Birdman's Letter to the "2% Solution" Column

The following letter was published in an edited form in the Jan/Feb 2000 issue of the Mensa Bulletin. The omitted parts are enclosed in square brackets, and in black heavy type are the parts published in the Bulletin -- you decide if it was censorship or just editorial discretion. A few things were slightly rewritten by Don Million, so the letter below is not a perfect rendering of what was published, but it is very close.

Million introduced my letter with the following remarks: "Several of the letters this month come down, essentially, to 'my god is better than your god'. Possibly the most controversial approach to this controversial issue can be seen in this next letter, sent via e-mail by John Bryant."

[To Don Million, Editor, Mensa Bulletin's 'The 2% Solution' ( From: John Bryant Date: 10 Oct 99]

In your October column you called for readers to identify (1) the most controversial issue of the past century, (2) where the respondent stands on the issue, and (3) is there a way to resolve highly controversial issues in a calm and rational way?

Having been dubbed 'Mensa's resident iconoclast' by Tom Elliott in a review of some of my books, I believe I have some standing to respond to this question. My answer to (1) is]

[The most controversial issue of the century is] the Jewish Question, ie, the question of what effect the Jews have had on American and Western society, and what kind of threat they pose, if any. [It would be misleading, I should add, to describe this question as merely 'controversial', for even RAISING it is sufficient for the skies to begin raining dumpster-loads of fresh, organic fertilizer. I should know, and if anyone cares to find out about my experiences in attempting to raise this subject with Mensans, they can read my book 'Political Correctness, Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa' (available from, as are most of my other 30-odd books).]

Another point I might add is that Holocaust Revisionism -- which raises questions about what I have called the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust -- is really only a small part of the Jewish Question, even if it is generally the most publicly visible. There are, however, several other important aspects which have attained considerable public visibility in recent years: Criminal use of New York banks by the 'Russian' (actually Jewish) mafia, extortion of Swiss banks [(and since then, quite a few others)]by Jewish organizations seeking 'war reparations', Pat Buchanan's characterization of Congress as 'Israeli-occupied territory', state- sanctioned torture in Israel, the Pentagon report about Jews as prime security risks [(hastily withdrawn under pressure from You-Know-Who)], the attempt by Jewish organizations to stamp out politically-incorrect speech on the Internet, the criminal spying activities of the Anti-Defamation League, the 'never forgive, never forget' attempt to prosecute 'war criminals' a half-century after the fact [(and the willingness to use false testimony in order to get convictions, as happened in the case of John Demjanjuk)], and the reduction of the official 4 million Auschwitz death- count figure to 1.1 million [(O Six Million, where art thou?)].

As to (2), I consider the Jewish Question to be a very complex one with no easy answers. In spite of the abuse which I have [personally] suffered, I consider myself a moderate, as I believe has been shown by the reviews [of my book "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jews But Were Afraid to Ask Because you Thought You'd Be Called 'Antisemitic'":] Two prominent Jews, one a rabbi, praised it, as did a prominent Jewish critic/revisionist.

It is worth mentioning that the history of the Jews is one of being expelled from almost every Western country at some time or other, and it was this recognition of the seeming incompatibility of Jew and gentile which spurred the original Zionists in their program. (In this regard, it may be noted that one of the most enthusiastic Zionists was Adolf Hitler, whose government gave financial and other support -- via the 'Transfer Agreement' -- to the efforts of Jews to settle in Palestine.)

As to (3), the major stumbling block to solving the Jewish Question is that discussion is never allowed -- anyone, like myself, who attempts to, is invariably shouted down, his work is suppressed, and he is labeled 'bigoted' and 'antisemitic'. But this is a dangerous policy -- after all, when words are forbidden, deeds may be the only recourse.

And finally, ask not if I am antisemitic -- ask only if I am right.

[Don added the following comment to the end of my essay: ]"As I told John in response to his letter, I think it's legitimate to ask both if he is right AND if he is antisemitic."

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