The Birdman's Mayday Mensa Letter

By John "Birdman" Bryant


To: Fellow Mensans
 From: John Bryant (bio and contact info below)
 Re: Information which the Mensa establishment is desperately trying to
 Contents: Opinion
 Date: Mayday, 2001
 Note: This letter is being emailed to Mensans who have published their
addresses in the Mensa Bulletin and elsewhere, thereby indicating an
interest in being contacted on issues of importance to Mensans.  If you
would like to be removed from my email list, please notify me and I will be
glad to do so.

Dear fellow Mensans:

Approximately one year ago I made Mensa history -- I was the first person
to be attacked in a major screamfest-hatefest in the Mensa Bulletin (March
2000, pp 6-7).  This attack came about as a result of a short piece of mine
(which was not even a complete article) published in the previous Bulletin
(Jan/Feb 2000 2% Solution).  This attack was unique for several reasons:

* It consisted of numerous letters brimming with hateful denunciations, but
did not allow even a single letter in support of my position, in spite of
the fact that my article generated a great deal of mail.

* It was published as a special section, and introduced by a hate-squib
written by the AMC Communications Director

* It was a response to a piece that had appeared only the previous month,
whereas commentary on published pieces is usually confined to the second or
third issue after the original publication (This fact demonstrated the
importance given to the attack by those who made it.)

* It prompted a shortening of the allowed length of letters which has only
recently been rescinded due to numerous protests.

* It was brought on because I dared to dabble in the most forbidden of all
forbidden topics: Criticism of Jews.

* I was not allowed to respond to the attack in any way in the pages of the
Bulletin.  Altho the Letters Editor originally promised to publish a letter
from me of (a measly) 150 words -- a length restriction which 'just
happened' to be imposed on all future letters in the very issue in which
the attack appeared and was evidently intended to limit me severely in what
I could say -- this tiny genuflection to fairness was quickly rescinded by
the Big Cheese himself, AMC Chairman Beatty, when I used the 150 words to
point to a location on the Internet where I had posted a complete and
devastating response (see below).

The evident purpose of the Bulletin attack was not to answer my criticisms
of Jews -- leftists and others of the politically-correct persuasion will
NEVER answer criticisms except with name-calling and other forms of ad
hominem attacks.  Rather the attack on me was for the purpose of PUNISHING
me for what I did, and -- far more importantly -- to let the rest of the
Mensa membership know that anyone else having the chutzpah to say anything
like I said would be punished swiftly and brutally, as I was.

Well, folks, it's payback time.  The attack spurred me to put up a website
-- -- where I have posted all the documents of this
controversy along with a great deal of supporting documentation for those
who might think that my statements are simply a matter of irrationality or
misinformation.  In particular, besides an excellent selection of documents
on Jews in general, the postings include my original article (along with
all the stuff that was 'edited out'), the letters of denunciation published
in the Bulletin, my devastating response letter, my correspondence with the
Mensa Ombudsman in my attempt to get some justice, plus all other relevant
HYPOCRISY, COWARDICE AND IMMORALITY of the AMC, the liberals, the leftists,
and all the other politically-correct errand-boys of the Jewish

But be warned -- my enemies don't want you to read this stuff, and they
will move quickly to try to get my page taken down and my Internet account
canceled (that's their Standard Operating Procedure).  If either effort is
successful, of course, it will only serve to prove me right: That the
behavior of organized Jewry poses an important danger to the rest of us,
and that these folks regard what I have to say as sufficiently important
and revealing to try to keep people from seeing it or contacting me.  So my
suggestion is, read the page NOW, before You-Know-Who start whining and
bleating.  (On my page, just click on 'Jewish Question' and scroll down to
'Mensa Flap'.)  But even if my page is not up, you can still access the
most important document in the case -- the response to the Bulletin attack
-- at the following location:

Also, if my email account is canceled, I can be contacted at the following
alternate addresses (but don't use them unless you have to, since I check
them only once a week or so): and

In passing I might mention that, while the attack in the Bulletin spurred
me to put up my webpage, my site has many other features, including a page
of hard-to-find news stories which is updated daily, and which is so good
that even the editor of the most popular news site on the Net --
WorldNetDaily -- reads it (tho he wouldn't dare post the stories that we
post).  If you care to visit us, as more than 16,000 unique visitors have
done in the few months since my page has been up (and without any
advertising yet!), you may just find yourself acquiring a whole new
perspective on a lot of controversial subjects.  You may also discover why,
in spite of forcefully violating the taboo of criticizing Jews, we have had
several friendly letters from rabbis and other Jews (posted on the site),
and virtually no hate mail (all posted) -- tho no doubt this fact will
change now that we are alerting almost a thousand notoriously-liberal
Mensans to our page.

In the present context I would like to comment on AMC Chairman Bob Beatty,
who was the person that prevented me from responding to the Bulletin
attack.  Beatty, as you probably know, recently announced his resignation
of the AMC chairmanship due to blood pressure caused by stress, and while I
am not of the school which believes that 'God punishes sinners', the fact
remains that unethical behavior, such as that which Beatty exhibited toward
me, can have physiological as well as social consequences.  Maybe Beatty
should give some thought to righting the wrong he has done to me lest it be
contributing to -- or causing -- his health problems.  This wrong, it may
be noted, is compounded by the fact that in the Jan/Feb 2000 Bulletin
Beatty made the following statements (p 2): "... we revel in our diversity.
... What we thrive on is new ideas.  We may differ greatly in our opinions,
but we also know that by debating and discussing thoughts and ideas with
our fellow Mensans, we will learn much -- some of which we may agree with,
some of which we may disagree with, but our knowledge base will expand.  As
our knowledge base expands, so does our degree of tolerance."  Now tell me,
Bob, how did all that 'thriving on new ideas' and 'tolerance' come to a
screeching halt in just two months?

In closing, I request that you contact me if you are willing to send me a
photocopy (or, even better, an electronic copy) of your local Mensa
directory, or if you have a copy of the Mensa email directory.  I want to
compile an email list which I can use to notify as many Mensans by email as

And finally, keep in mind that the only purpose of censorship is to keep
you from finding out things you really need to know.

JOHN BRYANT is a philosopher, logician, cartoonist, libertarian, the author
of 40 highly-praised books (available thru or his website at, and was dubbed "Mensa's resident iconoclast" by Tom
Elliott, the high-IQ organization's book review editor (Mensa Bulletin,
97).  He is listed in Who's Who in the World and other prestigious
was dubbed the "Birdman of Pinellas County" (FL) by a local radio station,
and is one of the few individuals in the world to have had three separate
laws passed specifically against him (for the infernal crime of bird
feeding).  He writes the politically-incorrect Birdman's Weekly Letter,
available free via email from  Snailmail address: PO
Box 66683, St Pete Beach FL 33736-6683.


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