The Crimes of Jews: March 2003 Update

By John "Birdman" Bryant


In late March of 2003 the essay below was sent to all the members of the high-IQ society Mensa whose email addresses I have managed to acquire. It has been slightly edited for this posting.

Dear Fellow Mensans:

There is a saying of my own composition that I often quote to those who argue with me: "You can lead a horse's ass to 'oughter' but you can't make him think." In the campaign which I have carried on for the last decade to get Mensans to openly discuss the Jewish Question, that pretty much summarizes my efforts. And that's really a bit of too bad, because now we are in a war that none other than the Jews have gotten us into (I use the phrase 'the Jews' advisedly, but will discuss its inaccuracies in a moment). This is a war that promises an end to freedom, to privacy, to everything that America has stood for -- indeed, to Western civilization itself. It is a war that promises to bring us a new Third Reich, except that it will be run by Jews. To which I might add that Hitler himself was almost certainly one-quarter Jewish (more precisely, the grandson of a Rothschild, the world's richest and most influential Jewish family - documentation below), and that he took many of the ideas for the Third Reich directly from the Jewish-created-and-dominated Bolshevik revolution in Russia -- perhaps the most brutal and inhumane regime the world has ever known, with its estimated death toll of 60 million far exceeding the relatively pitiful (tho greatly exaggerated) numbers of those said to have been killed by Hitler's regime.

There is of course nothing more taboo than to criticize Jews as a group, but the very existence of this taboo is itself proof positive of the enormous power that Jews wield, and not just in America, but virtually everywhere. (As nationally-syndicated columnist Joe Sobran once remarked, Jews are the only group powerful enuf to make you say they are not powerful -- a fact which Congressman Moran recently discovered to his great displeasure.) And it is the existence of this power which virtually cries out for discussion. It is what a recent writer has called 'the elephant in the livingroom' -- everyone knows it is there, but no one wants to mention it. But things are starting to change. The question of whether the hugely-unpopular Iraq war is being fought in the interests of Israel rather than America has been directly put to the President in a press conference, and this is but one of many cracks that are now appearing in a dam which is holding back not merely questions about the war, but about the ill-effects of Jewish power on America and the world. Pat Buchanan is famous for his remark that Congress is 'Israeli-occupied territory', and now we are seeing that it applies not just to Congress, but to the entire government, whose principles of freedom and justice have been subverted for Jewish interests, to say nothing of the billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars shoveled into Israeli and other Jewish pockets.

What I want to do in this letter is to prove to you -- or show you how you can prove to yourself -- exactly how bad the situation is, and hopefully make you recognize that the Jewish Question is not some arid intellectual exercise of political theory which one can take up if no other matters are pressing, but rather an emergency of the first order. This task is complicated, however, by the fact that it is so psychologically difficult for fair-minded people to deal with -- no one wants to condemn (or seem to condemn) an entire people for what only some of its members have done. (This of course is in addition to the fact that no one wants to violate the social taboo of discussing Jews critically.) I understand this difficulty because I myself found it a stumbling block early on; and indeed, it still represents a tricky question, but one which I shall postpone till I have cited precisely what it is that bothers me about 'the Jews', in whatever interpretation we may put on that particular phrase. Please be aware in advance that I am not going to talk about the Protocols; nor am I going to cite Martin Luther's theological tracts, complain about 'Christ killers', dip into the 'blood libel', rail against 'usury', or involve myself in any of the other silly or dubious charges which have been made against Jews in the past. Rather, my interest is in substantive charges supported by factual evidence, something of which there just so happens to be a great abundance.

To begin, let me say that I have attempted to set forth a detailed, comprehensive and thoroughly-documented account of Jewish historical and contemporary misbehavior in my lengthy essay 'The case against the Jews' which is posted on my website at

While this essay is excellent as far as it goes, it does not cover the watershed events of the last year or so. In particular, it does not cover the one event of the period which set the stage for the present war, and for which the Jews are almost certainly responsible: The 'terrorist' attacks of September 11, 2001, which we shall simply designate 911. Perhaps you will find this statement unbelievable, but the evidence is overwhelming; and while it is equally clear that Washington was also involved (see below), it is helpful to remember that 'Washington' is just another name for Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac, and does the phrase 'Israeli- occupied territory' ring a bell with you? Hello? Hello?

A very complete setting-out of the evidence for Israeli involvement in 911 can be found at the following locations:

[Correction: 10 Jan 2004 - The two URLs below no longer work. A new URL which works as of today for the shorter version is - Other copies of either version can probably be found with a Google search using the title "Stranger Than Fiction" and the author "Dr Albert D. Pastore PhD". If this is unsuccessful, these articles will probably be available by searching the Internet archives.]

(Shorter earlier version)

(Complete later version)

the latter of which treats the subject in near-book-length thoroughness. But because there are some readers who would think the matter so incredible as to never bother to check this file, we present below several points which we think make a fairly decent argument, tho we have omitted footnotes, links and other references which may be found in the longer document cited:

Point: The number of Israelis who died in the WTC was ZERO, and this in spite of the fact that a LOT of Israelis worked there. Beyond that, there were all kinds of advance warnings, which included the Israeli Prime Minister (who canceled a trip to NY on account of it), Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco, (who also canceled a NY trip), and a host of others. Some Israeli firms even moved out of the WTC just before 911. All of which things are obviously random, Dahling.

Point: Israelis were caught filming the WTC collapse, laughing and shouting and having a good time. Beyond this, the biggest spy ring in the nation was exposed shortly after 911, and guess what nationality was involved? (Hint: It wasn't the Bantus, Jack.) Not to mention the Izzies caught with explosives, and caught filming the Sears Tower and other potential attack points. Not to mention the Izzies caught in the Mexican  congress with a fuckin' arsenal! But of course none of these gentle folk were put on trial, because Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac, which was complicit with them, didn't want them on trial, lest they expose the Conspiracy (Did I say that? Why I must be crrraaazyy!) Instead, all the perps were 'sent home'. Now why does all this make me think of that Pentagon memo of a few years ago which said that Jews were security risks? Could it have been a fleeting memory of Jonathan Jay Pollard, who was said to have given Israel every American military secret worth having, and who is now an Israeli hero?

Point: Like they say in Rome, Cui bono? And no, that is not a reference to Sonny. It's "Who benefits?" And what was the benefit? Well, maybe you don't remember all the bad press that Israel was getting before 911 for its treatment of the Pals. So, hey, what better thing to do than demonize dem baaaad-ass Towelheads? That way, you can kill the muthas without anybody objecting much -- run them into the sea and finish the job of stealing their land. And, as an added benefit, you can turn the American people against Araby, and get more aid to boot (What is it this year? $14 billion?) And maybe even get those stupid 'Mericans to do yr fighting fer ya! Hey, Groovy! 

Point: As we noted above, the American government was also involved in 911 -- almost certainly at the behest of Jewish agents. We can clearly infer government involvement because there has been no serious investigation of 911 (tho much deliberate stalling, hiding of data, etc), or any resolution of the many indications that government agents were involved (failure to scramble air force jets promptly, insider option trading never investigated, the impossibility of the famous cell phone call from the plane, the disappearing black boxes of three different planes, the perfect flying by Arabs who had experience only in small planes, Arabs spending their last night violating their religion in a strip club, the suddenly- appearing identifying passports, the sudden carting-away of the WTC rubble without analysis, etc, etc, etc). But what ethnicity is it that controls Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac, whose central agency is 'Israeli-occupied territory', and whose President is awash in a sea of Jewish advisers and their shabby goy factotums?

But why, you might ask, have the major media not exposed this if it is true? The answer, of course, is that the major media are in Jewish hands (or under heavy Jewish influence thru advertising) -- a fact which often leads to their being referred to as 'the Jewsmedia'. This has been thoroughly documented in Dr William Pierce's extremely important article "Who Rules America", which may be found at

But the importance of 911 has not just been to promote a war for American (and hence Jewish) hegemony. It has also been to provide an excuse for shredding our Constitution, and thereby removing from the world stage the great beacon of freedom which stands in the way of totalitarian world government, referred to by some as the New World Order, and by others more knowledgeable as the Jew World Order. That 911 was an excuse for shredding the Constitution is an inference, but hardly one requiring a rocket scientist. And there is no doubt that the Bush administration is eager to shred it, with the so-called Patriot act, and -- in just the last month or so -- the secret Patriot II, which would finish the job, and which will almost certainly be rushed thru Congress after the next terrorist act, which will probably be staged for just that purpose. And the concentration camps are already ready to receive dissenters -- information on these camps has been available on the Net for some time. A good article on this subject to start with may be found at

It has even been speculated that dissenters will be rounded up by the many foreign troops on our soil which are here for 'training', since American troops might have qualms about doing this particular job but will not be a problem if they are safely overseas fighting the enemy-du-jour.

Earlier I promised to set out briefly my problems with 'the Jews'. I do this by noting that it has been Jews who have been the force majeure behind the following policies -- policies which not merely shred the Constitution, but seem clearly designed to destroy America and Western civilization, and especially its tradition of freedom. While I have not had time to provide links which show the intimate connection between Jews and the implementation of these policies, I have posted on my website various articles on all of these subjects which demonstrate this connection.

** Gun control (it makes totalitarian control easier)

** Anti-militia statutes (ditto)

** Hate-crime laws (ie, thought-crime laws)

** Immigration (ie, taking our country away from its native inhabitants, and filling it with people who have no appreciation of the Constitution or Western values generally)

** Integration (ie, the abolition of freedom of association, and miscegenation, ie, destruction of the (white) race which produced Western civilization)

** Feminism (ie, male castration, which makes totalitarian control easier)

** Civil rights (ie, special privileges for minorities, which replaces legal equality; Jews founded the NAACP and headed it till the 70s; the 'freedom riders' were mostly Jews)

** The Bolshevik Revolution (60 million dead, and guess what law was first to be promulgated by Lenin? Right! A law against antisemitism!)

** America's entry into WW1 (The Balfour Declaration was the payoff to the Zionist Jews for using their influence on President Wilson)

** The abuses of the Versailles treaty (More than 100 Jews were in the American delegation at the conference, and most historians agree that the conditions imposed on Germany virtually guaranteed another world war)

** WW2 (Churchill was paid off by Jews, who saved his Chartwell estate from the auctioneer; Roosevelt was Jewish: His original Dutch family name was Rosenveldt)

** Atomic spies for the Soviets (Rosenbergs, David Greenglass, Theodore Hall, Martin Sobel, and many other Jews)

** The laws against 'racism', 'xenophobia' and -- especially -- questioning the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust (mostly in Europe, but coming soon to a country near and dear to you! And of course if the OJV were true then they wouldn't have to make laws against questioning it, but since it is such a big source of shakedown money -- the Swiss being only the most public example -- it is pretty clear why there is so much effort to keep Big Questions from being put in front of the public about this Jewish Big Lie.) *

* The Federal Reserve (Owned by the Rothschilds and their friends; it has been responsible for all our depressions (by contracting the currency) and inflation (robbing our wealth) as detailed in G Edward Griffin's massive tome, The Creature From Jekyll Island; Jew Paul Warburg wrote the Federal Reserve Act)

** Control of both political parties (Hey, money talks, and you can take that to the bank!)

** Most major contemporary financial scandals (Need we mention such well- known Jews as Ivan Boesky and Marc Rich? And let us not forget the two major operatives in the Enron scandal, Andy Fastow and Ken Lay, who were responsible for the largest bankruptcy in US history. The historical record is similar: For example, Rothschild agent JP Morgan created the panic of 1907 which led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve; and Rothschild agent Nicholas Biddle, president of the Second Bank of the US, engaged in a long struggle with Andrew Jackson over money power, which Jackson won only barely.)

** Assassination of JFK (Michael Collins Piper has made a strong case for Jewish responsibility in his book Final Judgment - The reason for the hit was JFK's fervent opposition to Israel's nuclear arsenal)

** The Mob (Yes, Italians have been significantly involved, but Jews have long held principal sway, from Meyer Lansky onward, and the problem is now even more acute with the importation of the 'refugees' of the 'Russian mafiya', who are far more brutal than even the domestic Jewish mob)

** Accusations against Libya resulting in the Reagan bombing (the accusations were the result of one of many so-called 'false flag' operations by the Mossad, as described by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky in his book By Way of Deception.)

** Attack on the USS Liberty

** MLK (His chief handler was communist Jew Stanley Levison)

** White slavery (The Jews love gentile women -- in bed (so much so that the Jewish slang for gentile female -- shiksa -- has moved into standard English slang as chick), and Israel is the center of trade in the sexual enslavement of white women)

** Kiddie porn (2 big Jewish rings recently exposed -- in Italy and Brazil)

** Torture (It's state policy in Izzyland; it was used with great efficiency on German prisoners at the Nuremberg trials, where dozens of Germans had their testicles beaten to a pulp by members of the overwhelming Jewish presence there; in America, torture is defended by primarily by prominent Jews like Alan Dershowitz and CCNY Prof Michael Levin, and it won't be long before you, too, can experience it if the Jews have their way!)

** MK-Ultra (This infamous CIA mind-control program -- exposed by the Church committee hearings in the 70s -- was headed by Jew Sidney Gottlieb) ** Cruelty (The quarter-Jew Yiddish-speaking Lenin praised Jews for their cruelty, and encouraged it as part of the largely-Jewish Russian revolution)

** Ecstasy (The trade in this drug is dominated by Jews, and experience has shown that rabbis make excellent mules.)

** Destruction of South Africa (The South African Communist Party was headed by Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo, who was Nelson Mandela's handler, and isn't it wonderful that Johannesburg is now the Rape Capital of the World and that SA is now a Turd-World cesspool?)

** Hitler (He was the grandson of a Rothschild, and very possibly in league with them, as documented in Goldberg's The Jewish Connection and by several other authors (Normal Livergood, Ralph Epperson, etc). Certainly he had no problem with his Jewish bankers, the Warburgs.)

** And on and on, literally. Of course, with the Jewsmedia as your only source of information, you probably haven't had a clue as to what is really going on, but then that is precisely why you should be reading my website,, and similar sites which cover these things. We post piles of documentation every day for this stuff, in addition to the many permanent posts; and while one swallow doesn't make a drunkard, after reading us for awhile, even liberals can start to get the picture -- at least sometimes, if their minds haven't been terminally poisoned.

So what, then, am I getting at? Here is a paragraph I recently wrote on the subject:

It is wrong to assign the blame for the crimes of individual Jews to the Jewish people as a whole. But it is not wrong to notice that the Jewish people are a seething nexus of crime against gentiles -- a locus whose probability of producing any given assault on white Western civilization exceeds randomness by seven leagues and a country mile. The 20th century has been replete with Jewish-led movements which wormed, chipped, chewed, hacked and battered their way across American and European civilization, from the Jewish-led and Jewish-financed Bolshevik revolution thru political correctness, hate crimes and the Holohoax to Palestinian genocide, State- sponsored torture, the shredding of the American Constitution, US and Israeli war crimes and placing the world on the precipice of World War Three. The list could literally go on and on, even as the media -- and indeed the bulk of its dumbed-down thoroughly-conditioned politically- correct citizenry -- are paralyzed by the threat of Jewish wrath and the meaningless yet anaphylactically venemous charge of 'antisemitism', with the result that the few of us who have been screaming that the king has no clothes watch helplessly as our beloved civilization and its traditions of freedom and opportunity disappear with increasing rapidity down the gaping and unforgiving maw of the Orwellian memory hole. Under these circumstances it is no moral crime to be antisemitic; rather it is a moral obligation.

OK, maybe the last sentence is a bit hyperbolic, but the point is that all of us -- both gents and Jews -- must do some serious thinking about the role of Jews in gentile society. There is, of course, at one extreme the 'gas all Jews now' crowd, of which I am not a member; and at the other, the miscegenationist crowd, who believe that intermarriage -- now at a 50% rate, up from only 6% a generation ago -- will take the sting out of the Jewish scorpion and make him sufficiently domesticated to not require a Jewish Star on his sleeve. Another crowd -- the informationist crowd -- is one that seeks to educate both Jews and gentiles on the former's nasty habits, with the hope of reforming and domesticating them while keeping the gents on their guard. In between these extremes there are of course the Zionists, or separationists, who simply desire that Jews be separated from gentiles, as so many countries have wished down thru the ages. As for myself, I have not settled on any of these Final Solutions, but I do believe that they ought to be discussed.

So what then is the matter with Mensa? What is the matter with an organization whose very purpose was to bring together the Best and the Brightest that they might discuss such Big Questions as these? The answer, of course, is that Mensa is significantly Jewish, and the remainder of it is significantly Ignorant; and the combination has attempted to suppress discussion of what is clearly the elephant in the livingroom, as the lengthy collection of files on my site in the Jewish Question section demonstrates, and as I have further documented in my book, Political Correctness, Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa: A Case Study, Socratic Press, 1997.

Actually, I am not being quite accurate. I have mailed my musings on the Jews during the last 3 years to numerous Mensans, and the statistics show that about 1/3 of them (mostly women) ask to be removed from future mailings, but 2/3 seem content to remain on my list and hear my message. This, then, means that there is a probable majority of Mensans who are interested in my message, but most of them do not have the courage to band together and make the Jewish Question an issue in Mensa.

And there we have it, folks -- courage. Mensans -- brainy as they supposedly are -- simply lack the courage to debate this matter. OK, some of them may simply not be interested, but let's face it folks, this elephant has been in the livingroom now for a loooong time, and can you really say that intelligent people are not interested in all the damage it is doing? Frankly, I don't believe it. I find it much easier to believe that Mensans are just cowards. But go ahead -- prove me wrong.

In conclusion, I would like to briefly make three points.

* First, while I rarely speak about the subject, it is a fact, as Henry Ford noted, that the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are interesting because, while their provenance may be questionable, they certainly seem to describe what the Jews are actually doing. But on the other hand, there seems little point in getting tangled up in a controversy over the Protocols -- after all, one can argue forever about whether the Protocols are 'forgeries', but one can't argue with the news stories that daily confirm the Protocols by fleshing out the image of the Jewish establishment as an 800-pound gorilla on steroids.

* Second, it is interesting to note that the President's announcement of a deadline for Saddam to comply with his 'final demands' came on none other than Purim, the yearly Jewish celebration of revenge which memorializes the tricking of a gentile king into slaughtering the Jews' enemies. (You don't think that could parallel the present situation, do ya? Huh? Huh?) And as a further curiosity, it was on Purim of 1991 when George Bush Sr ended his own little war on Iraq. Do you believe in coincidences? Do ya?

* Just today, an Israeli woman was caught at New York's LaGuardia airport with a gas mask and a cannister of strange white powder which was 'at first' determined to harbor anthrax, but later was declared to be not so, even tho airport employees were required to undergo decontamination. (The woman, if you can believe it, was released.) So tell me, how long do you think it will be before our next 'Ay-rab terrorist incident'? Huh? Huh?

Till next time,


PS: The following letter was written for mailing to Mensans last fall, but did not get mailed for various reasons. Since it contains useful information, I am including it now.

Dear Fellow Mensans:

There have been some new developments on the 'Jewish Question' front which I thought you would like to know about.

First, in reading the Mensa Bulletin, it is hard to keep from noticing that cracks are beginning to appear in the wall of silence that the Powers That Be in Mensa have erected to suppress discussion of the Jewish Question. I refer specifically to three (count 'em: THREE) letters in the most recent Bulletin (August 2002) on 'Anti-Semitism', no fewer than TWO of which took a critical attitude toward the Self-Chosen, or Jews, as I prefer to call them. Oh, sure, they weren't rabidly 'antisemitic', but the point is that the fact that THREE letters were published on this topic almost certainly means that there were quite a few MORE than three received, and that the Bulletin letters editor felt compelled by the pressure of numbers to publish what she did. Obviously we are seeing a lot more consciousness of this issue, and it is hard to believe that my efforts -- including my website, which was put up in direct response to the censorship that Mensa exercised against me -- and my many letters to every Mensan whose email address has been published in the Bulletin -- have not had a critical effect on this consciousness-raising.

But there's more, so don't go away yet! In my last letter to Mensans, I described the fact that my website is now in the top half percent of more than 20 million websites worldwide as rated by, and that this popularity -- due purely to word-of-mouth -- seemed to be because people were hungry for honest discussion of the Jewish Question, and that my site was one of the very few where a forthright yet balanced discussion could be found. This letter, however, seems to have set off a grand mal seizure in the Mensa Censors, who succeeded in getting my ISP account canceled, not by alleging that I had violated any policy of the ISP (I hadn't), but rather that my letter somehow violated the policy of the ISP's phone company, with the result that the phone company was threatening the ISP with cancellation unless my account was closed. Now this is significant not merely by being an obscene exhibition of raw naked Jewish power, but also as a demonstration of the very things which I have been saying, namely, that the Jewish establishment has significant control of our country, that they do not hesitate to use their money or power or connections to strongarm their way to dominance of our institutions and culture, and that this influence extends to the most minute activities, such as my letter to you. But besides this, there is something else of significance that this little vignette shows, namely, that the Jews and their shabby goy censors in Mensa are getting rather desperate in their attempts to shut me up. Do you suppose that they will be able to find another phone company that they can strongarm into pulling another event like the one they pulled last time? I of course have no idea, but I do know that this kind of tactic is guaranteed to generate a truckload of resentment when it is exposed, and that -- one way or another -- I shall continue these letters, and continue to expose this kind of ugly Foreskinner behavior.

As a footnote to the above, the ISP who booted us was Jewish, and actually a rather nice fellow; and my wife had a long discussion of conspiracy theory and the Jewish Question with him over the phone. It was obvious that he, like many Jews who are not affected with the chauvinism of the Jewish Establishment, was not resentful of our message, if for no other reason than that it is as much PRO-JEWISH as it is pro-white. The reason for this is quite simple: As the Jewish Establishment attempts more and more to dominate American and Western society, there will be more and more resentment caused, and more and more people who will become wise to what is happening. And that is not good for Jews as a whole, no matter what their feeling toward gentiles, because it means that this attempt of the tiny elite of a tiny 2 1/2 percent minority to dominate the other 97 1/2 percent might just mean that this time around, somebody will be building some REAL gas chambers.

As a final note, my website,, continues to grow in popularity, and indeed has significantly improved its ranking in only the last month or so. My point is not just that 'antisemitism' is becoming a moral imperative (yes, folks, a MORAL IMPERATIVE), but that the kind of material on my site appeals to a LOT of people, and that we are not going away, not by a long shot. This is stuff of mountain-moving importance, and you ignore it only at your peril. I might add that I have just concluded a correspondence with well-known novelist Tom Clancy on the Race and Jewish questions, and that Mr Clancy ended up like virtually everyone else who debates with me -- with foot-in-mouth and head-up-butt. You can see the complete correspondence by visiting the Net Losses section of my website -- the Clancy correspondence is the last entry of the Missile-Anus section.

The wall of silence is crumbling; the politically (and SEMITICALLY) correct Mensa establishment is beginning to collapse. I shall not cease to inform Mensans of what is happening until the Jewish Question is discussed as freely in Mensa as any other.

Till next time, Birdman.

PS: Some of you undoubtedly knew Mensan Gary Eisler who recently died from cancer. He was author of one of the several letters published in the two- page spread of the March 2000 Bulletin devoted to denouncing me for my views on Jews. Well, not long after the publication of his letter, Gary contacted me, and we had a long and generally friendly correspondence that continued right up until his death (He even subscribed to my Weekly Letter). Gary was one of those truly intelligent Jews who could see that there is another side to the Jewish Question besides the Establishment one; and while we had significant disagreements, there was no hostility between us, nor anything inhibiting our airing of differences. Gary was a unique and specially valuable individual, and I would hope that in death he would serve as a role model for other Jewish Mensans, many of whom desperately need a role model in view of their obscene behavior as recorded in the letters posted on my website. Rest in peace, friend Gary.



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