Why David Duke?

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Why I invited David Duke to write an introduction to my book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Blacks But Were Afraid to Ask Because You Thought You'd Be Called "Racist"

As I have said on more than one occasion, the truths which men most need to know are not those which have yet to be discovered, but rather are ones which other men attempt to keep them from knowing. In the present day, the truths which most need to be known are those concerning racial, ethnic and sexual groups; and David Duke is one of the most forceful and eloquent men with the courage to tell these truths. This, however, is not the only reason why I have asked him to introduce my book. To explain, let me repeat what I said about Duke some time ago:

David Duke is the only politician who still embraces the dream of Martin Luther King.

In case the reader does not understand my meaning, what I am saying is that the "dream" of Martin Luther King, as expressed in his famous speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, was a meritocratic society, ie a society in which men were judged by their demonstrated abilities and achievements, and not on the color of their skin; and until only the last year or so, David Duke was the only politician of national stature to openly support meritocracy. To quote the literature of Duke's organization, the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP), the first principle of the organization is "Equal rights for all, special privileges for none" ("NAAWP", c 1994: 1). This is explicated in another article from the NAAWP literature: "The NAACP promotes racial discrimination by seeking discriminatory policies against white people in employment, promotions, scholarships, and in college and union admittance, while the NAAWP seeks equal opportunity for all, with preference for the hardest working, most talented and best qualified" ("NAAWP vs NAACP", NAAWP News, Oct 91: 5). And while there are some who would say that Duke's past association with the KKK and the Nazis raises questions of his honesty and the possibility of a hidden agenda, we could just as easily say that Martin Luther King's well-documented association with communists from whom he accepted significant amounts of money -- to say nothing of King's long record of marital infidelity, and his unending plagiarism, including that for which he was awarded his PhD (Doctor of Plagiarism?) -- raises questions of King's honesty and hidden agenda, tho of course King -- against whom the charges of malfeasance are substantial -- is treated as a virtual god by the media, while Duke -- against whom no charge of any substance has ever been raised -- is treated as the Devil incarnate. There is, however, at least one positive reason for believing in Duke's honesty and sincerity, namely, the fact that he received a resounding endorsement from a black man whose stature in the early civil rights movement was second only to King's, namely, James Meredith -- not that you would ever have heard about this from the lying liberal media. My reason, then, for inviting Duke to introduce my book is simply because Duke is one of the most eloquent advocates of my own meritocratic philosophy.

But there is another reason for inviting Duke to introduce my work, which may be summarized by the old saying, "The best defense is a good offense." To explain, we begin by noting that an important reason for the success of liberal racial politics is the liberals' success in warding off criticism by shouting down those who oppose them with the charges of "racism", "sexism", "antisemitism" and all the other isms of the liberal smear vocabulary. But as I have pointed out elsewhere, what the liberals call "racism", "discrimination" and the like are simply other names for wisdom: For example, as Charles Murray has demonstrated in his recent book The Bell Curve -- and as others have been demonstrating for the last hundred years - - blacks as a race are intellectually inferior to whites; but to the liberal, such an assertion constitutes "racism". Even worse, however, is the monumental hypocrisy of liberals on this very subject; for the statement that blacks are crime-prone would invariably be labeled "racist" by a liberal, and yet no liberal would ever be caught dead walking alone at night in an inner-city slum (or more properly, that's most likely the only way he would be caught -- ie, dead). And on top of all this, liberals are actually the biggest racists, sexists, and all the rest; for it is liberals who long ago abandoned meritocracy for racial preferences such as affirmative action, quotas, minority set-asides and all of the other racial, ethnic and sexual favoritism which has been written into law, and which has set race against race, sex against sex, and group against group.

What I am driving at is this: For too long, sensible people have been cowed by liberal smears into being silent about the obvious stupidity, hypocrisy, social pathology and downright immorality of liberal racial politics. They have been afraid to say that liberals and a lot of the mangy minorities whom they support should be sterilized, jailed and/or run out of town on a rail -- and quite possibly lynched or gassed as well. As I have explained in detail in literally hundreds of pages of essays in my books, liberalism is a disease which must be stamped out, or else our society, our nation, our race and Western Civilization itself is going to fall prey to a bunch of parasitic degenerates whose greatest claim to achievement is destroying the greatest society in the history of the world. What all this means, then, is that it is high time for the decent people in American society to stop apologizing for telling the truth, to stop "explaining" that they are "not racist", and instead to go on the offensive to get rid of liberals and their virulent degenerate philosophy. David Duke is a man who has shown he has the courage to stand up to the liberal teratism, and the wherewithal to disembowel it.

The decent people of America need David Duke in the worst way, and I am proud to be able to offer him an audience for his views.

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