Liberalism: Some Introductory Quotes

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Ask not whether I am racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, lookist or antisemitic -- ask only whether I am right.

Ideas are governed by the same laws of evolution as biological entities -- 'Survival of the fittest'. Stereotypes are ideas which have stood the evolutionary 'test of time', and from this we may feel safe in concluding that they are at least evolutionarily useful, and in all probably generally true.

Political correctness is portrayed as an act of enforcing civilization on hate-filled barbarians, but in fact it is a barbaric attack on the most important pillar of civilzation itself, free speech.

People can't think clearly about discrimination, and for a very simple reason -- discrimination is just a fancy word for taste, and, as the old saying goes, "There's no argument about taste", in spite of the fact that there are tons of arguments about discrimination. Take liberals, for example -- their taste runs to negroes and other people of off-color, plus the poor, the handicapped, the old, and other dregs of society. Who am I to tell a liberal not to love garbage? After all, cockroaches love it. But just as I wouldn't think of telling a liberal who he ought to love -- or how to express that love in decisions about who he hires, lives with, goes to school with, and so on -- in like manner I don't want liberals telling me who to love either. So the question is, Why do liberals insist on trying to force the rest of us to love garbage? Or if not exactly love it, then at least behave as if we have nothing against it? There can be only one answer -- liberalism is garbage, and so are liberals.

Liberals often denounce the 'double standard', and yet liberalism itself is
one of the world's most egregious double standards. In particular, if any
of the liberals' favorite minorities are exposed as having undesirable
characteristics or behavior, liberals always find a way to excuse them, the
favorite methods being allegations of 'racism', 'bigotry' and the like, but
the general case being a claim of 'bad environment' -- something which is
usually then attributed to whites. But let
whites exhibit the least
undesirable characteristic or behavior and
bingo! -- it is whites' fault,
and something for which whites should be damned to Hell and back.

A society divided against itself cannot stand. It is for this reason that liberals, who hate the values basic to American society, have undertaken to promote the various conflicts which are tearing our society apart -- men vs women, black vs white, rich vs poor, normal vs handicapped, and so on. Their goal, however, is not merely to promote hate and the disunion which accompanies it, but to transfer power from the superior to the inferior, so that American society will be doubly weakened. This way, America's demise is certain, along with the values which have stood for two centuries as an inspiration to people everywhere, and an example of how high men can rise when given the freedom to soar.

Bigot: Someone who values your opinion less than his own.

Prejudice: The distilled wisdom of our elders and our community.

Extremist: Someone whose opposition has become uncomfortably effective.

Right-wing extremist: Someone disturbed by left-wing extremists.


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