Why Criticize the Jews?

By John "Birdman" Bryant


I've spent a good deal of time in life criticizing others -- most of them badly need the criticism, and I am always happy to give it. More than that, I've been pretty much an equal-opportunity criticizer -- I attack whoever I consider to be guilty of error, and do not pull my punches on the basis of race, religion or any other form of invidious distinction. Jews, like any other group, have always been in my sights, but I had never really given them that much attention until I published an essay critical of Jews in the Tampa Bay Sounding, the local Mensa magazine for which I had written a column for almost two years. While the full story of this episode is told in my book Political Correctness, Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa, the bottom line was my personal discovery that Jews are not just another ethnic group, but form a powerful network ready -- among other things -- to clobber criticism wherever it may arise.

But don't get me wrong -- I grew up with Jews, have had Jews as best friends and lovers, and in general have learned to cherish and respect these beautiful and talented people. There's no way I can put that behind me, nor is there the least reason to do so. That's because 'Jews' aren't the problem -- or at least I don't believe in my heart of hearts that they are. The problem is rather the chauvinistic, paranoid, aggressive, ugly and overwealthy Jewish establishment, which is not only the bane of America and Western civilization, but of ordinary Jews, whose arms they continually twist for contributions, and whom they are very much endangering by their policies and pursuits.

But being justified in my criticism, and having been the victim of Jewish thuggery, are not the only reasons I criticize Jews. Another reason is that the Jewish assault on American and Western culture is not merely serious, but life-threatening. While this may have the sound of overblown alarmist rhetoric, I can assure you that the cold hard facts -- many of which have come to light in only the last few years -- are sufficient to more than bear me out. Many of these facts are discussed in the essays on this webpage.

Another of my reasons for criticizing Jews is that it is forbidden, and I am ineluctably drawn to doing what is forbidden. I believe this attraction is based on a certain macho element -- by standing up to the Jewish establishment, I show people that I have the cojones that a lot of other folks do not. Or to put it another way, standing up to the Jewish establishment requires both honesty and courage -- the honesty to recognize the truth, and the courage to support it with your John Hancock. So maybe I'm just egotistical, but I want to be seen as honest and courageous; and I take special pride in what I am doing when I see everyone else running for cover while I and only a small number of others are standing alone against the Jewish onslaught.

Another reason for criticizing Jews is that it is an intellectual and moral challenge -- the former, because it presents a phenomenon which is multifaceted and difficult to comprehend (to say nothing of resolve); and the latter because it involves important ethical issues that few appreciate or understand.

Yet another reason for criticizing Jews is that I see it as my responsibility. If everyone else is dishonest or cowardly or ignorant, that gives me the obligation to stand up and be counted. I have had a good life, and I have an obligation to give back some of the good that I have received.

My final reason for criticizing Jews is that, while there are many other political and social problems which might seem to be far more pressing than anything relating to Jews, the strange and ugly fact is that a careful examination of these problems leads to but a single conclusion: Most of them have an intimate relation to Jews.

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