Letters from Liberals

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Correspondence with Donna Sommer, 'a Mensan'

From: <DSOMMER500@aol.com>
To: <john@thebirdman.org>
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2001 2:37 AM
Barryations [the Birdman's book]

> While searching for books with the name "Barry" in the title,"Barryations"
> came to my attention. I somehow connected to your website, but AOL kept
> dropping me from the line, so I didn't get to read anything except the
> beginning of "Thanksgiving." Since I wanted the book only because of its
> title, this wasn't a problem. I had the bibliographic reference, so I called
> Socratic Press. Your wife told me how much to send. The book arrived today.
> Last night, I logged back into your site to find your email address in order
> to inquire regarding the ship date. Only after I'd sent that inquiry did I
> discover that you are the John Bryant who wrote about "The Jewish Question"
> in the Mensa Bulletin.
> This is to make it known to you that if I'd had any idea who you were, I
> certainly wouldn't have ordered the book. It being too late for that, the
> book(let) has been destroyed and discarded. I regret having fed even those
> few dollars into your coffers.
> Donna Sommer
> coincidentally, a Mensan

[The Birdman responds:]

Now let me see ... who was it that was so famous for destroying books? Oh,
right! NAZIS! I knew your letter had a familiar ring.


1) It must be rough on you trying to decide whether or not you like a book
by having to use information that has nothing to do with the book.

2) It must be rough on you jumping thru hoops trying to obtain a book as a
result of being so enthusiastic about something the author wrote, and then
discovering that you couldn't allow yourself to enjoy the book because of
something the author said elsewhere.

3) It must be embarrassing to you under the circumstances to have let the
author know how good you thought he was.

4) It must be embarrassing to you to have portrayed yourself as being so
silly that you had to tear up a perfectly good book in spite of liking the
author's work.

5) It must be embarrassing to have torn up a book on the basis of political
opinions which you supposedly despise, but in fact exhibit.

Have a sooper-dooper nice day, Donna.

[Donna did not respond]


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