributed much in the area of morality, and some of his most important essays are posted in the Science, Religion & Morality section of his webpage, ). More particularly, while science has discredited the divine right of kings, the system which has emerged in its place from the Enlightenment's rationalist thinkers -- representative government, or democracy -- has proved just as flawed as monarchy, if in different ways. Likewise, while science has made mincemeat of religious dogma, the disappearance of the old basis of morality in conjunction with the flawed or insufficient systems offered as their replacement in the name of science or reason -- communism, capitalism and nazism, for example -- has left men at moral loose ends, a situation which is especially dangerous because men now have the power to cause death and destruction on a scale that might well be the envy of an angry god. As JBR Yant once said, many of the problems of the modern world devolve from the fact that technology has developed faster than morality.

To understand the nature of the NWO, we must realize that its impulse comes from many and diverse quarters. These impulses generally involve liberty, equality, peace, and love of one's fellow-man, and have been reflected in many social movements and organizations, including communism, socialism, integration, immigration, feminism, welfare, political correctness, price controls, disarmament, gun control, and of course world government. Needless to say, liberty, equality, peace and love are noble and universally-shared desires (or at least when they are properly qualified), and this is why the NWO has won wide support. But the means that have been proposed to realize these noble desires -- communism, socialism, integration, etc -- have often been less than noble, and in fact have often undermined the very ideals they were supposed to support.

From the above we see that, on a superficial level, the NWO may be understood as an idealistic or utopian movement, albeit one which may have gone wrong in several respects. On a deeper level, however, the NWO may be seen as a movement shepherded by a small but powerful elite whose motive is the very un-idealistic one of concentrating power into its own hands. This, it may be observed, is the practical effect of communism and socialism, whose rhetoric is 'power to the people', but whose reality is 'power to the elite who are in charge of the government.' Other NWO policies have the effect of bolstering a concentration of power by means of destroying institutions, customs, laws and other social structures whose effect is to provide social stability and help society defend itself against changes of the sort that the NWO is attempting to impose. For example, integration and immigration destroy the white genome and reduce the power of the race which originated the idea of political freedom and brought it to term; feminism throws a monkey wrench into the relations of men and women, and thereby subverts the family, which is society's most important social organization not only in being vital to the rearing of the next generation, but one which stands as a bulwark against tyranny by providing a mutual support network, somewhat after the fashion of a gang; welfare and similar programs (social security, business subsidies, research grants, etc) tend to destroy the work ethic and make people dependent upon -- and hence easily controlled by -- the government; political correctness squelches free speech and increases intergroup hostility, thereby in one stroke increasing the reach of the State's police power while keeping groups from working together against a tyrannical government; price controls give the government control over the market, thereby keeping people poor and dependent on government good-will; disarmament and gun control keep both nations and people from opposing those in charge of the NWO; and world government is of course the ultimate power grab and great desideratum of the NWO.

A crucial question in discussing the NWO is whether it could be a worldwide spontaneous movement which is attempting to realize the ideals of freedom, equality, and the like, as opposed to a conspiracy or working-together that is attempting to impose the NWO on world society. In a way, the answer doesn't matter, because -- in the words of Lord Acton -- power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely; so that no matter how idealistic the NWO begins, corruption is inevitable. But even if one does not accept Acton's observation, it remains a fact that the various moves toward the NWO could never have happened 'by chance' or 'spontaneously' or even 'opportunistically': These are events which were planned in advance and financed with major capital outlays that could have come only from very wealthy and powerful men or organizations. FDR, one of the most prominent of the New World Orderlies, said it best: "In politics, nothing happens by chance."

One of the most difficult problems in opposing the NWO is that we do not know for certain who is behind it. It is true that we can point to certain influential groups that support it, such as the Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, Council on Foreign Relations, National Council of Churches, Club of Rome, Round Tableists, Fabians, and various foundations; and we can also point to the politicians and other powerful people like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who lend their influence to it; but we can only guess as to where the brains or motive force of the NWO is located. [For the record, let me say that I do not believe that the Masonic organizations or the 'Illuminati' (whoever they might be) are involved in any significant way in the NWO, tho these organizations obviously played an important historical role, as noted earlier. My reason for thinking this is that the NWO program -- to use HG Wells' phrase -- is an 'open conspiracy' which no longer needs the protection of secret societies to nurture its ideas.] This is important, since having no single person or group to focus our opposition upon means that the NWO becomes a bit like the Hydra of Greek mythology: Because it has many heads, cutting off one or several will not stop it, but only makes it grow more.

But if we cannot zero in on the NWO epicenter, it is nevertheless possible to identify one group which is the prime focus of NWO activity, namely, Jews, or more properly, Organized Jewry. The Jews as a people are probably not conscious promoters of the NWO altho they -- as liberals or leftists -- generally support many of its programs; and it is extremely unlikely that many Jews are engaged in any kind of conspiracy or working-together to bring about the NWO as such; but it remains a fact that, both historically and in the contemporary world, Jewish organizations and individual Jews have played not merely a major role, but an absolutely critical and definitive role, in creating and supporting most of the elements of the NWO. We have documented this role in our essay "The Case Against the Jews: A Review of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior" posted in the Jewish Question section of our website,, and we urge the reader to review its charges carefully. Accordingly, while it would be wrong to say we are alleging a 'Jewish conspiracy' to promote the NWO, we are saying that the Jewish element in the move toward a NWO is critical and overriding.

But if I say that the motive force toward a NWO is significantly Jewish, I also say that the only way to stop the NWO is thru an alliance of whites with ordinary Jews (as opposed to Organized Jewry, which supports the NWO), whose energy and intelligence is certain to make a vital difference once these Jews become aware of the fact -- and it is a fact -- that the preservation of Western civilization is in the ordinary Jew's best interest. I emphasize this point not merely because -- in my view at least -- Jews will make a superlative ally, but also because if whites insist on alienating ordinary Jews, as so many in the pro-white community seem willing to do, then Western civilization is in dire straits indeed. To this I would add that my judgment on this matter stems in large measure from my lifelong and often intimate association with Jews, and my deep respect and love for these people as individuals. In particular, I have seen absolutely no reason to think of Jews as any less than whites, whether morally, intellectually or any other way, and much reason to think exactly the opposite. Beyond this, while we have certainly seen Jews who are outstanding in their badness, my inclination is to think that this is because such people would be outstanding in whatever they do, whether good or bad.

In closing, I think it is important to mention a possibility that will probably be dismissed out of hand even by those who will go so far as to accept that Jews -- by which I mean Organized Jewry -- are a severe problem for Western civilization. That possibility is that the real power behind the NWO is extraterrestrials. I say this not because I believe it (or for that matter, disbelieve it) but because it is something that needs to be taken seriously, particularly in view of the many and continuing stories of ET contact, films of flying saucers (or whatever you wish to call them), underground ET bases, MJ-12 and other government-ET alliances, crop circles, cattle mutilations, astronaut observations of ET craft, geodesic domes on Mars, and so on. It would be pointless to attempt to argue the case for the existence of ETs and to what extent, if any, they are affecting us -- old folks will almost uniformly be disbelievers, while young folks, most of whom have grown up on Star Trek and the X-Files, will be believers -- but intellectual completeness requires that we at least mention this important possibility. And of course if it is ETs who are behind the NWO (and, we might add, behind the Jews), we may assume that the fight against it will be not only that much more difficult, but also that much more important.



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