Why the Blindness Toward Jewish Behavior?

By John "Birdman" Bryant


We all know that there are those who have been given ample information about the Jewish Question and yet refuse to see Jews as a threat to America, the West, or the white race. It is thus reasonable to inquire as to what blocks such persons' ability to see what many of us consider to be little short of obvious. In reflecting on the matter, my conclusion is that there are two factors responsible for this blocking.

The first factor is the reluctance to draw an inductive conclusion from the facts -- something which might be described as acknowledging the existence of all the dots, but without a willingness to connect them into the Big Picture which the rest of us see. This of course is not irrational, since it is not a logical conclusion that is to be (or not to be) drawn, but rather an inductive one. It is similar to the situation in which x happens, and then y happens immediately after: How many times does the sequence {x, y} have to occur before one concludes that x causes y? Some will draw the conclusion of causation more quickly than others, but no one -- including those who fail to draw the conclusion at all -- can properly be said to be 'wrong'.

The second factor blocking the conclusion that Jews are a threat is the refusal to make generalizations about Jews, in favor of attributing every instance of bad Jewish behavior merely to certain individual Jews. For example, rather than saying that the Russian Revolution was Jewish, one might argue that it was carried out by people who just happened to BE Jewish; and one could argue likewise for every other event or situation cited as evidence of the Jewish undermining of Western or American civilization, or the white race.

Ultimately, then, the position which one takes on the Jewish Question is a matter of belief. We can build a mountain of evidence, but whether a person finds it compelling depends solely on the particular person who sees it. And exactly what that person believes has much to do with the success of the mass media in painting the Jews as 'good guys' and 'victims', and smearing their opponents as 'evil racists' and 'haters'.

But if this is disappointing, we may nonetheless be happy that there are other factors which act to open people's minds. These include the many lies and exaggerations which Jews have been responsible for, particularly regarding the Holocaust. They also include the fact that the Jews and their friends refuse to debate with those who set forth seemingly-rational arguments. They include the taboo which surrounds the criticism of Jews -- something which reveals the power and willingness of Jews and their shabby goy factotems to do harm to people who dare to criticize the Self-Chosen. And they certainly include the many laws which have been passed against 'Holocaust denial' and 'antisemitism', which force people to recognize both the considerable power of Organized Jewry and the fact that Jews fear the truth and thus wish to hush it up.

Proverbial wisdom tells us that the truth will out; and when it does, a lot of people may just be angry enuf to insure that there will be some real gas chambers this time.




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