Letter to the American Mensa Committee Re the Mensa Bulletin Attack

By John "Birdman" Bryant



To: All AMC members

From: John Bryant

Date:October 19, 2000

Dear folks:

I have a grievance against Mensa which it is in the personal interest of AMC members to resolve. I have taken this grievance to the new Mensa ombudsman, Eldon Romney, who has decided against me, so I am taking it to you directly.

In its simplest form, my complaint is that I was attacked by a number of different individuals in the March Mensa Bulletin in an unprecedented special two-page feature of the letters section because of an essay I wrote on the Jewish Question which was published in an earlier Bulletin, but that I was not allowed to make a response, in spite of the fact that the attack was libelous, full of falsehoods and/or misleading statements, was purely an ad hominem assault without discussing any of the issues I raised, violated the spirit of Mensa if not actual Mensa policies, and involved numerous unethical acts by Mensa officers acting in their official capacity. I have assembled all the relevant documents, including detailed descriptions of my complaint and correspondence with Mr Romney, in the postings on my website under "Mensa Flap", which is accessible from my Home Page (http://www.thebirdman.org) by clicking "Jewish Question".

Your personal interest in getting this matter resolved promptly is that, unless my very modest request for resolution is met (see below), I will seek resolution with a lawsuit against not only Mensa, but against the individual members of the AMC who are responsible for its behavior in this matter -- and since you evidently have the power to resolve the matter, you will be defendants in the suit if it comes into being. As I point out in several places, I have no intention of pursuing a lawsuit unless I can find a lawyer who will take the case on a contingency fee basis, so if you regard that as unlikely, then you have nothing to be concerned about -- unless, of course, Mensa's unfairness is something you find disturbing. I do, however, urge you to settle now on the basis of my very modest request, because if the matter goes to court, the settlement will no longer be modest.

The resolution to this matter which I ask for is for you to publish my 150- word response given at the end of this letter under the very reasonable conditions that are listed following the letter.

You may make yourself personally exempt from any lawsuit I file as follows: Simply write me affirming that you support my proposed resolution and that you will vote in favor of this resolution and otherwise support it; and that, in case that a majority of the AMC inform me that they support this resolution, that you request me to instruct the AMC Chairman and the Mensa  Bulletin editor and the Letters Editor that it is the AMC's decision to allow the letter to be published in the very next Mensa Bulletin that has not actually been sent to the printers. If a majority of the AMC support me but the publication of the letter does not in fact take place within the time span described, then I will assume that your agreement was just for show and will therefore include you as a defendant in the suit.

If you want to be exempted from my lawsuit, I must hear from you promptly on this matter, because time is running out for me in terms of the possibility of going to court. Also, if you care about Mensa, you should address this matter promptly, since settlement now is easy, while letting it go to court may prove very bad for Mensa, both in terms of negative publicity and financially, and your delay would thus constitute a matter 'inimical to Mensa'.

In conclusion, let me say that much of the trouble that people suffer is self-caused, and in particular, that much of this trouble results from refusing to give an inch, and ending up having to give a mile. I hope that you are sufficiently wise not to let this happen to you.

Here is the 150-word letter (actually only 148 words) which I want published in the Bulletin:

My Jewish Question essay (Jan/Feb Bulletin) precipitated an unprecedented vitriolic 2-page attack on me (March Bulletin). The Letters Editor originally offered me a (piddling) 150-word response; offer suddenly canceled by AMC Chairman Beatty when submitted letter gave Internet address of my complete -- and DEVASTATING -- response. If you want to read it (and all the other eye-opening documents), see my webpage -- http://www.thebirdman.org -- click "Jewish Question"; read "Mensa Flap". Also posted are such explosive and thoroughly-documented essays as "The Case Against the Jews" and "The Jewish War Against Gentiles". No Internet access? Get it at the public library. It's time for open discussion of the very disturbing facts about Jews. Alternate email addresses, if needed: bryantbryant@excite.com or CMA_man@yahoo.com. So my webpage address isn't "accidentally" misprinted, I repeat: http://www.thebirdman.org. Down with Political Correctness!

John "Birdman" Bryant PO Box 66683 St Pete Beach FL 33736-6683

Conditions for publication:

* My letter must appear on the first page of the Letters section in order to give it sufficient prominence to match the prominence of the attack on me to which I am responding.

* My letter must have a title or heading which includes "Jewish Question", eg, "Bryant on the Jewish Question".

* The letter must not be changed in any significant way, and in particular must list all my contact information exactly the way it is given.

* My letter must look like the other letters, eg, in the same type, the same size type, the same format, etc.

* If any of the above conditions are not met, the letter must be republished until all the conditions are fulfilled simultaneously in one letter.


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