Response to Mensa Bulletin Attack: Original 150-Word Letter Solicited By the Letters Editor And Promptly Scotched By AMC Chairman Bob Beatty

By John "Birdman" Bryant


To: Betty Curry, Mensa Bulletin Letters Editor (

From: John Bryant (

Re: Response to your offer to publish a 150 word response by me

I have prepared a 150 word letter below for publication. I do not accept this as a substitute for the Bulletin's not publishing my entire earlier letter, but I will nonetheless avail myself of the limited opportunity to express myself.

Here is my (exactly) 150 word letter for publication:

I've prepared an absolutely DEVASTATING response to the March Bulletin defamations of myself and my Jewish Question essay which the Bulletin naturally won't print, but is posted at

Below is a MUCH ABBREVIATED version of ONE of my MANY points:

Though not well-known, Jews have been the principal force behind most major destructive events of the last century: Communism (Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Schiff), feminism (Friedan, Steinem), integration, gun control (Feinstein, Schumer), (genocidal) immigration, espionage (Rosenbergs, Greenglass, ADL), internet censorship (ADL, SWC), antiwhite 'hatecrime' legislation, US entry into BOTH World Wars (Balfour Declaration; Untermeyer boycott), Great Depression (engineered by Federal Reserve, creation of Paul Warburg), Balkans War (Cohen, Albright, Berger), etc, etc. Are gentiles supposed to see all this as merely accidental? Are they wrong to want to protect Western civilization and the gene pool which built it?

John Bryant


The following day, 28 Mar, AMC Chairman Bob Beatty sent me the following letter:

Dear Mr. Bryant,

You expressed you viewpoint in the January-February issue.
Others expressed their viewpoint in the March issue.
Despite what you feel or threaten to do, we feel this topic is closed.

Bob Beatty


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