Responses by Others to the Birdman's

Mensa Bulletin Essay - May

Letters in the May 2000 Mensa Bulletin - The only 'positive' responses allowed

Topple them sacred cows

The Mensa Bulletin is to be congratulated for finally printing some 
controversial writings. Since joining Mensa, I've often wondered why the 
various publications of the group are so pedestrian. Where are the 
iconoclastic, sacred-cow-toppling articles that one would hope to associate 
with intelligence? Instead, the publications -and I refer also to local 
groups' publications -- are usually completely full of cutesy plays on 
words and other drivel. I even dropped out of Mensa a couple of years ago 
because the things I saw printed were such pablum. Now I have more faith 
that perhaps Mensa will run pieces that don't sound like the cooing of the 
    Keep up the good work, Mensa Bulletin. 

H. Millard 

Lightening up

The responses Betty Curry chose to print on page 6 of the March issue 
were just as interesting reading as the letter they referred to. I liked 
Million's explanation of why he chose to publish that letter. I liked the 
responses. All are revealing as well as entertaining. 
    I am not a life member of Mensa because I expect to find agreement with 
my views. I enjoy reading the Bulletin because I find the views expressed 
enlightening and entertaining, but not necessarily ones I agree with. 
    Keep it up, both of you. And may the rest of us enjoy or be 
entertained, or even educated just a bit. But most of all, may some of us 
lighten up. Just a bit. 

T.R. Busard

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